Tidy up the Garage: Our Ideas for Organizing It and Saving Space

Not always very well ordered, the garage deserves, as well as the other rooms of the house, that we pay attention to it. How can you tidy up the garage efficiently, without spending hours on it and for a long time? Answers.

Whether it’s the cellar or the garage, these are additional rooms that can really multiply the storage space. However, to keep these two rooms from becoming a mess, they need to be well organized. Here are some ideas for storage.

If the garage is primarily used to store the car, it is also the ideal place to store everything that does not belong in the house: tools, bikes and sports equipment, recycling garbage cans, garden utensils, winter clothes, party decorations…

Over the years, you’ve accumulated too much stuff and space, although well organized, no longer looks like anything. Looking for garage storage ideas?

You’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips on how to organize your garage, optimize it and make it a harmonious space where everything is in its place.

Converting a garage into a bedroom, workshop or office… What to do?

Abandoned, your garage deserves a second life. Workshop, extra bedroom, fully equipped studio or TV room… What do you need to do to convert a garage? And how much can it cost? Answers to all the questions you may have.

Tidying up your garage: sorting, decluttering and categorizing

First step and not the least, take out everything in your garage to put it in order.

Take advantage of this moment to sort, sell, give away or throw away what you no longer use. The goal is to de-clutter as much as possible in order to see things more clearly and find the best possible garage storage.

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Once it’s done, all that’s left to do is categorize everything. On one side the ski stuff, on the other the tools, on the left the Christmas decorations, on the right the suitcases… By reserving a space for each type of object, you will find them in an instant and will also put them away more quickly afterwards.

Tidy up the Garage: Our Ideas for Organizing It and Saving Space

Organizing your garage: make a plan of the available space 

Now that the garage is empty, and before you put all your belongings in it, it can be useful to draw a plan with storage areas, which will save you a lot of time. Start by placing space-hungry items: lawnmower, bikes, motorcycle, Christmas tree… And keep in mind that the categories of items you use most often should be easily accessible.

Holiday decorations, which are only used once a year, can be stored in hanging storage units. To help you, here is a non-exhaustive list of typical zones that you can create:

  • DIY zone: workbench, tools, saw…
  • household products area
  • zone dedicated to sports activities: bike, rollerblade, skateboard…
  • gardening area: shovel, spade, wheelbarrow, plants in winter…
  • zone dedicated to recycling: yellow garbage can, compost bin…
  • zone dedicated to daily needs: shoes, small tools, light bulbs…

Once the plan of your garage is defined, it’s time to take action! To do this, choose closed storage spaces that are less exposed to dust and humidity. Another tip? Label the containers to help you find them.

High or overhead storage in the garage

Using the vertical space offered by your garage and exploiting the walls to your advantage is THE solution to gain precious square meters! Large shelves or cupboards all the way up the walls to the ceiling to store a lot of things.

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And for all the things that don’t fit on a shelf or that you need on a regular basis, adopt perforated panels or pegboards, rails and hooks. You’ll always have your tools at hand and well organized.

The pegboard: this funny board that makes us hammer

Modular as you like, this perforated panel is a heavyweight ally when it comes to clearing out the house. What is a pegboard? How to use it and make it yourself? Answers in pictures and deciphering.

Cheap or homemade storage tips for the garage

And if you don’t feel like buying new containers and storage for your garage, you should know that it is quite possible to make your own. With recycled materials such as wooden pallets, create custom-made shelves and make a clean sweep.

Also upcycle old cardboard boxes to make eco-friendly storage boxes. Looking for an old workbench to tinker with? Go to second hand websites like Leboncoin and hunt around. There are plenty of creative solutions to fit your needs that will cost you next to nothing!


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