How To Open Garage Door Without Remote

The garage door opener brings flexibility with the use of the garage. Often, it is important to unlock a garage door without a remote control. If the power goes out, the garage door won’t open. At that time you need to open the door manually.

In this article, you will find out how to open the garage door without a remote.

Open Garage Door Without Remote?

Steps To Open Your Garage Without Power

Make sure the door is completely closed. By following these steps you can open a garage door manually,

To start the operation, ensure that every cable and springs are secure. Check if the garage door has not been affected or broken. When it is broken, you can end up causing further harm in the operation.

  1. After checking that there are no complications, you need to locate the emergency rope.
  2. The cord arrives with a red color handle connected with it and hangs from the middle of the door mechanism. If it has no red color cord, but there is a cord draping from the middle of the garage, it is probably an emergency cord. You can access it with the help of a ladder.
  3. Lift the garage door straight until the door is completely extended. When the door does not open smoothly, you need the help of the specialist to check out whether it has any harm that might cause safety risks.
  4. When the springs are well aligned, the door opens comfortably with the help of lift handles.
  5. Manually close the door until it hits the ground.
  6. Just lock the door. If the automatic opener is removed, the door will not be firmly locked unless you manually move the lock bar.
  7. When the power arrives you can reconnect the opener. Opening the door electrically can inflict significant harm.

Approaches for opening a garage

  • First, locate the door opener cart assembly, then eliminate the clevis and cotter pins from it.
  • By removing the pins, you can raise the door, since it is separated from the garage door system.
  • When you cannot enter the door opening cart assembly, you need to eliminate clevis and cotter pins.
  • While eliminating the pins from the door, you can lift the door easily.


Hold the chain and rollers lubricated on the door of your garage. It keeps the door to work quietly and allows chains and other moving components to last longer. It operates with low friction.


Do not pull the bypass cord if the door is caught in an open position. The door begins to crash down with limited force to destroy everything.

Safety Measures

The reasons that the garage door did not perform well will be different. In any case, you should be aware because it will slam down strongly and easily.

Lock the door – The preliminary step is to verify whether the door is absolutely locked. It has to be a way down without gaps or halfway to keep you from hurting, slipping, and splitting when transitioning to manual mode.

Take care of the system – Often the rails and procedure for closing and opening the door can be broken. Not to avoid falling on your back, first attempt to close the door down to the ground.

Grease the chain – It would benefit if you grease chains and doors frequently for longer and quieter use as per the manual.

Switch off the electricity – Since most doors are electrical and operate on batteries, it is best to isolate the door from the electricity.

Cause of garage door won’t open

 These will be a major concern of the garage door.

  • Damage
  • Misalignment
  • Clogging the garage door


 I hope this article can provide you more information about how to open the garage doors without a remote.



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