How To Thread A Kenmore Sewing Machine

Have you been in a situation where the needle thread fragments in the center of a design? Does the stitch appear at uneven density and appearance? These are some of the threading issues. It arises due to the wrong threading.

Are you seeking guidance on how to thread a Kenmore sewing machine? I assure you this article will provide you more information about the process of threading.

Here, I suggest a simple procedure to thread a Kenmore machine.

Before starting your Kenmore sewing machine, ensure the thread is right from above to below. The threading should be done with accuracy and precision.

Components required

  • Kenmore sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Spool of thread
  • Empty bobbin spool

How to Thread a Kenmore Machine

The process of threading plays a vital role in sewing. You must do threading with absolute precision. These are the basic steps to perform the process of threading.

  • Covering the bobbin
  • Joining the case of bobbin
  • Attaching the top thread
  • Choosing the thread and placing

Procedure to thread a Kenmore machine

  • Winding the thread of the bobbin

Step 1. Release your clutch

  • Spin the knob counterclockwise to the clutch button to discharge it. The button of the clutch should be positioned right of the machine.
  • For certain models, you want to retain the button outside with the left hand while rotating the inside of the button with the right hand. The outside consists of a steering wheel, and the inside consists of the clutch button.

Step 2. Fix the thread touching the bobbin pin

  • Place the thread spool in the middle hole of the bobbin machine. The spool line will be settled at the middle in a rotation counter-clockwise.
  • It is positioned vertically for more models. In some cases, it is suited horizontally.
  • At 117,591 Kenmore, the pin is positioned at the top of the bobbin winder, and the machine, with its associated parts, is positioned at the right front of the machine.
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Step 3. Pass the thread through the tension disc of the winder

  • Pull the thread out of the spool and fix it on a small tension disk, which is located at the top of the machine.
  • Embed the thread from the top right onto the disk and tie it to the left side, after that bring it back to the bottom right. Don’t wrap the disk in one rotation. This gives a smooth flow while stitching.

Step 4. Pass the thread via the pit

  • Before the bobbin is located on the winder shaft, you want to embed the thread into the pit in the vacant bobbin spool.
  • Ensure the spool is turned and the hole is seen at the top, not at the center or middle.
  • The winder shaft is normally located on the right side of the spool pin.
  • When fixing the bobbin, ensure about the thread winds whether it comes out of the middle.

Step 5. Drive the bobbin and shaft

  • Force the shaft and bobbin to the right side and click it.
  • Now, the coil is next to the bumper. It controls the density of thread on the bobbin.

Step 6. Switch on the machine and wind the bobbin

  • Switch on the machine and starts winding. Continue the winding till it completes. After the wound is full, you can cast the thread.
  • After that, you can compress the clutch by spinning it in a clockwise direction.
  • Attaching the bobbin box

Step 1. Remove the extension table

  • For this process, you have to exclude the extension table. It is positioned on the lower left side of the sewing machine.

Step 2. Open the case of the hook

  • Identify the marked part on the case of the hook. You want to exclude by dragging towards the left.
  • The handle is positioned at the left of the cover. On some models, it is located at the front of the machine.
  • Open the case of the shuttle to exhibit the bobbin.
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Step 3. Elevate the needle up

  • By spinning the handwheel, you can elevate the needle. You elevate up to the most eminent level.

Step 4. Exclude the bobbin case

  • Pull out the case of the bobbin and loosen the latch.

Step 4. Exclude the bobbin case

  • Inject the previously wounded bobbin into the case. After insertion, you want to drag the thread in a direction of clockwise.
  • The end must be injected at the head of the case.

Step 5. Insert the coil

  • Push the latch and inject the bobbin into the back of the shuttle. If the cover is fitted correctly, you can hear the sound of “click”.
  • The threading at the bottom position is done successfully.
  • Joining the topmost thread

Step 1. Raise the lever

  • Spin the handwheel which is anti-clockwise to raise the lever. The lever is present over the needle.
  • Rotate the steering wheel in a clockwise direction till it attains the maximum level.

Step 2. Raise the presser foot

  • Identify the presser foot lever which is located at the top of the needle. Lift the presser foot by elevating the lever.

Step 3. Place the thread on the spool pin

  • Locate the spool of thread on the topmost right side of the machine.
  • For more models, the spool pin will be vertical. In some cases, the horizontal spool pin is used.\

Step 4. Pass the thread through the rear guide

  • Draw the thread reference positioned at the topmost of the machine and then, pull it towards the machine.
  • You must retain the stationary spool with your right hand. It prevents the thread from accidentally loosening.
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Step 5. Wrap the thread and pass the tension spring

  • The front of the machine should be labeled as A path or B path.
  • Drag the thread “A” path, protects it to the latch at the center of the path, and drag it back via the “B” path. The “B” path has a spring of tension.
  • When you stretch the thread over the “B” path, you can secure it.

Step 5. Thread the needle

  • Pass the thread through this path, ensure that the machine is threaded in the correct path.
  • Pass the end of the thread through the needle hole and pull it over the back.
  • When the needle hole is focusing sideways, stretch the thread from left to right.
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Step 6 . Thread the needle

  • Retain the thread in your hand and spin the handwheel in the direction of anti-clockwise for one complete circle.
  • After that, a tiny needle arrives from the middle of the needle base.
  • From the shuttle, you have to arrange and stretch the thread.
  • Finally, you got the middle and top of the thread for stitching. Connect both the threads and pull it back.
  • You can begin the stitching process.

Threading issues with the Kenmore

  • Breaking of the thread
  • Jamming of machine


The base of the sewing machine is proper threading. If you thread the machine properly, you can sew fastly and finish the project on time.

It is best to refer to the instruction manual before threading the sewing machine.

I hope this article can provide you more information about how to thread a Kenmore sewing machine.

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