How To Clean Glass Shower Doors

Everyone loves to have a good looking glass door in his bathroom. It will bring a sophistication touch to the home.  However, such lovely cabins which had designed to bring out enjoyment, they may transform it into a smelly and dirty place as the time passes.  Even if there may be few reasons that cause these problems, the culprits are soap and hard water.  They will start to accumulate on a glass shower screen if they are not cleaned.  If the problem is not dealt with, then it may lead to permanent damage.

Sometime everything you may try out to cleaning the glass, they may be useless. Some people who try cleaning shower doors, they may try harsh solution like ammonia and bleach.   However, you don’t have to worry because there are many healthy solutions that you can use without putting yourself at risk.

What caused the stains: before you start to clean shower glass, you have to understand the reason why the glass are dirty.  The first reason can be hard water. Contrary to soft water, the hard water does contain dissolved minerals, mostly magnesium and calcium with lime and chalk.   When the minerals get in touch of soap scum, they will cause the occurrence of the stains on the shower doors. In order to avoid such inconvenience, you need to clean the glass door of the shower cabin regularly.

Soap scum:  the soap scum is waxy and it contains the soap particles, minerals and calcium stearte.  Each one will react with another and this will result in the occurrence of the water insoluble stain at the glass shower door.

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Clean Glass Shower Doors

What it is the best cleaner for glass shower doors?

 However, even if this takes place, the solution will not be getting the new shower door.  You can try out glass cleaner shower since it is less expensive and most convenient way of getting rid of the scum.  You should also be careful so that you can avoid future build up.

Even if you use the best cleaner for glass shower doors, you will still need to do a quick final rinse at once.  Even with this final rinsing since you will still be using hard water, it will leave behind watermarks and soap scum with some particles of the limescale at the glass while drying.  To deal with this problem, you will need to use the squeegee.  You may be using it in cleaning of the windshield.  If you do not have it, you may   buy it since it is cheap.  You can use the squeegee to get rid of extra water when you rinse the door.

How do you get hard water stains off the glass shower doors?

If you want to learn about the best way to clean glass shower doors, you should start by knowing about the right supplies which you can use to achieve to the results you want.  You will need to get newspapers, microfiber towel, paper towel and squeegee, scrub sponge, glass cleaner and spray bottle. For best shower glass cleaner, you should get one of the rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree, vodka, peppermint, ammonia, lemon, soap, baking soda and white vinegar.

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What it is the best way to clean shower glass?

The best time of using glass shower doors cleaner, is after taking showering with hot water. The humidity and warmth will make the removing of the scum convenient.  If you are not showering, you can run hot water so that you can produce the steam into a shower cabin.  Pour the type of the cleaner you want to use into the spray bottle and spray it over the glass.  You can also dunk the sponge into the solution and then rub it at a shower door.

How do I clean cloudy shower glass?   

The best way to clean shower doors is to learn about the right solution to use.   The use of white vinegar to clean the shower doors is practical and inexpensive way.  It keeps the shower clean, while it does not put the family at any danger.

Dish soap and vinegar: add the same amount of white vinegar and soap. Pour a mixture in the handheld sponge dispenser and then clean the door of the shower cabin.

Water and baking soda: put the half cup baking soda over the cloth and then wipe the shower after damping it for some time. When the baking soda gets into the contact with the water, you get the best scrub. Rinse the water off using warm water and you will not only get a sparkling door but it will also smell good.  For good effect, you may rinse the glass using lemon juice and white vinegar.

Vinegar and baking soda: if you are cleaning glass shower doors with vinegar and baking soda, you should start by making the paste  of white vinegar and baking soda, using a half cup of each.  Wipe the door using the paste and wait for around 15 minutes using a paper and cloth towel.

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Salt, baking soda and vinegar:   put the vinegar in a spray bottle; afterwards spread salt and baking soda paste over a glass using a wet sponge. You can then rinse the glass door.

Water and lemon juice:  because citric acid has cleaning properties, the lemon juice is the best when it comes to cleaning of the shower.  Lemon also smells good. Make a juice of three lemons.  You should mix it with the distilled water. Put that mixture in a spray bottle and shake it in order to mix this liquid well.   You can then spray it to a shower door.  You can wipe a glass with the dry microfiber cloth when you have waited for five minutes.

Water and ammonia:  this is known as the best shower door cleaner.  You should spray it at the glass and get rid of the ugly streaks.  Mix a small amount of ammonia with the warm distilled water. Put it into the spray bottle.  Wash the door using this spray, and use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the mix away.    


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