How To Install Garage Door Keypad

Garage door keypads are easier and convenient to use. For installing the outer keypad you may not require any phone or keys. The keypad is placed on the frame. It has a numeric keypad that helps to insert the code.

Install Garage Door Keypad
Install Garage Door Keypad

It is the best way to open the garage door. The garage door opener is simple, easy, and provides safety for your home.

Are you seeking guidance for installing a garage door keypad? I assure you this article will provide you more information about the garage keypad.

And in this article, you will find out how to install a garage door keypad.

Requirements Needed

  • Tape
  • Battery for keypad
  • Wireless garage opener
  • Keypad instructions
  • Screwdriver

Keypad Installation

  • Code and Batteries
  • Check and install
  • Screw-down securely
  • Troubleshoot your keypad
  • Inspect stuck keys
  • Check wires whether it has any issue
  • Reset the PIN
  • Reboot the system

Garage Door Installation Guide For Keypad

Step 1. Place a new battery

At firstly, you have to place the batteries in your keypad. Review the manual to view which type of battery to fix. Fix the high-quality battery to make sure it has a good decade.

Step 2. Register your security key

Here you want to select a code for the garage door. It wants a 6 digit key based on the design. Choose a key that will be easy to recall and tough for others to recognize.

Eg. D.O.B is easily identified by others.

After selecting a code, you get into the system and force the ‘learn’ key on the garage door.  You notice that the LED starts blinking. Insert the new code.

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Step 3. Evaluate the keypad

Evaluate the code that is executed before installing the keypad. Click the code. If it closes and opens the door. It is fully prepared to perform.

Step 4. Connect your keypad

Choose a position to access the keypad. Some prefer to fix it on the jamb of the door.

Top-rated Wireless Keypads

  • 940EV Chamberlain
  • Genie Intellicode2
  • 877 max Liftmaster
  • Liftmaster Universal
  • ADBIKI Universal


  • Wireless
  • A battery of 9 volt
  • 6 digit pin
  • For security, it has a rolling code
  • Provides a substitute PIN

Keypad color for Liftmaster

The color of the keypad is based on the kind of the door. It has a learn button to manage the settings. The color indicates the type of keypad.

  • Green – Rolling code
  • Orange – Security Plus
  • Purple – ERT Security Plus

When you know the kind of Liftmaster you used for the opener, then it is easy to select the right keypad.

  • Green – 66ML Liftmaster
  • Orange – 976ML Liftmaster
  • Purple – 377ML Liftmaster


Keypads afford security to your home.

  • Produces hundreds of key pairings
  • You can modify the password
  • Difficult to open the food for robbers
  • No one modifies the code with the necessary password


  • Built with the finest materials.
  • High resistant
  • Long-lasting guarantees.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing

  • Number of garage doors
  • Examine frequency
  • Check whether it is wired or wireless
  • Examine the opener

Easy to Install

The garage doors are easy to install because

  • Instruction is clear and easy
  • Does not require any fancy tools
  • Does not want experienced to install
  • All necessary components arrive with the goods
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You should know the series number of the door. Check the manual and know which technology is used and purchase the same company keypad.


You should not remove safety devices like photocells.

Selecting The Correct Keypad

Not every wireless or wired keypad is suitable for door openings. Ensure that you are purchasing the keypad that works efficiently with the door.

While purchasing you should note the manual and also know the type of the opener.

Provide access to the person who requires

It is simple to offer access to people. You can easily block the access. Make sure your garage needs to stay safe, you can give a new code to the person who wants. It manages the people who arrive and went out of the home.

Benefits of Installing a Keypad

  • Some opener methods
  • Provide access to the person who requires
  • Keypad performs like a backup clickers
  • Provide more security


Installing the keypad is easier whereas the main challenge is to choose a better code. Select the keypad and protect your door.

I hope this article can provide you more information about the garage door keypad.

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