How To Take Apart A Kenmore Vacuum Model 116

How to disassemble a Kenmore Vacuum model 116

  • Press each release button that is running downwards to the base of the handle
  • Remove the latch of the plastic socket by pinching the socket
  • The socket is located in the place where the hose meets the vacuum cleaner
  • Press down the latch into the canister that is near the top

How to change the motor in Kenmore Canister vacuum

  • First, unplug the Kenmore canister vacuum form the power cord
  • Flip the latch to remove the Kenmore’s outer case
  • Insert the tip of the screwdriver into the hinge of the outer cover
  • Pull the filter out of the nozzle

How to clean a Kenmore canister vacuum

  • Before cleaning make sure that the vacuum is not plugged into the power socket
  • Wipe the outer surface of the vacuum using a cloth that is damped in soap water
  • Then wipe off the surface of the vacuum using a dry cloth
  • Also, clean the attachments using the soap water
  • Then open the dust bag and remove all the dust

How to fix a vacuum cleaner

If your vacuum cleaner is not achieving proper suction, then follow these steps:

  • Empty the bag of the vacuum cleaner
  • Change the height settings if you set it wrong
  • Check the filters
  • Check your hose
  • Check the brush roll
  • If your brush roll is clean, then it might be a belt problem

How to replace the vacuum belt

Follow these steps to replace the vacuum belt of the vacuum cleaner

  • First, remove the bottom plate of the vacuum cleaner
  • You will find four to eight screws. Remove all the screws and pull out the roller brush
  • Clean the brush and remove all the dust particles
  • Now pull out the old belt and install the new one
  • First, wrap the belt around the spindle that is attached to the motor
  • The belt must be snug fit. If it fits too tightly the belt won’t rotate
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The vacuum has a foul smell.

If there is any foul smell coming from the vacuum cleaner, your bag must be full. So check the bag. You will see a lot of dust and dirt particles that your vacuum cleaner has picked up. Remove all the dust particles from the bag. After removing all the dust particles, you won’t get any foul smell.

How to change the fuse in Kenmore vacuum

  • The first turn of the power supply to the Kenmore vacuum
  • Wait for at least fifty minutes for the built-in overload protector to reset
  • Change the vacuum bag
  • Inspect the hose and vents for debris which will block the airflow
  • Then test the vacuum

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