What happened to Create and Craft?

What happened to Create and Craft? On the 25th February 2022, The Craft Store and Create and Craft merged together to become one. Today, Create and Craft is now based in Oundle, Northamptonshire at Hochanda Global Limited. The leading UK Craft Channel can be found on Freeview 85, Sky HD 683, Freesat HD 813 and Virgin 748.

Is Create and Craft closing? The current Create & Craft service on channel 95 will close. RXTV understands the timing of the changes coincides with the termination of a Freeview carriage agreement signed by Create & Craft’s previous owners. That agreement with Freeview multiplex operator SDN originally started on 26th February 2020.

Has Create and Craft gone into administration? We are pleased to announce that as of today, 10th January 2022, Hochanda Global Limited has acquired the business and assets of our direct competitor, Create and Craft, which for a long time has been a part of Ideal Shopping Direct.

Where is Create and Craft TV? Discover new passions from our expert guests and presenters by watching live on Freeview 85, Sky HD 683, Freesat HD 813 and Virgin 748 or over on Rewind. You can also watch additional craft shows over on Craft Extra on channels Freesat 817 and Sky 673!

What happened to Create and Craft? – Additional Questions

Who Owns Create and Craft and the craft store?

Ideal Shopping Direct’s best known brands, ‘Ideal World’ and ‘Create and Craft,’ distribute TV content across the United Kingdom. The sale of ‘Create and Craft’ brings the two leading UK teleshopping channels for craft products together.

What channel is Create & Craft in USA?

Create and Craft began broadcasting nationally into approximately 40 million homes on December 29 on Direct TV channels 85 and 222 and Dish Network channel 221.

Is there a craft TV channel?

Crafter’s TV is a global and interactive platform where crafters can find inspiration, education and shop while they watch. The digital channel broadcasts more than 35 hours of live weekly shows covering a wide variety of craft techniques from cardmaking and papercraft to art and needlecraft.

How do I watch crafters TV?

Is create and craft on Firestick?

Product description. The UK and USA’s leading and dedicated craft TV channel is now available on the Amazon Fire TV platform. We have been showcasing and demonstrating craft products since 2003, not only offering a wide range of craft supplies, but also inspiring our viewers with ideas to get creative!

Is Create and Craft on Roku?

Create and Craft | TV App | Roku Channel Store | Roku.

Is Create and Craft on Freeview?

Create & Craft broadcasts on Freeview channel 85 between 0700 and 2200 every day.

What are the best craft YouTube channels?

10 YouTube Channels For Cheap And Cheerful Art And Craft Hacks
  • Miss Kriss. This YouTube channel is brimming with DIY videos that show you how to upscale practically everything from bar spaces to old whiskey decanters to lamps.
  • Made Everyday.
  • Dazzle DIY.
  • DIY Dalia.
  • Lone Fox.
  • Sheep & Stitch.
  • Debi’s Design Diary.
  • Craft Life.

Who is the most famous craft Youtuber?

If you’re ready to get your craft on with some DIY action, check out some of these arts and crafts channels on YouTube.

The Best Arts and Crafts YouTubers

  • kawaiisweetworld.
  • Rebecca Zamolo.
  • JustJordan33.
  • HelloMaphie.
  • 5 Minute Crafts.
  • Brianna Renee. 23 125.
  • Nicole Skyes. 19 125.
  • Courtney Lundquist. 17 127.

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