How To Dispose Of Old Gas

Some people do not believe that the gas may go bad.  After sometime, it will get old, and it will not be effective anymore.   This is why; you may need to throw it away.   However, you should not just throw the gas out. When it comes to dispose of old gas, you have to make sure that   you are using a safe method, for both the people and the planet.  In case you want to dispose the fuel that you do not use, the following are some tips of how to go about it.

Dispose Of Old Gas

Can you dump old gas on the ground?

When you find out that you have old gas that had been sitting around for some months and you are not sure if you can still use it or not: You have to start by putting that gas into a clear container and use another container to compare that gas to the new one.  When the gas has some sour smell and it is darker compared to new gas, it may mean that it is not safe to use anymore.

When the gas stays into the can or tank for some months, it may degrade and it may not be enough, even to start the lawnmower or a car.  If you want to still use it, you may have to mix it with the new gas.

However, there are cases, when the gas will be old and you cannot use it.  When you see that the gas looks rusty or dirt, you should not try to use.  This may end up damaging the fuel system of the game.   However, you should focus more on how you can dispose that old gas in a safer way.

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Regardless of where you live, when you type Gasoline disposal near me, you will get to know the waste center near you, where you can take the old gas to be disposed in safe manner.  You may also call fire department and they can suggest where you can take old gas with you.

When you are aware of the place for gasoline disposal, you should put it into the container and take it with you. There are some containers that have been approved by government to use for gas like plastic gas can.   Get a funnel to put the gas in it and ensure that you are not inhaling the fumes and do not get the gas on the clothing or hands.   You should be careful so that the gas will not spill into the car and when you reach to the location, you may just put the gas in a designated spot and take the gas can back with you.

It is not advisable to dump the bad gasoline wherever you want.  It will contaminate the water and it may cause fire. You have to ensure that you dispose the gas in a safe manner. However, instead of having to learn about disposing of old gas, you can make sure that you do not have old gas from the start.  You will achieve this, if you put fuel stabilizer into the gas, before you can store it, if you know you will not use it, for over a month.

Can I let old gas evaporate?

If you want to get rid of old gas, you can evaporate it. The gas can easily evaporate when you put it into the aluminum pie tin at the outside and wait for some time that it may evaporate.  It will be dangerous when it is in contact with sparks or flame around it.  You should put outside a small quantity and when you finish you should throw the pie tin away, but not to dump it at the ground.

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Dispose Of Old Gas

Can you throw away old gas can?

When it comes to gas disposal, you should not dispose the oil, gas and any other chemical waste in drains, toilets, sinks and sewers.  This condition may cause dangerous conditions within the residential sewers.  It may cause fire or explosion and clean up can cost too much money.

The gas may be dropped off at residential customers without any charge. If you do not want to take it with you, you can place it near the blue box container.  The larger quantities of the waste oil have to be taken to the Household Chemical Waste Depot to ensure safe and proper disposal.

If you use acetylene tanks, they will not be accepted into the Household Chemical Waste facility.  You should return them at the place where you bought them.   You have to drop at least 40 liters at once, if you drop more than this, you will be considered commercial and you will have to pay.

Can you throw away the old gas cans?

If you do not have old gas, but you have empty gasoline cans, you should not worry about if the waste management don’t take my gas, since it is no more than five gallons, it will be placed into the garbage can.  Before you put it into the garbage can, you have to take the lid off for at least 3 days.  If it is empty a metal old gasoline can, you may take it to the scrap metal company.

How long before gas goes bad?  

If you keep gas at home, you may wonder the shelf life of the gasoline and when it will lose the igniting ability or if it can damage the fuel system component.  When the gas is kept into the storage for a long period, it may damage the equipment and it may void the warranty.  The gas will last up to six months, after this, you should not put such old gas in car.  However, depending on the type of the gas you have and what you want to use it for, you can try gasoline recycling when you add new gasoline over it. If you think that it got bad and you have nothing else to use it for, you should take it to a government approved area and you should not throw it into streams, lakes, sewers, drains or trash cans.


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