How To Install Door Trim With Uneven Walls

When all the walls and surfaces are in alignment, then installing a door trim works beautifully. But when the walls are uneven, then it might be challenging to install door trim. If you follow these steps, it will be easy. It requires only a few tools and simple steps.

Installing a door trim on uneven walls

Door trim surrounds the door opening on three sides as a photo frame is surrounded. The trim covers the gap between the wall and the door. When the wall protrudes than the door’s edge, vertical door trim pieces will not meet correctly. This will create a gap between the wall and the door. The angled trim does not align with the header trim.

How to fix the gap? It would be best to create a depression in the wall to help the little rest deep in the wall. This will work up to ¼ inch with the uneven walls. When you trim deeper than ¼ inch, the trim will recede, and it will be visible when the other sections are not recessed well.

Things you need

You need two types of things one is equipment and the other is material.


  • Cordless drill with driver bits
  • Cordless nailer
  • Flat pry bar
  • Clean cloth
  • Utility knife
  • Hammer
  • Five in one tool


  • Screws 1 ⅝ inch
  • Painter’s caulk


Follow these instructions

Remove the door trim:

First, you should remove the door trim. For removing the door trim use a pry bar. Then gently remove the door trim. Insert the cloth under the pry bar so that it will not damage the wall. Push down the pry bar so that it will pop up the door trim.

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Secure the drywall to the stud:

Sometimes the drywall will be loosened from the stud. The screws or nails will pop out from the drywall. If there is a gap, then drive several screws or nails to ensure that the nails or screws will secure the studs. If there are no gaps, then do not drive screws or nails.

Cut the drywall paper:

Place the trim in the correct position from where you have removed. Slice the drywall paper on the outside edge, after outlining remove the trim.

Peel the paper and test depth:

Take a five in one tool and peel away the paper on the door with a sharp edge. You need to do it carefully because the gypsum on the other side will not be disturbed. Peel off the rest of the paper with your hand. Test the depth by placing the trim. Sometimes removing the paper will make the trim into alignment of the door casing. If these steps do not work then proceed with the next or further steps.

Remove drywall screws or nails:

If there are any drywall screws or nails, then remove them.

Break the gypsum core:

With the help of the hammer gently tap the door side. Your goal is to break the gypsum core partially. Do this step carefully that the gypsum core does not break on the areas that you need.

Remove some of the gypsums:

Remove the gypsum to the depth you need. Test the depth frequently by using the trim. Keep the depth equal.

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Place the nails or screws that you have previously removed. Do not place the nails or screws in the previous position as they may not stay longer.

Install the door trim:

Nail the door trim back into the position. The trim’s far side should be placed in the pocket you have already created on the drywall.

Apply painter’s caulk:

Apply a small number of painters caulk on the side of the cut to make the door trim smooth. It will also cover the ragged paper cuts. After some time the caulk will be dried. When the caulk is dried, apply paint to the trim and the wall.

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