How To Cut Formica Countertop Already Installed

When your business grows, machines become a part of your business. Because these machines are capable of doing the work with speed and accuracy when compared to humans. Some things are needed in a home setting. In this type of case, you need a Formica countertop already installed to be used for remodelling.

Preparing for the cut

  • Call for a person to help. The other person who is helping will hold the shop-vac-nozzle while you are cutting the countertop.
  • Your blade may lose the sharpness if you hit the screws or staples.
  • It will be best if you use a masking tape before using the countertop.
  • You need to put some more tapes if you are using the circular saw base because it may damage the countertop.

Cutting a Formica countertop

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Using the guides before cutting will help you, especially when you want to make a straight cut. The circular saw will come with a T-shaped guide that will help you to cut. This will help you to get even and smooth cuts.
  • In case if you don’t have a T-shaped guide, then it won’t make the cuts. It would be best if you improvised a guide to making the cuts. You can use a metal ruler or a piece of wood.
  • When you are using an improvised guide, you cannot brace it on both sides. You need to fasten one end of the guide and use duct tape in the other end to make it secure. The circular tape will not hit the duct tape.
  • You need to be more careful and use less force on the guide. If you swerve a little bit, then there is no need to worry because you can clean it by using a sandpaper or belt sander.
  • When you use a circular, saw it would give a clean-cut because it comes with 40 teeth. When you come to the saw blade, a thinner kerf is better than a thick kerf.
  • Adjust the depth of the saw blade and set it around ⅛ so that it will run along the thicker portion of the countertop.
  • Use steady movement and cut slowly. If you want to cut one inch, then cut above ½ inch.
  • If you cannot cut the wall using a circular saw, you can use an electric jigsaw.
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Sanding the edge of a countertop

It is complicated to achieve a perfect cut that is near to the wall. You may slightly cut outside and use a little amount. You can use a belt sander to laminate back to the line. Follow these steps that are mentioned below:

  • Place the belt sander in a downward position. This may cause some problems when you are working primarily on the left side of the countertop. The body of the sander gets away when you are moving towards the wall.
  • Be careful if you are using the belt sander in another way. The laminate will get chipped. The process of the sanding may slow down.
  • To make the work clean, you need to use a rough file. Fitting should be in the downward direction like you used in the sanding process.
  • Use 220 grit sandpaper and run it along with the cut. It will make the cut smooth. This process will help you to remove any amount of chip that is caused during the sanding process.

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