How To Cut A Circle In Wood

Cut A Circle In Wood is a tricky and challenging task. Now you will be wondering that cutting straight is a tricky task, but how can I cut a perfect circle. Don’t worry because, with proper tools and correct methods, you can achieve it. It is not at all an impossible task. Soon you will be able to cut a perfect circle as soon as you finish this article.

There are different methods to do this. Each method has its advantages and drawbacks. Some methods will be more accurate, while others are used to cut the wood quickly without precision. Here in this article, we provide some methods to cut wood in a circular shape. This article will help you to decide which method is best for your task.

How To Cut A Circle In Wood

What is the best tool to cut circles in wood?

There are so many tools to cut circles in wood. Some of them are:

What is the best way to cut a circle in the wood?

There are so many ways to make a circle in the wood. Some of them work with precision, while some others work quickly. But the most accessible and straightforward method is to use a hole saw. All you need to do is to lock your hole saw in a drill or drill press. Now you can start cutting. You can use this hole saw to cut the circles from ¾ inches to 7 inches in diameter.

How do you cut a circle in the wood with a router?

Some steps are to be followed to cut a circle in the wood with a router’s help. Let’s look into them:

Tools needed

  • Sandpaper
  • Drill bits
  • Router


  • Woodblocks
  • Wood glue
  • Plywood


  • Cut the plywood into a circle by using the sub-base of the router.
  • Drill holes in the circle.
  • Screw the jig into the router’s base.
  • Drill pilot holes into the arm of the jig.
  • Now cut a circle.
  • Drill holes into the woodblock.
  • Sand the dowels.
  • Apply wood glue.
  • Lay the dowels on the side of the router.
  • Cut an arch or a circle.

How do you cut a circle in wood with a jigsaw?

Mark a line on the bottom face of the base parallel to the edge and aligned with the blade teeth. Measure from the inside edge of the blade and mark your desired radius along the line. Drill a hole for a finish nail at this point and the CenterPoint of the circle on your workpiece.

Cutting a circular hole Vs. cutting a wooden circle – Circle cutting wood

Before going through the article, keep in mind that some methods are for creating a wooden circle, while others are for cutting a circular hole. If you are building cornhole boards, you want to make a circular hole. If you want to make a wooden circle, you want to keep the circular-cut intact.

Now let’s learn how to cut a circle in the wood.

Tool for cutting circles in wood

These are the tools and methods used to cut circles in the wood.

Cutting a circle in the wood using a hole saw – Cut perfect circles

Using a hole saw to cut the circles in the wood is the easiest way. All you need to do is lock your hole saw into a drill press or a drill and start cutting circles on the wood. You can make circles from ¾ inches to 7 inches. If you are making cornhole boards, then you will need a six inches hole saw.


These are easy to use, but still, they come with some disadvantages.


If you are cutting using a hole saw, then use only moderate pressure. You also need to pull the hole saw up every few seconds to make the sawdust escape from the wooden surface. If you don’t remove the sawdust, then the hole saw may be overheated and does not work. If you notice any scorch marks on the wooden surface, it means that the hole saw is getting hot.

Blow out

The front side of the hole saw works perfectly. What about its backside? If you do not take proper precautions, there are high chances of getting blown out due to the pressure created. Clamp a piece of wood underneath to prevent blowout.

Limited depth

If you are using a hole saw to cut circles, you will be limited to its depth. But here is a trick for you. First, cut the hole on one side of the wood. Whenever you see the bottom of the wood, then reverse the drill and take it back. Now insert a standard drill and make a hole in the center of the cut. Drill up to the back of the board. Now take the hole saw and align it with the hole you made now. The saw will meet in the middle of the board. This will give you two clean cuts.

Cutting a hole with an adjustable circle cutter drill bit – Circle drill bit

If you cannot find the correct sized hole saw for your work, you can use a circle cutter drill bit. The adjustable circle cutter drill bit looks like a compass we use to draw the circles, but this adjustable circle cutter drill bit comes with a very sharp blade instead of a pencil you use in the compass.

You can’t use this circle cutter drill bit with a handheld drill. It would be best if you used a drill press. This circular cutter is asymmetrical and spins off balance. This will make the handheld drill lose control quickly, and sometimes it leads to dangerous accidents also. We are not saying that the drill press is also safe. If you use the drill press at 500 RPM, then it will be safe.

The benefit of using a circular saw is that the blade can make a curved cut edge. If you want to make wooden wheels for toys, then it is the tool you need to use.

Cutting a circle in wood with a jigsaw – Saw that cut circles

This is also another tool to make perfect cuts in the wood. This tool is known to make tight cuts and fancy curves. There are different ways to make holes using a jigsaw. Some are for immediate circles, and others are for making quality cuts.

Draw the circle

First, measure and draw the circle on the surface of the material you need to cut. The easiest way to do it is to use a beam compass. Just lock the radius of the circle and place the point and then draw. An alternative way for a beam compass is to use a string tied with a pencil or a nail. But it is a difficult task to get a perfect shape.

Freehand cut with a jigsaw – Circles wood

If you don’t want to get a perfect shape, you can try freehand cutting using a jigsaw. When cutting a circle, you need to start with the edge of the board. Make sure to cut at the outside of the edge. Now sand down until you get the exact diameter. If you are making multiples of the same size, then stack them and sand all at once.

To cut the circular hole on the board, you need to make a small hole with the jigsaw. Use a drill bit to make a close cut inside the circle. Now insert the jigsaw blade into the hole and cut the circle. Now sand the edges until you get a perfect size.

Using a jigsaw circle cutting jig – Wood circle cutter

If you need more accurate cuts, then you can use a circle cutting jig for your jigsaw. This jig turns on a CenterPoint along with the cut. You can buy this if you want to make a large number of circles. If you don’t cut a lot of circles, then it is not worth buying it. If you are used to making fewer cuts, then you can probably make one.

First, take a thin strip of wood like a ½ inches plywood, about five to six inches wide. Attach your saw at one end. At the other end, attach it with a nail.

Note: If you use this jig for cuts, you will get accurate cuts, but the edges will be somewhat ragged. You may think that you are doing something wrong. It comes like this because it is the nature of the jigsaw. If you want a perfect circle with clean edges, then you need to use a router.

Cutting a circle in a plank of wood using a router – Circle cutting wood

If you do all the steps correctly, you will get accurate results with a router. The router will provide you the most accurate circle with clean cuts. To make circles with a router, you need to use a guide called a trammel.

You can buy a trammel if you are cutting a lot of circles. If you are cutting the circles, you can make a trammel for yourself by searching online.

Cutting a circle in a plank of wood by using a table saw – Cut perfect circles. 

If you want more advanced methods, then you can cut circles by using a table saw. You all know that the table saw is not to cut circles on the wood. But you can use another jig to make circles on the wood.

The jig you use to make cuts with the table saw is the exact opposite of what we have used above. Instead of moving the jig on the wooden surface, this jig allows you to spin on the wooden surface. First, you need to make some long passes to cut the squares along the surface’s edges. Soon your edges will become smaller, and at last, you will finish it by spinning the wood on the blade’s surface. This will give you a perfect circle.

Cutting a circle in a plank of wood using a band saw – Saw that cut circles. 

Cutting a circle in the wood using a band saw is similar to the table saw method. But before starting to cut with a band saw, you need to check all the settings are correct. Your cuts depend on your perfect measurements. It also depends on things like tension, blade, guide blocks, and bearings. All these things will help you to get accurate cuts.


With all these methods provided above, cutting a circle is not anymore a difficult task. No matter what tools are present in your workshop or garage, you can deal with the cuts accurately. Some people prefer one method while some others prefer other methods. Every method will work for you.




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