How To Rack A Pool Table

When it comes to rack pool balls, this is one of most important part of this game.  In case you have sloppy and loose rack, the break may not get to the results you wish to get. The right rack is the best way of getting the best spread at the break, this is why it is important if you understand how you have to rack in the proper way.

In case you felt that you may hit at an awesome break shot, however you did not get the right spread, it will be because you used a loose rack.  This can turn to be frustrating; however, it is not hard to get a solid and tight rack when you know the proper way to rack pool. In case you have not played pool before when the rack is used or if you do not understand what rack is all about. This is where you should start.

The first step is to learn the pool rack order of different types of pools such as straight pool, cutthroat pool, 7, 3, 10, 9 and 8 ball.


The rack is the type of equipment which is used in getting the object balls in their proper formation for a break. It is being used in the major pool games,   without the use, it will be impossible to get the balls in tight pool ball arrangement so that they can break easily.

Racks are normally made using plastic or wood. They are found in 2 standard configurations.   One is called triangle rack because of the shape and it is being used for different games which may require using of 15 object balls.  The second is a diamond rack.  Because of the shape, it is common with the diamond rack. A triangle ball is known as the 8 ball rack and the diamond rack is called 9 ball rack.

What it is the correct way to rack 8 balls?

Pool rack set up is about putting the balls in a rack, at the proper sport over the table.  Each game of the pool will be racked somehow differently because of the concept of the game are not the same. This will be different from the number of the balls that may be used and how the game will be played.

When it comes to proper pool rack, the first thing to keep in mind is that when the balls get loose in the rack, a break is going to suffer.  You have to ensure that the rack will be tight and many people will accomplish this, when they use their fingers which are placed within the rack and they will push the balls towards the front.  The other common way of getting the balls tight, is through the use of fingers, so that the balls will be pushed forwards, when putting the rack in their position.

When the balls move and you are yet to lift the triangle, you should rack the balls once again.  When you use the proper way to rack pool balls, they will not move or they will only move a little if the rack gets lifted.  In case you find it hard to rack the balls, then you should try a magic rack that gives the best rack whenever you rack.

If you want billiards ball set up of an 8 ball game, you should

  • Place a racking triangle into the position together with a foot string over the table
  • Put the rack into the center together with foot string and at the top of a triangle on Foot spot
  • Place an Apex ball, normally the number 1-ball, directly within the Foot spot position
  • Place the number 8-ball at the center of a triangle which will be the second spot within the third row
  • Place a solid one and one stripe ball at every corner of a triangle
  • Place every object ball in the triangle in any random line.
  • Tighten the rack
  • Remove your triangle in a proper way.
  • Apex ball should not always be the number one ball; you may use any type of ball you do want.

Before you learn the pool balls order, you should be familiar with the rack and what the racking is all about.  You have to be aware of the right sports over the pool table.  The pool starts with the object known as Foot String and the Apex ball of the Foot spot while the cue ball will be found at the Head string.  However, these are technical terms for some spots of the pool table and there are some balls that should be put within the rack. To achieve the perfect pool rack, you should take time to learn everything.

Is it bad to sit on a pool table?

You are not allowed to sit on the table.  You can do it only if you have to take a short that requires you to do this.  When you sit on the pool table more often, then the rubber can pop off since it is glued at the rails.  The table may fail under too much weight.

Where does the rack DOT go on a pool table?

When you start with the pool table ball set up, you should learn about the placing of the black spot found at the pool table. The black spot will be placed at the head spot and at the foot spot.

How many inches do you need around a pool table?

Before you buy the pool table, it is important if you take time to learn about the space where you want to put it.  You have to ensure that there will be enough space near the table, for the players to move and to play around so that you easily elevate a cue.  The players will need to shot from different sides.   It is good to have the room sized table.  You have to remember that at least 80 percent of the players, they will find themselves into the tight spot and they will need the short pool cue.

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