How To Hang Christmas Lights Around The Garage Door

Most of the people decorate their house with the light setup during Christmas. Hanging lights at the garage door give a festive mode for the celebration.

For hanging lights, you want perfect clips and hooks. With the help of hooks and clips, you can perform the process easily.

Are you seeking guidance for hanging Christmas lights? I assure you this article will provide you more information about the hanging lights around the garage door.

In this article, you will find out how to hang lights on the garage door.

Here are a few suggestions to perform the process sleekly.

Requirements Needed

  • Measurement of tape
  • Sticking clips
  • Ladder
  • Extension cords for safety
  • Rags
  • Lights for outside use

Don’t nail or staple to hang the lights

To prevent from firing and damaging the light, you can use hooks or clips to hang the lights. The nails or staples ruin the lining near the wiring. Roof clips and gutter are used to hang the light outer in the home.

Vertical Hanging Lights

Purchase the particularly designed hooks or clips to hang the lights vertically on the door. Because of their design, the light cords coil securely in a fixed place. You should not fix hooks or clips straight to the door. You can append with the use of adhesive. Nail clips are more secured.


Hooks and clips will be at a distance of 1 foot. Hang the lights and fix them. Ensure the lights are facing the same path.

Utilize outdoor cords

Ensure all your cords are UL certified and it is designed particularly for outdoors.

Basic suggestions for security at Christmas lights

Assign an assistant to carry the string of lights and hold it untangled. Fix the cord in the clip or hook securely, ensuring that there is no possibility for bulb breakage. Specialists suggest you should not tie more than 3 strings at the end. When the lights do not glow, inspect the strings are united securely.

Do not use a nail in hooks

You should not attach the nails near the garage door. It will destroy the panel and loosely ties the light.

Factors to hang lights on the garage door

  • You should not use staples or nails on the rim.
  • Instead of hooks, you should use clips or hooks.
  • You clip on either side of the door
  • You should not nail anything on the door
  • Finally, enjoy the display
  • Make sure all the lights are plugged safely.
  • Make sure the lights should not touch the working components.

Extra safety measures for hanging the Christmas light

  • You should not perform solo
  • Clip the extension cord
  • Ensure it has 2 strings at the end

How to connect power to lights

These lights will be powered in 2 ways. They are

  • Through battery
  • Connecting a cable to the socket

Insert the Christmas lights

Mostly the lights are inserted into a blank socket and get power using the switch. You should not bother about the battery. It is convenient and easy to handle.

Ensure the outlets are operating perfectly. The connections and cables will be watertight to prevent melting snow. If rain or fog enters your home, the electric circuits will be damaged.

Some people use solar-powered batteries to run. Solar batteries are not as bright as a powered battery. But, it is more secured in the garage door and also difficult to moisture out.

Safety Measures

  • Receive some help – You want one person to retain the untangle lights at ends. So it prevents from destroying the bulb.
  • Examine the light frequently – By this process, you can identify the lights which are not glowing.


Light clip packs are obtainable in various sizes. Buy a pack according to the design and size of the LED light. Always examine the lights and the extension cords for Underwriters Laboratories which means authorized security device.

Always use low-watt LED beams to reduce electrical bills. On the lights only at the time of darkness to prevent electricity wastage.


Always use cords and outdoor lights to prevent safety hazards. Plug cord to the ground for safety.


Hanging lights is a simple process. But you need to pay attention while hanging the lights. For safety, you use hooks and clips to tie the strings.

If you completed the hanging light, make sure that all lights are glowing.

I hope this article can provide you more information about how to hang Christmas lights around a garage door.

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