Is a hex wrench the same as an Allen wrench?

Is a hex wrench the same as an Allen wrench? Nowadays, there are many hand tools to choose from. But this article is aimed to help you figure out the difference between an Allen wrench and a hex key. The short answer is “there is no difference“. These two names can be used interchangeably.

What is hex wrench set used for? A hex key, also known as an Allen key is a simple tool used to drive bolts and screws with hexagonal sockets in their heads. From standard keys in chrome vanadium steel to extra-long with ballpoint heads in chrome molybdenum steel, there are a wide variety to choose from.

Who makes the best hex key set? 

We had three carpenters test 11 top models, and our favorite set is the TEKTON 25282 26-piece Long Arm Ball Hex Key Wrench Set.
  • Our pick. Tekton 25282 26-piece Long Arm Ball Hex Key Wrench Set. Best Hex Wrenches.
  • Also great. Bondhus 20199 L-Wrench Double Pack. Runner-up.
  • Also great. Bondhus 12522 Gorilla Grips.

What are those hexagon wrenches called? A hex key (also, Allen key and Allen wrench) is a simple driver for bolts or screws that have heads with internal hexagonal recesses (sockets).

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Can you use Torx instead of hex?

We actually don’t recommend using your torx wrenches in place of a hex key or Allen wrench. However, rogue DIYers seem to think that it’s a good idea and insist on knowing the conversions.

Why are Alan Keys called Allen keys?

Originally named Allen Manufacturing Company, the business produced hexagonal set screws and wrenches to fasten them. The terms “Allen wrench” (American English) and “Allen key” (British English) are derived from the Allen brand name and refer to the generic product category “hex keys”.

What is a hex tool?

A hex key, also known as an Allen key or Allen wrench, is a small handheld tool that’s used for for driving bolts and screws with a hexagonal socket. They are available in many different sizes, though they all have the same hexagonal-shaped tip.

Why do they call a pipe wrench a monkey wrench?

Charles Moncky, a Baltimore mechanic, invented the monkey wrench around 1858. Moncky’s wrench was named using a purposeful misspelling of his name.

What are Wrenchers?

Wrenches perform the same function as ratchets and sockets — tightening and loosening fasteners — but there are differences and situations that call for one over the other.

Why do mechanics use double wrench?

A double wrench offers more strength and torque than a standard adjustable tool. The double-sided wrench is available in many different sizes and styles to accommodate different types of fasteners.

Why do the British call wrenches spanners?

‘Wrench’ is derived from Middle English wrench, from Old English wrenċ, from Proto-Germanic *wrankiz (“a turning, twisting”). First used in 1790. ‘Spanner’ came into use in the 1630s, referring to the tool for winding the spring of a wheel-lock firearm.

What do British people call drywall?

You might use drywall on your ceilings and walls but in England, that would be known as “plasterboard.”

What is a monkey wrench UK?

a tool with parts that can be moved to tighten or unfasten any size of nut and bolt.

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