Types Of Air Con Systems

“The air is that the temperature and humidness of air in a very sure space to be.
Demand “.
Generally The rooms ar divided by purpose into a pair of.

1) air con to chill the air to market cooling. And increase the performance of individuals United Nations agency live or add the world, like the air within homes, offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals, etc..

2) AN cooling system for trade to manage the atmosphere within the method. Research. And storage product, like air con within the industry, textile mills, food process plants, etc..

Therefore, the chosen air con systems to suit the aim of use. Currently, the systems that ar in common use by the third system, the transmission cooler.

1) All air system (All-air system) may be a system that delivers cooling air is restricted to the world to be conditioned. this technique is good for smaller systems. Example homes. Or little workplace.

2) All water systems (All-water system) may be a system that sends solely the cooling water from the middle to every of the world to be conditioned. this technique is appropriate to be used in virtually any form of industrial. because of the cheaper value. And use less area for installation of all air system.

3) water and air (Water-air system) may be a system that delivers each water and air from the middle to every destination space. By taking advantage of a system which will take the cold higher than most. and also the benefits of air which will be delivered at speeds of over The chimney and also the ceiling isn’t a lot of area. however the value of this technique is comparatively high compared to different systems.

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1) Wall (Wall type) cooling system may be a compact kind. Ideal for rooms with very little area like a room, alittle front room.

  • Stylish. and also the selection.
  • quiet.
  • straightforward to put in.
  • Not appropriate for significant work. The evaporator coil is smaller, leading to the dirt. And clog additional simply than a bigger coil.

2) work surface / Wall (Ceiling / floor type) cooling system is good for {a room|an space|a space} with alittle space from the room to a space with an oversized area like offices, meeting rooms, restaurant.

  • • you’ll prefer to install either floor. Or ceiling.
  • • be sensible. Access to any or all places.
  • • smart ventilation.
  • • There aren’t any themes to decide on from too.

3) cupboard Set (Package type) is that the air con. Similar cupboards ar high and winds ar sturdy. the world is good for folks in and out all the time, like retailers and restaurants.

  • • straightforward to put in and may be settled on the ground in the slightest degree. Not be taken over.
  • • Cooling fan blades quicker because of the larger diameter. wherever the winds ar stronger.
  • • waste area.

4) Embedded ceiling (Built-in type) is conditioned by the hidden beauty. Or buried underneath the ceiling or ceiling. Fits sort of a beauty. The air con has to be token.

5) window (Window type) furthermore as air con units and fan coil units, compressing in a very single device. which might be put in on the wall by embedding it. while not pipe

  • • because of the necessity for area-saving installation space compressing Unit.
  • • straightforward to put in as a result of they are doing not have pipe cleaners.
  • • effective in cooling than others. as a result of no pipe cleaners. No heat penetrates the pipe cleaners.
  • • Noise from the operation of the mechanical device. And inflicting vibration of the unit and also the wall.
  • • If the machine is simply too massive to be a retardant within the installation. as a result of the world round the windows can’t tend a lot of weight.

6) Mobile (Movable type) cooling system isn’t put in. And is in a position to access all areas. terribly merely, it will be blocked.

  • • Compact.
  • • don’t install.
  • • It will be applied to any or all areas each indoor and outside.
  • • applied with an oversized ton.
  • • Powerful cooling underneath Since it’s AN open system once applied to outside


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