How To Increase Water Pressure In The Shower

A steaming shower helps one forget all the worries of daily life and enjoy the refreshing properties of the hot water on their skin. It seems like one of life’s pleasures. But, to enjoy the shower and its properties, it should have high pressure. Low pressure spoils the shower.

One will look for ways to improve the insufficient pressure in the shower if the one you are using is shallow in it rather than a blasting jet.

Why is water pressure low?

The reason for low water pressure in the shower only needs to be understood and then learning how to act as a water pressure booster for shower head. The article will help you understand the steps you need to solve the problem.

The pressure of water is low due to the plumbing system of your house. The low pressure is because of the blockage of leakages in your plumbing system. For increasing the water pressure in your shower, the plumbing system should be ensured in good condition.

Because a plumbing system can be controlled by oneself, the article should list below several tips.

Also, one of the reasons for this issue is the old mains pipes. This is an issue because the local authorities cannot replace the old pipes without causing a disturbance in the society. So, if old pipes are not upgraded, the water flow will not be there in proper condition to your homes.

Now, if life in rural areas, water usually comes there from a well. In villages, pumps are broken or faulty, which is one reason for the low water pressure.

Another reason for it is increased demand for water from either you or people around. Since supply is limited, it puts pressure, and a thus limited amount of water is circulated. Hence, low pressure is offered.

How To Increase Water Pressure In The Shower

How do I increase my water pressure at home?

There are many ways by which you can improve water pressure in your shower.

By going through improving water pressure, you will find the most inexpensive ways of doing it. They are mentioned below-

Clean the showerhead

Over continuous use, showerheads get choked due to sediments as well as limescale and mineral deposits. Due to blockage, water trickles through the mouth of the shower, even if the rest of the home deals in good water pressure at home.

To deal with this, open the showerhead with a screwdriver and clean the sediments deposited inside it. Some showerheads have a filter attached inside, which to needs to get removed and cleaned. A toothbrush or something similar to its kind may be used for cleaning purposes.

Often, make sure there are no blockages by cleaning each rubber nozzle. Many modern shower heads are built to be cleaned by rubbing them with your fingertips, so no special equipment is needed. If not, a toothbrush will come in handy.

If you find some deposition of sediments or minerals in the showerhead, take a bowl and vinegar. Immerse the showerhead  and leave it to soak overnight so that it may be cleaned.

After cleaning the showerhead, screw it back and check whether the water pressure has increased. If it has, then the problem of low pressure is solved.

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Check for a flow restrictor.

The National Energy Act(US) makes it mandatory to subsume a flow restrictor. Most of the showerhead manufacturers have started to include flow restrictors in the models. It helps the customers to reduce the water bills and protects the environment.

The flow restrictors are not considered ideal for low pressure areas as the restrictor will decrease the flow and make it a terrible issue.

So, if you bought a showerhead with a flow restrictor and live in an area with low water pressure, all you need to do is remove the flow restrictor. Please read the instruction manual for the same and get through it. Check the shower for the flow after putting it back in place on removing the restrictor.

Check for kinks

Sometimes the pressure is reduced if the pipe or water line has some curls and twists. To solve the issue, one may check for kinks in the hose. Even for hand shower heads, the hose line should be checked for kinks. Also, for those showers that do not have pipes instead have flexible lines, kinks should be checked as they prevent water flow.

Check that the valve is open.

For the cases of constructed buildings or if a person has shifted to a new home, the main shut-off valve should be checked in the first place that it is open. It usually happens when the buildings are constructed, and the plumbers or workers shut off the valve during work and forget to reopen it.

These valves can be found in the basement or at the place from where the mains system enters the house. It has a red lever for recognition. Ensure that it is open and check for the pressure of the water.

Check for leaks

Ensure you check that the pipes for leakage because leaking pipes reduces the amount of water that reaches your shower and has low pressure in its flow. Apart from low pressure, leakage also contributes to damage in your homes, so it is advisable to check for it and fix it.

If leakage is found somewhere, a plumber should be called to fix it as soon as possible. For a temporary solution, one can fix it with epoxy putty.

Open the water heater shut off valve.

The shut-off valve should be kept open because this creates a problem with water flow. When using cold water, the pressure is acceptable whereas, there is the low hot water pressure in the shower. Therefore, the check should be made for the water heater, and the shut-off valve should be kept open, which should solve the problem.

Flush the water heater

Sometimes, the water tank gets blocked due to the deposition of sediments. The debris also lets the pipes choked with it. This is also a water heater related issue.

To solve this problem, discharge all the water from the water heater and flush out it from all the lines. This would clean the blockage in the pipes and solve lower pressure up to some extent.

improve water pressure

Is there a way to increase water pressure in the shower?

Buy a low-pressure showerhead.

Low-pressure showerheads are designed to help increase the flow of water in those areas with pressure-related problems. Thus, if the plumbing is not a problem and still getting low pressure, it is recommended to buy a low-pressure showerhead.

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If the water pressure is low, these shower heads do not perform any miracles, but they help generate a bit more flow to water than the low pressure.

Install a shower pump

When all inexpensive methods have been tried out, and no solution could be derived from them, all you can do is think over the costlier options.

A shower pump is costlier than a low-pressure show head yet affordable option, but it helps in boosting the pressure of water.

For getting a shower pump installed, a good plumber should be called in, and professional expertise should be taken to get it installed at your place.

Since plumbers work over these issues, they have way more knowledge about other alternatives. You may discuss your issue and talk to them about it, keeping in mind the budget you have taken for selecting it.

Taking showers during off-peak hours

It is seen that supply of anything is better when demand is low. So, it is suggested to take showers during off-peak hours, if not planning to buy a water pump.

When the neighbours and family members are taking showers while going to school or work, the water demand is higher, and pressure is low.

Therefore, taking showers at such a time when fewer people use water will help you in getting higher pressure of water.

Turn off other appliances.

If you are using water and running other appliances that need water for functioning at the same time, the pressure will reduce in low-pressure places. For example, if you are taking a shower and at the same time running a washing machine as well as a dishwasher will reduce water pressure.

Areas with good pressure will not be affected by this scenario, but the problem will exaggerate.

To fix the problem, use water one by one. Like, take a shower in the first instance. Then, use the dishwasher and washing machine after that. This might affect the demands on the water supply, thereby solving your low-pressure problem.

Are there shower heads that increase water pressure?

It is irritating when the water pressure is low, and it takes plenty of time to rinse the body of soap and shampoo. The low-pressure showerhead fixes the low-pressure by boosting water pressure and bringing them to speed.

Many shower heads increase shower pressure even if the shower heads are blocked with deposits of calcium or hard water minerals. Considering the shower heads’ budget, a list has been prepared for you to go through them and choose.

A shower head attached to the existing showerhead arm can be purchased if there is less versatility in your installation. The showerheads are listed below even if the plumbing service has not been good or if the shower heads are clogged with sediments.

The Original Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Massager Shower Head

In this showerhead, there is a pressure increasing massage head, and a higher velocity of water is delivered. It is flexible enough to suit different spray angles.

HO2ME High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

This handheld showerhead helps you feel relaxed with proper water pressure. It delivers super strong spray action. It comes with a luxurious hose, bracket, and Teflon tape. It has a multipurpose alternative that allows you to pick between different spray strengths.

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WASSA High-Pressure Shower Head

This showerhead is compact and delivers strong spray irrespective of your water pressure. Also, it can be connected without tools to a standard shower arm. A detachable water restrictor comes along with it. Clogging is self-cleaned by silicone nozzles and hard water buildup.

Delta Faucet 2-Spray H2Okinetic Shower Head

This versatile shower head can be installed in minutes and saves time. It lets you feel the intense, relaxing sensations of the H20 settings.

Want High-Pressure Rainfall Massage Shower Head

This is a rainfall massage shower head with a stream that covers your whole body and makes rinsing your hair a breeze rather than a hassle. It features 57 jets and can be adjusted to suit any angle. It can be disassembled in a flash for fast cleaning to prevent hard water buildup.

What causes low pressure in the shower?

Low pressure in the shower is not always because of a faulty shower head, but sometimes the problem is in the home itself. Listed below are some of the reasons that cause low pressure in a shower.

Pressure Regulator Devices

The home water pressure regulator is entitled to maintain the water pressure between 45 and 60 psi. And, if the shower head drops the water pressure for no genuine cause, the pressure regulator is said to be defective. Repairing it on your own would not help in this case; instead, contact an experienced plumber. Expensive problems in drainage could occur due to improper installation of pressure regulators.

Home water valves

The home water valves, the main control valves of water into your home, are located in the water meter box. Any sudden shut off in those valves will let decrease in water pressure in the showerhead. To fix this problem, find the home water valve and ensure that it is  in ‘on’ status. A slight difference in status will affect the water pressure.

Using showers during peak periods

When the neighbours and family members take showers while going to school or work, the water demand is more, and pressure is low during peak times.

This is because the supply is limited, and there is increased pressure of demand.

Mineral accumulation within pipes

Due to the outdated plumbing system, or old homes, minerals get clogged in the hose and pipes, resulting in lower water pressure. To get it fixed by repairing or replacing, contact an expert plumber and get it done.

Pipe leaks

A fracture or leakage in the pipe also results in lower pressure of water. Water escapes out through the leak points, and less amount of water gets to reach the showerhead. To fix it, either the piping needs to repair, or it needs to be replaced. A professional plumber needs to be contacted for this purpose.


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