Professional Advice on How to Decorate Your Room Yourself

How to decorate your bedroom? This is a question that everyone asks when moving into a new apartment!

Indeed, when it comes to wall decoration, the bedroom is a space that requires special attention.

Your room should be decorated to look like you. It must also give you a feeling of well-being in order to enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep.

Your decoration must therefore be conducive to daydreaming and serenity! But it also gives you satisfaction and puts you in a good mood as soon as you wake up.

Here are a multitude of ideas that will help you achieve the decoration of your dreams for your bedroom!

Here are some incredible ideas to decorate your room yourself and take advantage of all the potential of this room too often relegated to the background!

Professional Advice on How to Decorate Your Room Yourself

1/Start planning the decoration of your room

Before you start designing your bedroom, it’s important that you visualize the final look you want. It’s not just a matter of choosing different decorative items that you like.

You need to think of your bedroom decorating as a puzzle, starting with the element you want to highlight. This can be your bed of course, but also a fireplace or a dressing table if you have one.

From there, you can start to determine the colors or materials for the makeover of your room according to the atmosphere you want to give it.

2/Arrange your night space

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, it is obviously essential to take care of your night space. Think of it as an alcove, and try to create a peaceful space.

The decoration of the night space must bring you a feeling of immediate comfort!

This night space should be a cocoon. So, do yourself a favor and choose the bed linen you like: materials, colors, everything must be pleasant for you at night. Perhaps you have noticed that you sleep better in light-colored sheets?

On the contrary, do you feel soothed in printed fabrics? It doesn’t matter, as long as your bedding is as comfortable as possible and reaches out to you at bedtime!

To maximize the feeling of cocooning, plaids and pillows are particularly effective. For example, you could opt for a soft fleece throw for winter or a light linen one for warmer seasons.

On the other hand, multiple pillows in monochrome or tone-on tone with your bed linen will be of the most beautiful effect.

Finally, choose soft lights. Indeed, too aggressive lighting will stimulate more your brain and is not favorable to sleep.

3/Put your LCD screen on the wall to optimize space

Do you have an LCD screen in your room? Instead of using the floor space with a TV stand underneath the screen, why not hang it on the wall?

The floor space will be freed up and you will have gained space that you can leave empty. The room will be airier and the decoration of your room will be more aesthetic!

Take advantage of the walls to decorate with photos on canvas and posters

Cell phone, computer… your digital devices are probably full of multiple photos, witnesses of your most beautiful memories?

Why not finally get them out of their folder and select them to print them on canvas or poster and decorate the walls of your room?

To decorate a teenager’s room, opt for a poster with one of his favorite photographs! An original way to create a cheap decoration for his room!

4/Choose fun shapes for your photos on the wall

You can quickly print your photos on the Internet, like on the website But why not personalize your bedroom decoration even more by choosing fun and original shapes?

For example, you could decide to have your photographs printed in the shape of a heart and hang them on a thin garland. A nice way to highlight your wedding memories or nice family moments!

Another idea, just as fun: why not print them in letter-shaped frames for a personalized decoration of your teenager’s bedroom?

5/Bet on low furniture to enlarge the room

Whenever possible, choose low furniture to redecorate your bedroom. Here are a few examples: low bookcases, drawers, chests, coffee tables, dressers, etc.

Many models of low furniture exist to blend in your bedroom perfectly.

Why should you prefer low furniture? First of all, because it enlarges the space. By leaving the walls of your bedroom free of thick, bulky furniture you allow light to flow through the room and it feels less like a cramped space.

Also, by choosing low furniture in which you can pile up fewer items, your room will be more peaceful and tidy!

6/Don’t clutter your room

To decorate your room without buying anything, the easiest way is to clean up the space! It is better not to overload the decoration of your room! Think feng-shui and try to lighten the decoration as much as possible.

A room that is too cluttered will stimulate the brain more and will be less conducive to serenity. Before going to sleep, you need to have a clear and light mind: when you design your bedroom, you must keep this in mind.

You must therefore de-clutter your room: you will thus put more space and light in value. In addition, by not accumulating multiple decorative elements, those that you will have chosen will be much more visible and you will enjoy them all the more!

7/Bet on mirrors

Betting on mirrors is a good idea for cheap decoration of your room or to revamp the room of a teenager. Indeed, thanks to the play of light, they allow you to enlarge the space, create depth effects or play with reflections!

Mirrors do not require a large investment. Moreover, they can be easily found in any decoration store and can be adapted to any style.

You want a rustic and natural room? A mirror in a large wooden frame salvaged from a yard sale or flea market will be perfect! Why not try to find the door of an old wardrobe?

On the contrary, you’re more of a design and purity person? Choose a mirror with a minimalist frame.




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