How To Install Drywall Anchors

You may be having items you would like to hang, however you will not want to have them falling off the wall.  This is why you may try out drywall anchor.  Normally, you should start by choosing the right drywall anchor depending on what you want to hang.   When you go to the market, you may find that there are many types of the drywall anchors.  For less heavy items, you can try out plastic screw anchor, followed by threaded anchors, then traditional, molly bolts and snaptoggle bolts.  For heavy items, you may try out toggle bolts or snaptoggles.

 Installing of plastic anchors

  • By the use of the pencil, you should mark the place where you would like to hang the anchors
  • You then make a hole. You may use different items to do this. When the pilot hole is not found with the anchor, you should learn about the size to use first.
  • Stick an anchor at the pilot hole and then tap over it within the place up to the time the anchor will flush out into the wall. You should use the rubber mallet or a nailer to fix the anchor. Use the screwdriver in order to set the screw. You may use the drill; however, you should do this slowly to avoid overdriving it.

How To Install Drywall Anchors

Install self drilling drywall anchors

  • Mark the hanging point
  • With the rubber mallet or the hammer, you can tap at the anchor in the wall up to the time that you get  threads
  • Use the screwdriver in order to screw anchor in the wall up to the time the head of the anchor will get flush in the drywall. When you decide to use the drill, you will need to do it slowly and to be careful.
  • Put the screw in drywall anchors to reach to the depth you wish and use the same drill and screwdriver.
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 Molly bolts anchor

There are two choices for this type of drywall anchor screws.     You do have to choose one of the two this type of molly bolts also called hollow wall anchor.  You can get unpointed or pointed anchors. A dull tipped or unpointed anchor will require you in drilling the drywall.  The pointed tip style will not require you to have the pilot hold, you may just tap them in the place you want using a hammer.  There are also molly bolts which use the barbed heads. The barbs will grip in the surface of a drywall and they will prevent the anchor against spinning into their holes.

  • Mark the place where you want to hang the stuff
  • When the pilot hole will be required, you should drill it. Check the package and find out the size required for the hole. After insertion, you should tighten a bolt in the sleeve of a molly. It may cause the legs in expanding out and to grip at another side of a drywall.

Toggle bolts

You should try out to install toggle bolt, if you need the anchors with enough power.  The anchors are found in different materials, designs and sizes and they are in plastic and metals.

Metal toggle bolts are strong anchors. However, they are not easy to install because you will need to have a hole which is three times wide compared to the diameter of a bolt.  The anchor has one or two bars which will fold flat on the bolt while being inserted.  When inserted, the quick twist of a bolt will loosen up the wings which will cause the flare up outside.  The bolt gets tighten using a screwdriver and the wings will draw towards inward, where they will form a perpendicular brace at the backside of a wall.

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Winged plastic anchor:  these anchors have wings which will fold together so that the anchor can be inserted into the hole that was pre-drilled.  When the anchor is already in the place, then the winds will expand towards the backside. The screw will be inserted and it will draw the wings closely at the back of a drywall.

Do I need to drill to install drywall anchors?

Regardless if you want to hang a curtain rod, shelf, mirror or picture to the wall, you may need to use the screws such as sheetrock anchor screws or nails.  However in some cases, you may use drywall plugs or hollow wall anchor which will attach on a wall within the hollow space found within the studs.  The hollow-wall anchor is found in different styles and sizes and can be put at any wall, such as hollow concrete, plaster and drywall.

How do you install anchors without a drill?

If you don’t want to drill the holes, then you can use the screws instead.  With the right screwing into drywall, the screws are capable to hold large pieces such as mirrors and paintings.  You start by using the anchor screws, then choose the right anchors and install them in a location that you had chosen.  Before installing drywall anchors, you should learn first the type of the wall you have.  The plaster walls starts as the wooden frames which may have been constructed using narrow strips of the wood gotten from lathe.  Drywall is the results of the plaster sheet which are sandwiched within the paper.   The second step is to know the weight of the objects you want to hang.

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How much weight can drywall anchors hold?

If you want to start using wall anchors, you will be concerned about the weight the anchors you choose can support.  The molly bolts, anchors or toggle, will be able to hold over 30 pounds, and the drywall is stable, it can take up to 50 pounds. While buying the screws, you should also consider about the size of the drywall.  If you use high impact and abuse resistant dry wall, you may have to choose better using wall anchors and you may hang heavy items, contrary to when your dry wall is small and it has less strength.


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