How To Install a Compression Fitting on a Plastic Ice Maker Line?

The synthetic tubing combined with any factory-installed ice producers is often too short of creating a relationship much behind the end of the refrigerator. The resolution is an ice producer foundation kit, which begins with loads of new tubing and a group connection to combine the two companies collectively. The band consists of an alloy collection body, two officers gathering nuts, several ring-shaped brass or nylon connectors described ferrules and a couple of small brass supplements applied to set the synthetic tubing. Compressing fittings are created with the young plumber in memory and are combined with essential accomplices

1/Snip the edges of the synthetic water supply and ice creator inlet lines with a used knife to be reliable and boring.

2/Dismantle the compression fitting to leave the compression bolts, ferrules and pipe stiffeners of the appropriate body. Select the plastic ferrules from the kit if it receives them. Alloy ferrules are commonly used on copper tubing and can penetrate the soft synthetic quantity line.

3/Move a compression bolt onto the quantity view of the waterline, accompanied by a ferrule. Include one of the small alloy tube stiffeners into the edge of the line, holding it in continuously the flare on the stiffener reaches the end of the synthetic tubing. Install the other bolt, ferrule and pipe stiffener onto the synthetic line attached to the ice producer water lid.

4/Include the number line ultimately into one side of the compression body and the ice generator line into the opposite side. Start the compression bolts down into the ferrules and attach them to the compression material on both sides.

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5/Take the compression body with one flexible strain and securely stretch the stock line compression bolt with a different strain. Squeeze the compression bolt on the ice maker line in an identical manner.

6/Switch on the water amount to the ice maker and inspect for leaks.

7/Everything You Will Need

    1. Convenience knife
    2. Adaptable wrenches
    3. Compression bolt
    4. Plastic ferrule
    5. Tunnel stiffener


The liquid stock tubing connects directly to the ice producer water device on some ice makers rather than to a group connected to the company’s pipe. In this case, the threaded connection on the valve works as the compression material. Use the compression bolt, ferrule, and tubing stiffener provided by the ice producer to connect the stock valves line

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