How to Clean Car Windows

You need to follow these instructions if you want to clean car windshields, the interior car glass and clear it of the fingerprints, smudges, and dust that is caused by your dashboard and even seats.

Tools needed-

  • Microfiber cloths
  • A reaching tool with a curved head, which is an optional tool.

Materials required-

Interior glass cleaner-

The inside of a car’s windshields and windows should be thoroughly cleaned just as outside, especially if your windshields and windows fog up more often. For such a thorough cleaning, it requires some simple few steps-

  • Dry-wipe-

Take a dry, reversible cloth. The cloth should have a thick cleaning side as well as a fine drying side. In an up-and-down motion, starting from top to bottom, wipe the interior car windows.

Paper towels can also be used, but microfiber cloths are preferred as they do not leave unwanted fibres on the glass.

This dry wiping helps to get rid of the coating of dirt and dust particles that is almost invisible and gets accumulated on the inside of the car’s plastic, vinyl, and rubber.

  • Add Cleaner

The next step is to spray the cleaning solution on another microfiber cloth.

It is advisable not to spray the cleaning solution directly onto the glass. Only a few of the spritzes will be sufficient to do the cleaning process. Too much cleaning solution will make the glass blurred. You need to choose such a cleaning solution that is designed for interior cleaning, and to avoid exposure to chemicals like Ammonia while inside your car, such as Meguiar’s Perfect Glass. 

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Apart from this, you have the option to make your own DIY glass car windshield cleaner. Take equal parts of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol. Mix it well and then add a capful of white vinegar. The solution is ready.

  • Wipe on Cleaner

Take the micro-fibre cloth that is dampened with the cleaner, and rub it in a circular motion, starting from top to bottom.

There are some areas like the lower corners of the windshields that are hard and challenging to reach for cleaning purposes. For this purpose, a curved head reaching tool such as the Xindell extended tool of 14-½ inches reach, which is ideal. As already mentioned, this tool is completely optional.

  • Dry Glass

The glass needs to be wiped with the microfiber cloth with its other side or may even use a fresh one so that streaks could be prevented on the glass.

You may repeat the necessary steps until the glass starts shining and sparkling.

Clean Car Windows

What is the best thing to clean car windows with?

To get the best results after cleaning, you will require the following things listed below-

  • Glass Cleaner that is recommended for car cleaning
  • White Vinegar
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Spray bottle
  • Distilled water
  • Soft microfiber cloth

What is the best way to clean car windows without streaks?

You need to follow these instructions to clean inside of windshield without streaks-

  • Take two cups of distilled water and fill a spray bottle with it.
  • Take a surgical towel or a microfiber car window cleaner cloth.
  • Spray a little quantity of glass cleaner on the cloth and the towel.
  • Wipe down the interior glass of the car, taking one window at a time. 
  • If necessary, spray more cleaning solution on the cloth.
  • After cleaning, polish the surface of the interior.
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Can you use Windex on car windows? 

The answer to this question is Yes. You can use Windex on the car windshield and this will help as inside windshield cleaner. 

What household products you can use to clean car windows?

You can clean inside car window and windshield using baking soda, dish soap, and vinegar, which are all common home goods that can act as the best windshield cleaner for inside car.


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