How To Replace Garbage Disposal

In this article, let us know about “How To Replace Garbage Disposal”. When you are flipping the switch to turn on the garbage disposal and all you will get a loud, metal-on-metal grinding noise, you will know something’s wrong.

Basically, replacing a disposal is not so hard, even if you have not done much plumbing. We always talked to veteran plumbers and collected all their best tips for a soft, and even a trouble-free installation.

Tools Required

  • Hacksaw
  • Hammer
  • Hex wrench
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver

Materials Required

  • New garbage disposal
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Silicone

Replace Garbage Disposal

Is it hard to replace garbage disposal?

There is no need to worry if your garbage disposal is already on the fritz, and even installing a new one is really a straightforward project which you can be easily able to perform by yourself in just a few minutes. Usually start by switching off the power to the disposal at your home’s breaker box to make sure that you can work safely. Next, by removing the old unit by detaching it from the mounting ring directly under the sink draining system. Finally, by launching an important new mounting hardware, but setting the new disposal into place, and turning on the water to test for leaks before giving it a trial run.

Removing the Old Disposal Unit

  1. Turning off the power to the garbage disposal. Basically head to your home’s main circuit breaker and also look at the switch corresponding to the garbage disposal unit. By flipping the switch to the “Off” position. You will now be able to work easily and safely even without worrying about accidentally receiving an unusual shock.
  • Garbage disposals are also electrical types of equipments, which basically means then there is a live current running through them at all times when the power is on.
  1. Identifying your garbage disposal. Open the doors under your sink and also look directly under the draining system. You should be able to see a large object in cylindrical shape which is basically located between the bottom of the draining system and also the plumbing pipes. And this is basically called the actual garbage disposal unit which you will be replacing.
  • Having information on the make and model of the disposal. Simply replacing it with a model will be as simple as removing the existing unit and also trying on the new one.
  1. Disconnecting the already discharged tube. And locating the pipe extending from the side of the disposal in the ground plumbing. By loss of any nuts or fasteners at the pipe’s connection site and giving it a firm tug to pull it freely.
  • The discharged tube is usually responsible for carrying ground food waste out of the disposal.
  • Most of the older garbage disposals are also attached to the dishwasher which is supplied by a second tube. This one can also be able to disconnect in the same process.
  1. Releasing the old disposal from the mounting ring. Basically at the top of the unit you should see a thin metal ring with 3 separate lugs, or with protruding arms. Take hold of these lugs with one hand and twisting the entire ring counter clockwise about 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) to dislodging the old unit. Set it separate on a sheet of newspaper or an unfolding rag to keep from making a mess.
  • Garbage disposals refer to being surprisingly heavy (some can heavy as much as 15 pounds!), so always be ready to catch and hold the unit when it comes away from the mounting ring.
  • It can also be a good idea to place a couple paint cans, some wood scraps, or a stack of phone books under the disposal to act as a support platform.
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Can you install a garbage disposal yourself?

Usually calling a plumber to install a new one, so always consider replacing the unit yourself, a proper easy DIY project for anyone with all these experiences using some basic tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, and putty. Here are some ways that you need to know before heading down under the kitchen sink.

1. Making sure the garbage disposal is broken.

Even when a garbage disposal usually stops working, it is not basically on the fritz. So, there are two troubleshooting ways to try, which is depending on how the unit is malfunctioning:

  • If you are trying to turn on the power switch and then you will find nothing happens, checking the outlet, and usually located under the sink, where it is quite easy for the plug to be more accidentally conscious while reaching supplies stored in that specific space. If the device is safely plugged in, and it is even possible that the built-in circuit has tripped. You will need to find the little red button which is at the bottom of the unit and then you will need to push it to reset the circuit. Turning on the disposal; if it is still silent and still, it is the correct time for a replacement.
  • If, when you are trying to turn on the switch, and then also disposal’s motor parts, even the blades would not even turn, and also chances are the blades are usually jammed. Using a flashlight to look down into the unit. If you basically spot a stray utensil, peach pit, or other blockage, or there is a lot of fibrous waste, like celery, which also wrapped around the blades, cutting the power to the appliance and also use a long fork or pair of pliers to retrieving the offend item. Never stick your fingers into a garbage disposal. Those blades are usually sharp. After unclogging the garbage disposal, you will have to turn it on and give it a try; if it is still only humans, it requires a replacement.

2. Save money by replacing it yourself.

A new garbage disposal can be bought at as less as $50, even at that low a price, you will be getting a smaller one, and also a low-powered device basically to struggle grinding up to the softest of scraps. At the high end, around $200, you will get a powerful and affordable quiet appliance with stainless-steel materials, that is also containing a several-year warranty and, even, an auto-reverse start.

Which basically means that the blades first twirls in one direction, and then reverse, to avoid most problems with jams. For most of the things, a garbage disposal in the $75 to $100 range also has sufficient power and to handle demands in a tough kitchen.

There are big savings from not hiring a plumber to handle the installation. Basically, the job will take some hours, even at an average cost of $100 per hour. Always keeping in mind, and even, the most installation time can also be spent crouching down to reach the small section under your kitchen sink, so if your back is not up to a long and uncomfortable lean, you can also be better off paying a professional.

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3. This job will also require some basic tools.

To replace a defunct garbage disposal, you will need a new unit (here is everything which you will need to know about buying a new garbage disposal) and also some basic tools. While installing some specifics, sometimes it can also vary basically depending on the model, and there are some most basic required tools including:

  • Flat-headed screwdriver
  • Philips-head screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Hammer
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Putty knife
  • Flashlight

4. By shutting off the electricity before getting started.

As along with any changes or replacement of any appliance which is basically powered by electricity, don’t do such a thing until you have shut down the power. First, unplugging the garbage disposal (the outlet is basically under the kitchen sink but may also be on the wall by the countertop). Then basically by switching off the electricity to the garbage disposal can also point to your home’s main circuit-breaker box (and, the appliance may also be able to share a circuit with the dishwasher). If you are not sure which circuit breaker powers your garbage disposal, turning on the disposal (or the dishwasher, if the disposal is completely nonfunctional) and flipping the circuits one by one when you are hitting the one that shuts off the disposal.

5. By Understanding the simple process of replacing a garbage disposal.

When the process can also vary by depending basically on the existing model and the replacement, it is basically a good straightforward process. Clearing out the space under your kitchen sink and laying down an old towel to get some wet drips. Set a flashlight at the place to provide more light when you are working. Then, following the instructions below to remove the old unit to prepare for installing a new garbage disposal:

  • Unscrew the disposal tube–the usual PVC or metal pipe that usually carries water and grounding-up waste from the disposal into your home’s plumbing system and then gives the tube a smooth move to separate it basically from the garbage disposal.
  • Most of the older kitchens usually have a dishwasher draining system connection which is basically run into the garbage disposal, also. If doing so, this will be a flexible way usually placed above the unused tube. Unscrew or unclip the dishwasher draining connection (using pliers if the tube is clipping in place) and give it a tug to disconnect it from the garbage disposal.

garbage disposal replacement

How long can it take in replacing a garbage disposal?

Appliances never last forever, but sometimes it is really hard to know when to replace rather than to repair it. With garbage disposals, there are some distinct signs that can also provide you some tricks about what to do.

You can also work easily by replacing your kitchen garbage disposal if you are still looking for these kinds of situations.

1. It Clogs Frequently

If you are still having good care of your disposal by these:

  • Also with the running water during using and for at least 20 seconds after use.
  • Only by disposing of food products which are approved by your own manufacturer.
  • By simply breaking down all these products into small pieces and even feeding them in slowly, even if your unit still clots also, it can be the exact time for a new disposal.
  • Frequently garbage disposal spots may also network that you will also require a larger disposal quality for all your needs, so try to install a bigger model.
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2. You Also Have to Click the Reset Button

It is not unusual to have to push the reset button after or after you have already put large amounts by the disposal, but frequent resetting may also indicate that the motor is failing and the unit is also looking for replacing.

3. You Can’t Get Rid of Odors

If you may also have to freshen your disposal by cleaning it with ice cubes, baking soda and vinegar, citrus peels, and a sink full of dish soap as smells still longer, the smell can also be trapped in the drain lines or in the unit itself. Sometimes the only way to eliminate the smell is basically to replace the unit.

  1. The Blades Have Become Dull

When you are noticing that food will take a long time to grind or you are getting frequent clots, it may also refer that the blades are no longer sharp enough and it is really time to replace your garbage disposal.

5. You Should Also Have a Leak That Can’t Be Fixed So Easily

When some leaks, same as that in draining systems or in the dishwasher lines, even have some simple solutions like tightening connections or even replacing O-rings, other leaks are more complicated and even more costly. If you are having a leak in the sink flange or in some other parts of the unit, it may also be more cost effective to change your garbage disposal instead of repairing the old one.

6. You Are Also Replacing Your Kitchen Sink or Dishwasher

When it basically is not always important to replace your disposal just because you are still getting a new sink or updating your kitchen appliances, it may also be a good time for doing so, especially if your unit is ten years old. Since you already have professionals on the other sites, it may also be more cost efficient and easy to go ahead and also save an older unit instead of looking for it to be lost at a future date.

How much can a Home Depot charge to install a garbage disposal?

Home Depot charges $119 to install the same. Sears also observed a price of $99 basically for installation of a garbage disposal which can be easily bought from any store.

Also, what is all you need while installing a garbage disposal? In adding to the same garbage disposal, you will also have the following equipment to completing the installation:

  1. A screwdriver.
  2. A disposable wrench.
  3. A hacksaw.
  4. Water pump pliers.
  5. Plumber’s putty.
  6. Electrical cord.
  7. Safely supplied, even having goggles by using a dust mask.

Local plumbers usually quoted a price of $400 to install plus the cost of garbage disposal. I basically used to go to Lowe’s and also having a disposal for $179 plus some small tax amount. The installation by Lowe’ was $75.

Do I need a plumber while installing a garbage disposal?

Most of the plumbers are basically observed to install all kinds of disposals, but if there will be a GFCI outlet required, an electrician may also be required there. Also even the usual garbage disposal unit will last between 10 and 12 years.


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