Quartz vs Marble! Which one is Better?

When it comes to the battle of quartz vs marble, both are fantastic but which is right for you? Quartz is consistently uniform, so you know what you’re going to get and on the other hand, each marble slab is completely unique. Marble can sometimes be a bit more expensive than quartz as well. But still both Quartz and Marble has their own pros and cons. We will see different features of both stones and then decide which one is better for us in present days and why. Let’s start:

Marble Pros:
  • Composition: Marble is actually known for its metamorphic rocks and also many other natural impurities like limestone and calcium are found in marble.
  • Natural Colors: It is natural stone and you will find various styles and colors in marble which you can use a kitchen counter-tops as well as in your bathrooms.
  • Durability: Marble is more durable and looks beautiful as a kitchen counter top. But mostly marble is porous and therefore may be harmed with high temperature, acid or with some other chemicals.
  • Easy to Clean: It is really easy to clean it even after years you don’t need any chemical to clean, just take a piece of cloth and wet it with warm water.
Marble Cons:
  • Costly: The first disadvantage of marble is its price. It is costly as compared to quartz.
  • Marble is porous: Also as mentioned above it is natural stone and mostly porous which makes it stained easily. If you have scratches on marble then water go inside through scratches and spoil the rock from inside too that make it less durable in this case.
  • Maintenance Cost: Maintenance is required for marble especially if you are using it as flooring which is also costly.
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Quartz Pros and Cons

If you are considering using quartz as countertops or flooring in your kitchens and bathroom. One thing you should certainly do is weigh up the pros and cons of having them installed. Whilst it is estimated that 91% of the money you invest in your kitchen will be returned in property value it is still money for you to spend – and that should require some thought (especially in this day and age).

Thankfully we are here to help provide you with a list of the quartz countertops pros and cons – reasons why you should, and shouldn’t, have a quartz countertop in your own kitchen.

Pros & Cons

  • Hard: The quartz countertops are the best alternative for those who adore marble or granite but want something more durable. Granite has a number of problems like being porous it absorbs liquids which leaves behind stains and can be easily damaged by even mildest acids found in day to day products. The quartz countertops provide you the same aesthetic look like natural stones but are free from all these small problems.
  • Cheap prices: Quartz is a mineral found fairly commonly around Earth, so you can get quartz for some very affordable prices.
  • Easy to clean: These countertops are extremely hygienic. Since they are non-porous it makes it difficult for the bacteria to breed. They are very easy to maintain too. Just wipe it with a mild cleaner or soap water and it looks as good as new.
  • Uniform color: One of the best benefits of using quartz is that it gives you the option to choose any color that cannot be with natural stones. Since these countertops are manufactured by grounding a quartz slab and then mixing the crystals with dye, one can get them made in any desired color. The natural stone can vary in their patterns which make them a little undesirable. One can also select the type of finish they want for their countertop like stone effect or polished surface etc.
  • Less maintenance: There is no need to get it polished or sealed as it is non-porous which prevents it from staining. It is much stronger than marble. One can even place hot pans and pots directly on its surface without thinking.
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  • Let us break with tradition and first start with the reasons that you may not want to use quartz countertop in your own kitchen.

  • Heavy: Quartz countertops are heavy, heavier even than marble countertop. This means that you need to be sure that your kitchen cabinets etc can support the weight, and you are likely to need to bring in experts to fit them (or at the very least some very strong friends).

  • Value: Marble countertops, for example, add more value to your home than quartz ones.

The Winner:

Now after comparing pros and cons of Quartz and Marble. We selected Quartz as winner but it is not necessary. If you like marble you can still use it but as we selected quartz as winner therefore we discuss it in more detail and see some of its benefits as kitchen counter-top and try to find more reasons that why we should use quartz over marble. Let’s start.

Why Quartz Countertops for Kitchens instead of Marble?

So why should you be looking at using quartz in your own kitchen designs instead of marble or granite?

Quartz is a stunning material in and of itself. It has a distinctive sparkle and luster that gives it that certain ‘something’ many people want for their kitchens. With a lot of quartz in one place, as would be the case with counter-tops.

Affordable Price:

It is also a very affordable material. Unlike granite or marble, which can be hard to find, transport and get the right ‘shine’ to, not to mention expensive. Because Quartz is so readily available and easy to work with it is possible to get quartz counter-tops for kitchens at far more affordable prices.

Hard and Durable:

It is also hard-wearing. Most quartz countertops for kitchens are in fact only 92% quartz. The rest are made up of resins and other materials directly intended to help firm up the countertop and ensure that you can still be using it in your kitchen decades from now and still not have it looking old and tired (even if we are)!

Stunning Focal Point for Kitchen:

There are few things that you can buy for your kitchen that are more stunning than quartz countertops. They provide an amazing focal point for the kitchen, at a price that most people can afford.

I hope you enjoyed this post from the start and now at the end you can decide which one is better for you. If you are agree or disagree with any point, please give us your feedback in our Facebook page or in comments section. It would be very helpful for the readers and appreciable. Stay with me for more interior decoration and improvement tips.


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