What has happened to Create and Craft TV?

What has happened to Create and Craft TV? On the 25th February 2022, The Craft Store and Create and Craft merged together to become one. Today, Create and Craft is now based in Oundle, Northamptonshire at Hochanda Global Limited. The leading UK Craft Channel can be found on Freeview 85, Sky HD 683, Freesat HD 813 and Virgin 748.

Is Create and Craft closing? The current Create & Craft service on channel 95 will close. RXTV understands the timing of the changes coincides with the termination of a Freeview carriage agreement signed by Create & Craft’s previous owners. That agreement with Freeview multiplex operator SDN originally started on 26th February 2020.

Where can I watch Create and Craft catch up? Create and Craft will broadcast on Freeview 85, Sky HD 683, Freesat HD 813 and Virgin 748. You will also be able to watch via the live stream on the Create and Craft homepage and on YouTube.

Which presenters are leaving Create and Craft? Andy Love – TV Presenter, Broadcaster and Writer

Thank you for swinging by – particularly today as it is my last day on Create and Craft. I decided to leave for a number of reasons, but I am …

What has happened to Create and Craft TV? – Additional Questions

Does Stephanie Weightman still own tattered lace?

Stephanie is the founder of Tattered Lace and is currently Creative Director at Highlight Crafts.

Is Crafters Companion leaving Create and Craft?

Crafter’s Companion has announced that it will be moving to Create & Craft TV. The partnership was announced by company founder Sara Davies via email and on social media, and marks the end of a three-year partnership with Hochanda.

Has Dawn Bibby left Create and Craft?

Dawn Bibby is leaving Ideal Shopping and therefore will be leaving the Create & Craft Channel on the 28th February 2015. Citing personal reasons for her departure, Mike Hancox, CEO said, “It is with regret that we have agreed to release Dawn from her contract with us.

Is Stephanie Weightman leaving Create and Craft?

By Emily Peagram 16 Apr 2021. Crafting legend and current Craft Influencer of the Year winner, Stephanie Weightman will soon devote more time to an exciting new crafting business venture and transition from her day-to-day role at retailer Create and Craft, while remaining an integral part of the business.

Who is the new presenter on Create and Craft?

Yiannis Morgan The Craft Store Presenter.

Who is Derek Marks partner?

TV wife Emma has emigrated out to the U.S (good luck wifey) so Derek has now been joined by good friend Joanna Grimwood in the Cruise 1st TV studio.

What has happened to Create and Craft extra?

Create & Craft was sold to the owners of The Craft Store, Hochanda Global, in January. As a result, the new owners have merged the two separate channels into one. The combined channel is now broadcasting from Oundle, down the road from Create & Craft’s original Peterborough home.

What channel is Create and Craft now?

Discover new passions from our expert guests and presenters by watching live on Freeview 85, Sky HD 683, Freesat HD 813 and Virgin 748 or over on Rewind. You can also watch additional craft shows over on Craft Extra on channels Freesat 817 and Sky 673!

Is Hobby maker part of Create and Craft?

We are very excited to announce that we are joining Hobby Maker for another chapter within the craft industry alongside our new relationship with Crafters TV.

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