How To Remove a Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover is used to cover the bed of trucks and other related vehicles. Although mounting a tonneau cover has its advantages, it could often hinder loading large freight.

The tonneau cover is used to secure the freight loaded on the truck bed. More commonly used in trucks, some tonneau covers can be found on the market, the most common being those that can be rolled up and down, made of soft materials such as cotton or vinyl.

Using a tonneau cover secures the truck’s contents like a lid which has several purposes. Not only does it shield the truck bed from rain and gravel, but certain designs also help to reduce the air drag on the bed, resulting in increased fuel mileage. Tonneau covers can also be used to contribute to the stylistic appeal of the truck.


It depends on the kind of tonneau cover you’re using. Strong tonneaus, like hinged fibreglass ones, are the hardest to cut. Multiple persons, a forklift, or even a small overhead crane needed. Soft covers are more comfortable to remove and can usually be easily removed in less than 15 minutes.

It also depends on whether you need to cut the cover itself or the side rails as well. Simply removing the cloth cover is the quickest solution if you intend to use it again soon, you can keep the side rails in place.

Types of Tonneau Covers

Depending on the amount and type of cargo you want to ship, you can select from a number of tonneau covers. Some are quickly removable, others give you more protection, while others offer you more room for your freight. Before we start eliminating tonneau covers, let’s have a glance at the various styles of tonneau covers and their characteristics.

1.Folding Tonneau Cover

These are the most common styles on the market for automotive parts. They’re coming in different styles. A tonneau covers triple designs folds in three places, while a dual design folds in two places. Some of them could fold in more than three positions. This types of covers can also be rugged or fuzzy. Designs include the hard folding tonneau sheet, which is hard folding types.A tonneau cover triple rigid construction means that the folding cover is made of hard plastic and folds in three ways.

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2. Retractable Tonneau Cover

As the name suggests, this type of tonneau cover is retracting to itself and the back of the truck. A retracting cover could be hard or smooth. If you want a retractable form of the tonneau cover, it is smart to remember your truck bed’s safety criteria. The retractable hard tonneau cover has stronger protection than the flexible one.

This sort of truck bed cover helps you reveal only the part of the bed you want to use. Consequently, you can hold things of various sizes and only open the portion holding the big cargo.

3. Hinged Tonneau Cover

This sort of cover is just a lid supported by the hinges. As a solid one-piece sheet, the hinged tonneau covers are not folded or retracted. Instead, they open themselves by forcing them up. Hinged covers could be hard or smooth.

While these covers are not folded or retracted, they have their benefit. Most truck owners prefer the hinged tonneau cover for their aesthetic attractiveness. Since they’re not split into parts, the hinged covers look classy and enhance the truck’s look. Any truck owners also paint these covers to complement a truck’s colour to boost its appeal further.

4. Rolling Tonneau Cover

This sort of bed cover folds upon itself, just like a pad when you roll it up. That may be a smooth or rough tonneau shell. A tonneau cover soft roll-up type is less costly than a tonneau cover rolls up hardstyle. However, the latter secures the netter bed of the truck than the former. Using a tonneau cover roll design will give you a lot of truck bed options. You can expose the truck bed to exact or desired extensions from the open end to the truck’s bulkhead as you are not limited to folds or frames. That means you’re going to get a more flexible cover.

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Thus, we can see that those that can be pulled up or down as needed are the better tonneau covers. However, the truth remains that the tonneau cover’s use restricts the truck bed’s vertical space provided by the truck bed. Because of this, you may need to cut the tonneau cover temporarily if you try to bring something in a truck that is too large to fit in. In this case, it helps to know how to remove a tonneau cover.

Removing a Tonneau Cover

Will you need to remove the hard tonneau cover? Wondering how to get the soft truck bed cover off? Here are instructions for extracting several common types of tonneau.

Steps To Remove a Tri-fold tonneau cover.

Step 1:  Fold the cover-up to the other side of the bed and lock with the buckles offered.

Step 2: Using a wrench to loosen the bolts that attach the hinges to the c-clips.

Step 3:Then you and your buddy will stand on either side of the truck and raise the folded cover and move it out of the truck. If you do it yourself, you will stand in the bed of the truck and remove the cover from there. Be vigilant, so you don’t strain you back.

Step 4:If your folding tonneau has rails; the rails are fixed to it. You can leave the tonneau on the rails if you intend to bring the cover back on quickly. It’ll be quick to connect the cover to the tracks.

Step 5: If you need to remove the cover permanently, you’ll need to remove the tonneau cover rail.

Steps To Remove a Fiberglass Tonneau Cover

Step 1:  The first step is to figure out at what point the tonneau cover is fixed to the truck’s body. To do this, you need to open the tonneau cover and let it lie on the side of your truck bed. It is advised that you put a soft spot between the tonneau and the vehicle to avoid accidental scratching on the truck’s frame.

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Step 2: First, remove clips on the tonneau cover and mount them to the shock brackets on the truck side, use the screwdriver and then remove the shock.

Step 3: The next task is to loosen the hinges’ pins after these shocks are removed. Pull all pins on the hinges slowly until the tonneau cover is completely removed from the truck body.

Step 4: The last step is to remove a tonneau cover cautiously to remove completely. Please ask a few others, since the tonneau cover might be too big for you to take it yourself.

Final Verdict

No matter what type of truck you drive, it’s going to be the same procedure to remove a tonneau cover. The make and model of your truck won’t impact how to take the tonneau off. The most important thing is to review your user guide, which came with your tonneau cover.

If you don’t explain how to uninstall your tonneau, you should follow the installation instructions—return!

We hope this was a useful description of how to strip your tonneau cover. If you need to add a tonneau cover, pick the right tonneau for your vehicle, or choose between a hard or soft tonneau cover, we’re still here to support.

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