How To Get Dry Erase Marker Off Wall

While my son painted on his bedroom wall, including dry erase markers, I assumed it would nevermore become off. Before, I found this easy trick for erasable wall markers Let me reveal to you how to remove dry erase markers off fences in today’s tutorial.

When C1, our four-year-old, began preschool this year, we wanted to produce a small communication every day in his bedroom to hang his school program, a monthly calendar, and make words of everyday problems.

We created the sizeable magnetic marker board we obtained at Costco that would do the front. The dry erase pens and eraser both had attractions developed into them to be connected immediately to the board whenever they’re not in use. We knew having dry erase labels within range of a four-year-old was extremely risky and, in hindsight, not our usual excellent system!

When we introduced the dry erase marker board, we worked over the controls with C1:

  1. Forever put the covers after on the markers if you’re not using them, so they don’t wipe out.
  2. Follow the markers on the board so we don’t miss them.
  3. Nevermore Always write on anything with the hard erase markers except for the marker board. If we find you’re using them moving surfaces, books, or toys, we’ll get them away. Notwithstanding the warnings, we understood it was hardly a body, of course, before we’d have to conclude excuse a solution for dry erases marker replacement.

Sure adequate, we obtained a marker on the wall in C1’s room inside the first six weeks. Thankfully, it was just a tiny young dry erase marker produce around 4-5 inches long. It seemed more like he’d gotten overly happy drawing on the provisions and inadvertently performed over the case:

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Effortless dry erase marker off walls.


  • Cleaning liquor
  • Cloth balls or cloth swabs
  • A fresh wet rag or washcloth


  1. Put a little amount of cleaning alcohol on a cloth ball.
  2. Carefully clean the rubbing liquor remove dry erase marker from wall. The dry erase marker order magically disappears.
  3. Wash the wall with a clean wet rag or washcloth to eliminate any residue from the rubbing alcohol.

It’s that simple! When the event first happened, I quickly cleaned the spot on the wall with a wet washcloth. It didn’t do anything. We were worried we’d repaint the wall to cover the dry erase marker. Then I learned how we practiced cleaning alcohol to eliminate pink highlighter from fabric last winter, including the thought that strength works. Sure sufficient, the dry erase marker was withdrawn in a flash!.

I only heard this technique on the light golden walls in C1’s bedroom. I don’t understand how it would work on deeper walls. If you try it, note here and let us understand. I did notice a small portion of yellow paint appeared off on the cloth ball, but the wall looks as great as new.

Regrettably, we found an orange dry erase marker on the wall merely a few times later. This time, I practiced a cloth swab sooner than a cloth ball, so it didn’t take as much paint off the wall if I pushed the dry erase marker.

After two strikes, we also excluded all the dry erase markers outward of C1’s bedroom. Education received: Don’t let your 4-year-old performance dry erase markers unsupervised.

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Thankfully, it was just a few words and dots on the wall. It didn’t scribble or bring anything. It additionally didn’t get either dry erase marker on himself or any games or books. However, my Mom holds it against me that I drew stick people all over a brand new steel entry with a strong marker when I was about the same age. She said she understood I was the culprit because all the staff figures had boring heads!


1.What removes dry erase marker?

Mix water of 1/2 a cup Free & Cleared All with enough water to produce a paste. Spread that into the spot and let it rest. Start adding more liquid and pat until the discoloration comes up.

2.How to remove dry erase marker?

Practice any rubbing alcohol to the reverse of the cloth and pat with a paper napkin. The towel should begin receiving the ink from the label. If that doesn’t work, thou can decide Murphy’s Oil detergent instead.

3.How to remove expo marker?

For a long clean, sprinkle EXPO removing whiteboard marker liberally wherever the board is stained, and make it independently suddenly with a soft membrane. Or, try EXPO White Board Care Cleaning Wipes, which combine liquid soap with a comfortable disposable wipe to remove unreasonable points from most maximum whiteboards altogether.


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