How To Drill Into Rock

Pebble art is becoming very popular these days. These days, a lot of people are doing pebble art and getting attracted towards it. Some people really appreciate this act as it also recycles these objects.

They use all types of stones like beach stones, pebbles and sea glasses. Not everyone knows pebble art. Some people even take workshops to learn it. It is definitely not very difficult but one needs to follow all the steps.

How To Drill Into Rock

There are few things which you will require for drilling into stone.

  • Any pebble or beach stone
  • Marker
  • Dremel
  • Small diamond drill
  • Any food container
  • Small diamond drill bit
  • Small piece of wood or rubber
  • Mask
  • Safety goggles
  • An old cloth

Before starting, you need to make sure of selecting the right pebble for drilling through stone. It may not seem very important but it can really make a difference.

Try selecting a solid coloured, thin pebble which has no flecks. Now one can also think that what kind of drill bit they need to use for drilling through rock. The answer to this question depends on your purpose of drilling the pebble.

Tips to ensure your safety while doing this: –

  • Make sure the area around you is clear so that nothing can come in your way.
  • Be extra careful if you are using water near the drill.
  • Make sure that your hands and the area that you are working in stays dry at all times.
  • Do not touch the electrical appliances when your hands are wet.
  • The drill bit should be far from water as it can cause a lot of harm.
  • Ensure that the area in which you are working is properly ventilated and you are wearing your goggles and mask.
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Steps of drilling a hole in a pebble: –

  1. Take a marker and then mark the stone with it where you want the hole to be.
  2. Take a container and fill it up with water then place the piece or wood or rubber into it.
  3. Now keep the stone on top and cover it with water. Choose which drill bit you want to use and connect it to your drill.
  4. You can firstly drill half of the pebble and then turn it over and then continue drilling on the other side. But in case, you want to use this method then you will have to measure the stone first to determine the entrance and exit hole.
  5. You need to take two pieces of cotton for the above method and wrap it around stone.
  6. Mark the point on the stone where both the sides of cotton meet.
  7. It is the ideal method for a stone which is bigger than the length of the drill bit.
  8. Start the drill with a slow speed and your stone should still be in water.
  9. Make a 45-degrees angle and make a cut on the stone with the help of drill.
  • Slowly move the drill in vertical position and continue drilling.
  • Make sure you are using the drill at the slowest speed and applying little pressure.
  • Move the drill bit a little to let some water enter while you are drilling. This step will ensure that the drill and the pebble stay cool as overheating them will spoil them.
  • At no point, your speed should increase as it can damage the drill bit as well as the pebbles.
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What can be made with the drilled pebbles?

You can make a lot of things from the drilled pebbles. You can even make it for gifting purposes.

  • If you are a fan of jewellery then you can make different types of necklaces, bracelets, pendants and earrings with these pebbles.
  • You can make keyrings for your house keys.
  • You can also create hangings for your mobiles.
  • Lamp stands can also be made by drilling into stone.
  • You can make candle holders and gift it to your loved ones.
  • Plant holders are also a good option for this.

You can also carve designs into the pebbles you have drilled. You can make a pendant like this and carve someone’s name. It can be a perfect customised gift option for your loved one.

Rock or pebbles are definitely a very hard substance to drill into but once you learn the right technique, then it will become very easy for you.

You also need the right tools for this as tools play a very important role. In case, you are not sure of the tools, it is a good idea to take the help of someone experienced or even the employee at the store can help you with the right tools.

If you want to know the technique of carving designs or alphabets into pebbles, then you can watch some online tutorials for this as they will explain you in detail about this.

The pebble art is also very attractive and people like to buy different designs. It can also be a great business idea if you know how to do it properly.


There are so many different creative ideas available online. You can explore and be as creative as you can. If you are not confident and new to drilling, then it is a better idea to take the help of someone who is more experienced.

You can also watch some online tutorials to learn the basic drilling. Try to do it on a small piece of pebble or rock first and then move to a bigger piece.

You will definitely impress your loved ones and make them really happy with these kinds of customised gifts. You can also make jewellery for yourself with new ideas and with different types of pebbles.

Different types of pebbles and stones are available in the market in various colours and one can have so many jewellery options as well as options for other things too.

If you are someone who likes to collect pebbles or stones, this will be great for you and once you learn how to make a design on the pebble, you will not have to spend a penny.


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