How To Get Rid Of Squirrel In Yard

If you want to learn how you can keep away the squirrels, the best bet will be excluding and not eliminating. You may also try out the repellent, trapping and habitat modification.

However, the most important thing is to know why you need to keep squirrels away.   The squirrels may look harmless and they will scurry at the outside to feast on the fallen acorns or they will sprawl over the tree limbs in order to reach to the buds and the seeds.

The problem will arise, if the squirrels may invite themselves so that they may partake the spoils of a garden or of the bird feeder.  They may also dig up the lawn looking for nuts or they may burry the food to use afterwards.  They can also enter into the attic or in the crawlspace.

If the squirrels enter in the residential area, they will cause the damage since they gnaw at structure.  They can chew the siding and the under eaves so that they can have the opening for the nests.

Get Rid Of Squirrel In Yard

What it is the best way to repel squirrels?

 If the squirrels are already wrecking havoc in the yard, then you can try different ways of keeping it away.

Getting rid of squirrels by exclusion

You have to make sure that the house cannot be accessed by squirrels.  You should take time to learn and to block all the areas that the squirrels may use to enter into your house.  Check and ensure that there are no squirrels which may rummage in the attic or which may enter into the crawl space.  If you don’t do this, you may run risk of crapping the animals in the crawl space.   When an animal has been trapped, it may cause damage when it tries to escape.

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Change the habitat:

In addition of exclusion, you can also repel squirrel by changing the habitat.  In addition of exclusion, it is possible to chase away the squirrels by making the area inhospitable.  Trim the overhanging branch and limit the access they have to the food.  Cover the water source, when you seal the trash cans, when you rake up all the fallen acorns and placing the bird feeder away of the house. You can also remove any standing water.

You may take something up a little and set the feeding station of the squirrels at the area you want them to stay in.  The animals can congregate in such place and they will not be coming at your garden or home.


If you live at a home with too much forest, then habitat and exclusion will not be that possible.  However,   you may use the squirrels repellent, to get rid of lots of squirrels.  The medicine is made using Fungicide, Capsaicin, irritant which was derived from the chili peppers and the mustard oil.  Such sprays will be used on the plants or the bird seed in the feeders and all other entry area of the home.

The gel based repellent is not recommended since it may prevent the climbing of the branches in some areas but it may also harm animals like birds.

Trapping: at the outdoor, this is where the squirrels do belong.   You can use a trapping method, for the squirrels that have already entered in the resident.  After trapping them, release them outside of the property and use the exclusion method to make sure that such rodent will not enter into the house once again.

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If you can’t stop squirrels on your own, you can call the pest control and they will help you to deal with the problem.   The companies are armed with enough experience and they will start by evaluating the yard and the home, and they will make up the plan which will keep squirrels out of yard completely.

How do I get rid of ground squirrels in my yard?  

The best way to get rid of squirrels is to ensure that they do not come in the yard in the first place.
Plant different types of the squirrel proof flower:   you can find some flowers that the squirrels will keep away from.  Even if the squirrels may not be that picky, you may try to plant the lily of valley, galanthus, hyacinth, geranium, fritillaries and daffodils. These flowers are bright and they do produce the bright color or the strong odor which the squirrels may not be happy with.  You can plant these near the trees or the garden, which can help them in keeping the squirrel damage away.

Using of the strong odor: using the strong odor such as garlic, black pepper or white pepper, will not be pleasant to the squirrels.  This is the same as for the sweet smells like peppermint.  You may spray the flowers and plants using water and you may sprinkle the peppermint or pepper, in order to deter the squirrels.  When you find the yard looks safe, you should reapply whenever it is needed.

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Spray squirrels deterrent

One way to deter squirrels is to use the urine of the predators.  When they do smell the predator in the yard, they will not stick nearby.   You can also use the apple cider vinegar.

What do squirrels hate the most?

Squirrels may be adorable, but they can also cause havoc. If you want to scare away squirrels, you should use the scent that they do not like. Some of these scents are spicy odor, cider vinegar, mothball smell, skunk-like smell and animal urine.

Do coffee grounds keep squirrels away?

Among the common things that can scare squirrels, coffee grounds are among them.  Use the coffee ground on the hibiscus plant so that you may prevent them to become the next meal of the pests.   You can sprinkle the fresh ground at the soil which surrounds the plant and which will keep the squirrels away.  After two weeks, you may add the layer off the ground.  If you are consistent of using the fresh coffee ground, you will succeed in getting rid of red squirrels.  

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