How To Convert Coax Cable to HDMI

If you buy a new TV today, there is a lower chance that it comes with a coax cable. Today’s TV with USB, HDMI, or component connectors. You can find coax cable if you have some old TV in your home that comes with the older coax cable or satellite box. Some of you may think that coax cable is an old fashion. But actually, it is very usable. It can be used to have an antenna or old game console in your home or an old VHS player. There are many options that can be usable with older things and make them important. To make usable the coax cable, sometimes it is best to convert it into HDMI. So, today in this article, we are going to tell you how to convert coax cable to HDMI.

Different Connection Types Of AV

Maybe some of you think that why we need to know about the types of AV that are Coax, HDMI, or SCART in this article. But before you proceed to our topic, which is the conversion of coax cable to HDMI, it is best to understand some detailed information about them. Although, in old times as a default output system, Coax was very famous. But in present days, they are fully replaceable by HDMI or SCART. I recent days, many satellites and cables come with the Coax, HDMI, and SCART mixture. Some cable is also made with pure coax.

Coax Connections

This coax cable is invented in the old 19th century by the mean of carrying radio signals. The core material of this cable is copper and which is covered by two-layer. One is insulation, and another is shielding. Before the HDMI coming, coax is used in many things except the radio connection. It is used in telegraphy and then TV and then even on the broadband. The idea behind making this coax cable is to transfer analog signals to avoid maximum interference. Although new technologies like fibers and others come with faster transmission speed, they are replaced by them.

Although coax is insulated, sometimes the data got interrupted in longer distances. And that is the problem. Coax is famous in its time because of its superior capability than anything else, easy to use, durability, and lower cost. However, fiber is faster than its and carries a lot more than its. But the fiber cables need a higher maintenance system, which it does not require.

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HDMI Connections

HDMI or the High -Definition Multimedia Interface is the one cable that replaces the coax cables in the home recently. Japanese TV manufacturers invent HDMI cables to create more picture quality and exceptional work well. It carries the signals between two devices with the maximum amount of data with high definition and broadcasts the ultra high definition data. This can also transfer the audio data.

It is fully a digital connection that does not need the frequencies to repeat for a longer distance. This cable has the ability that the same size as this cable can transfer more high-definition data with more speeds. When the correct configuration is used for this data, there is nearly zero amount of interference occurs. It is recently very famous for all these beneficial roles in households with a lot of cable and wi-fi broadband connections.

How To Convert Coax Cable to HDMI

Reasons Why You Want To Convert Coax Cable To HDMI

It is very easier to say that why someone wants to convert the coax cable to an HDMI. As HDMI is the most advantageous, give your more good quality pictures and audio, don’t interrupt, in the signal frequencies, and others. We included some of its beneficial roles below.

Good Signal Quality. Instead of a coax cable that offers you 1080p or 720p, HDMI can offer more than 1080p with the Ultra-High-Speed variety that can go upper to 10k resolution. So, if you do not convert the coax cable to HDMI, you will miss the high-resolution picture quality experience.


Easily Usable. Although coax cable is also easier to use for its small size, the HDMI is also that. And one benefit for HDMI in this category it will pass the audio along with the picture. Thus, one HDMI is far better than multiple coax cables.


Easy Cable Management. A single HDMI cable works the same as the 11 coax cable. This is because a single HDMI cable can connect to many devices like TV, DVD players, TV boxes, and any host used as an audio and video receiver.

How To Choose Right Coax to HDMI Adapter

There are many ways available to convert your coax cable to HDMI. But this also depends on which materials you are going to use the cable. The methods are best one from another but depending on the devices used. So, it is important to understand the devices depending on the device you use. Let’s know about the right type of HDMI adapters for your device.

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1. OTA or Over The Air to HDMI Converters

If you have outdoors or indoors antennas for your TV system and the cable is coax or no coax, you need to use OTA to HDMI adapters to covert the HDMI. It is not very costly, depending on the major conversation components required in cable TVs. You can find it anywhere between the cost of $30-$50.

2. Cable or Satellite TV Box Coax to HDMI Converters

If your cable or satellite provider provides you the coax cable, it is very complicated to change the output to HDMI. If your provider dont give you the HDMI or SCART cable connection, your connection is over 25 years. And now it is difficult to change it on the HDMI one. Besides, if this coax cable works fine for you, you dont need to change it. Because your cable operator may take a lot of money to upgrade your cables, it may not be the best option for you.

The satellite or box coax to HDMI converters may need up to $100. As a coax cable give you the radio frequencies signals. Therefore, you just need to upgrade the cable in decryption technology too. That’s why this type of cable converter is hard to find as it can not fulfill all the features of your previous cables. Although if it is very urgent for your conversion, you can look for the cable TV coax demodulator to the HDMI converter.

3. Old Game Console or VCR to HDMI Converters

This one is also hard to find. As old game consoles or VCRs do not come with HDMI outputs. But if you need them to convert into HDMI, you can use an RCA or NTSC coax-to-HDMI converter. But you also have to convert the demodulator for the conversion of RF signal in the HDMI one. Also, the expansion is the same here, $100 plus the converters price that is needed.

coax to hdmi converter

How To Convert Coax Cable to HDMI

As we finish discussing all the important things about coax cable and HDMI cable and different connections, now it is time to focus on our article’s main point: converting coax cable to HDMI. So, to update your coax cable into HDMI, follow the steps given below.

  1. First, get the hardware to convert the connection that is right for you.
  2. Then, plug your source’s coax into the “Coax In” connection section on the converter connection.
  3. Next, on your converter into the “HDMI Out” section, insert the HDMI cable.
  4. After that, connect the other side of the HDMI cable with your HDTV.
  5. Then, turn on both the device – source and the TV.
  6. Now, to receive the coax signal set the converter box in channel 3 or channel 4.
  7. After that, set your TV for the correct HDMI input.
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That’s it. You are done. If you also use the OTA antenna coax to HDMI converter or a cable or satellite TV demodulator to HDMI converter, the process is always the same. So, now enjoy your viewing by the HDMI connector.


Questions Asked by You

A. How do I connect the coax antenna to HDMI?

To convert the coax antenna to the HDMI connectors, you have to use the OTA/or Over The Air to HDMI adapters. The conversion costs nearly $30-$40; that s not so much.

B. Can I connect coaxial cable to HDTV?

Although recent high-definition TVs don’t come with coax cables, but they can be usable. An HDTV that is high-definition TV is capable of connecting the coaxial cable. So, if you need it, you can connect it with the cable operator.

C.  How do I connect coaxial cable to TV without input?

You can do it by using the coaxial converter box. Follow the method given below to connect the coaxial cable to the TV without input.

  1. In the converter box, find the coaxial connection and then attach the coaxial cable to it.
  2. Then, get the RCA cable to listen to audio. In the connector, the device puts the RCA cable on the RCA ports.
  3. The other port is the video connector attach to the applicable port of your TV.
  4. Power on your TV and choose the video option. That’s it.



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