How To Make A Bubble Flare  

It is now common to build custom cars for track days or making just the restmods.  You should learn about fabricating if you want to make a car.  Something that you have to know about is the brake line.  When you modify the cars, you will not have to play according to the rules. This is why it may be necessary in rerouting the brake or to make the new lines at once.

It will not be a difficult job, if you understand how everything should be done.  It may also cover the parts which you may need, if there are materials that will be required in completing an entire project.

How to know if you have bad brakes

 When it comes to the brake lines, you have to inspect it on continuous basis, mostly if the car is old.  However, you can find out that the brake will fail. The failed brake line will not be known easily.  You have to know about all the small symptoms.

The brake line flare types are found in two forms, it can be galvanized steel pipe or stainless steel. They will run starting from a master brake cylinder, the ESP or ABS according to the car you own.   Most of the brake line may be solid.  At the the end of each brake line is made from the softer material which accommodates the movement of the wheel.

Such attachment points will have the fittings which allow the user to screw over the flexible hose to reach to a hard line. Each brake line will be flared at each end.  Flaring will be used in order to offer a good seal between fittings.   When you start to learn about brakes, you will find that you can choose from bubble flare or double flare.

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How To Make A Bubble Flare  

Can you use a double flare tool to make a bubble flare?

If you have the funds or the time, you should get ISO bubble flare tool.  When you get the affordable tool, it will be working fine. However, in case you do not have the funds or time, you may use the double flare tool and you can achieve to the results which are the same.

The bubble flare brake line will have 3 characteristics.  The back of this flare looks flat. At the front of a flare, there is 45 degree angle.  Width of a flare will be proportional on a diameter of a line.  While making a double flare or single flare, if they are made using one tool, then the back will look angled.  It will have a flat back with 45 degree front.  However, the only thing it will not have is exact inner diameter from tubing.  An ISO tool has a depth measuring tool that can be used in setting the leng for tubing and it will extend starting from a flaring bar.

What’s bubble flare?  

Many cars do use the brake lines in double bubble.  The double flared line will be positioned together with the brake components. It can be either using a brake hose on the slave cylinder or outlet fittings and master cylinder inlet.  The flare is used for the end part of the brake line tubing.  This will be opened or flared at 45 degree of an angle.  The flare will be folded over itself which will create a bubble flare brake lines which is secure and double.

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Creating thee double flare can be too challenging.  Since it will be possible in performing, many people can fail when it comes to making double flare on at a constant basis. This is because; making double flare will always require the precision. If the flare is not the best, then the line may suffer the breakdown on the braking system.  This may trigger the serious damage even death to any person driving.  In case you think about making the double flare, it will require enough patience and you will need to get the right equipment.

How do you make a single flare?

There are two types of brake line flares used, you can find the double flare or single flare.  The flare is subjected to high pressure. The flare in tubing has to be shaped correctly or the connection can fill or can leak.  If the flare for making brake line is smaller, then it may lead to a weaker joint.  This can leak or it may be pulled apart when it is larger.  It may interfere to the right engagement of a screw thread over the fitting and it can lead to the leakage.  When you use tubing which was not cut in the right way, it will lead to a crooked flare. When the flare was not made in the proper way, the flaws will not be connected, even if more torque may be used while tightening of a fitting.  The tubing and the flare should not suffer scratches, nicks, dents or cracks.

How do you flare a tubing brake line?  

If you want flaring a brake line, you will need to get the brake flaring tool. There are different types of tools at the market, starting from the cheap flaring tools to the most expensive one that use hydraulic power tool. This will make a broad range of different type of flares for brake lines.   However, for most case, you only need the simple tools which can make double or single bubble flares.  

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If you want to cut the brake flares at the right size, you will need to use the right tubing cutter.  Another method is using a rotary cutting tool or hacksaw but it may leave the uneven cuts which may cut poor flares.  You need the file or the tapered reamer in order to deburr the brake line tubing after each cutting.  There are some cutting cutters which will have the built-in file for such purpose.

Single flare is used if the brake line will be flared out just once.  They are common when using the low pressure brake system which is not recommended for the user of the modern high pressure system.

Double flares are common to the modern domestic cars and it is recommended for the high pressure brake system.

Bubble flare is found in the common Asian and European cars. They may look the same as double flares and it is easy to make a double flare from the bubble flare.



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