How To Clean A Bowling Ball With Dawn  

When you find that there is oil around the bowling ball, it will be the right time to clean it.  You have to learn about how you can clean the bowling ball and how you may maintain it.

If you use the bowling ball often, then you should learn about cleaning a bowling ball.  If you do poor maintenance, it can affect the results you get from the bowling ball.  After playing at least ten games, you will feel that the game is not responding at it should.

When dirty and oil build up over the ball, it will interfere with the integrity of the ball. It will be hard to grip at it and to roll it down the lanes.  The bowling ball surface will look porous and the grime will be plugged out of the microscopic holes.

The ball may fail to generate the power and it will be hard to make impact with pines. In addition of collecting the dust, the oil also found from the lane conditioner will be transferred on a ball.

Clean A Bowling Ball

The lane conditioner is important because it will protect the surface of the lane while it helps to achieve the highest ball performance.  However, the excess will get embedded into the bowling ball and it can lose the hooking ability.

It is not cheap to own a bowling ball.  The best bowling bowl should be used for at least 10 years.  This is why you need to take care of this investment.  Since it is a personal item, it is possible to clean the ball on your own or you can take to the shop.  If you know about homemade bowling ball polish,   you can clean the ball on your own and save some money.

If you have Dawn dishwashing soap, you can use it to deep clean the bowling ball. Even if other dish soap may help out, many people prefer Dawn as a bowling ball cleaner.  Dawn is based on a gentle formula but at the same time, it can get rid of the saturated oil from the surface of the ball.

Add a quarter of a cup of the Dawn liquid with ammonia. You can then mix everything in the warm water.  With some bowling balls, their color may end up bleeding within the cleaning solution.  You should check the soaked ball after each five minutes. When you notice the change, you have to remove the ball. Even if the color cannot affect the integrity of the ball, some people will not be happy when they have a discolored or faded ball.  If you don’t have a problem with discoloring, you can wait for 20 minutes for full bowling ball detox. 

What household items can you use to clean a bowling ball?  

As you continue to bowl, the reactive resin material will absorb the oil and it will affect the reaction.   Whenever you notice the oil, you should wipe away the oil using the microfiber applicator or microfiber cloth.  You should spin the ball on the area where the oil is found and then spin it at the opposite hand.

If you want to know more about the best way to clean bowling ball, you should start by learning about how to make your own homemade bowling ball cleaner. You can mix water, rubbing alcohol and simple green.  Mix the equal parts of the spray bottle and shake to mix everything. Clean the ball through squirting the bowling all cleaner over the surface and to clean it well to remove oil from bowling ball.

How do you rejuvenate a bowling ball at home?  

If you own a bowling bowl, you may have spent enough money and buying a new one may be out of question. This is why you should learn how to rejuvenate the ball from your home.  You can use sanding agent, water, towel with polishing pads, cleaner, polish and compound, with a bowling spinner.

Does rubbing alcohol damage bowling balls?

If you don’t have diy bowling ball cleaner, you should try rubbing alcohol. The cleaner expert suggests that you only rub the alcohol over the ball.  It is not advised to soak the ball in the tub filed with alcohol.  You can add the alcohol in the microfiber towel or cleaning cloth and wipe it down.   You can mix it without water with one to one ration and add it in the spray bottle.  You should follow each step with the cleaning cloth. However, you have to be careful when it comes to rubbing the alcohol. This is because it may enter into the pores of the ball and it can dry it.  However, you should not worry if the ball is made from plastic or urethane.  You can also wipe the ball after each shot. This will limit the diseases that may spread with the ball and it will reduce the lane oil that may accumulate over the ball.

What it is the best bowling ball cleaner?

Baking a bowling ball is the process of extracting oil from a shell of a ball. A reactive resin which will be used like coverstocks it will be absorbing the oil after sometime. However with the world baking, it can be misleading at certain level. This is because there are many methods that will be used such as ultrasonic, chemicals or water.

Hot water bath:  using hot water does not require anything extra.  It is simple but it requires the commitment of a long period.

Using of dishwasher: if the tap water is hot, then it will not be helpful, you should use it with water of low temperature

Hair dryer method:  the hair dryer is another method that can be used, but it is somehow risky.  You need to be careful so that it can be done right.  You heat up the ball shell using a hair dry for bowling ball oil extraction.

Hot car: you can leave the ball into a hot car and it will leak extra oil on its own.

Bake in the oven: even if this is the worst method when it comes to rid the oil away of the ball, it is the option that many people try out.  If you use this method, you have to be careful and check up the ball throughout the process.

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