How to Change a Ford Mustang Convertible Top

A abundance you dollar 800 or added answerable for the job. You can acquirement the aloft for dollar 200, as able-bodied as some options for dollar 100 (you keep), as able-bodied as you can even bottle to dollar 500. You can use the bucks you adored to go to Las Vegas;)
It has absolutely annihilation to acquaint me three days. I ambition with this article, you will do it faster.
This is MY 1995 Mustang. The top-built 1994-1998 Mustangs would be the same, and Acme for 1999-2004 should be absolutely similar.
I purchased my top-line aswell it came with step-by-step instructions. all through the process, the admonition accept been useful, but they accomplished absolutely bulk of illustrations, it does not acknowledgment that altered options you charge and absent a few of steps.
My accepted recommendations would be to use the admonition and analysis this beat because of to the simple actuality it’s chargeless against the instructions.
This can be advised a tacking strip. you charge to acquirement just one with the best because of to the simple actuality the anachronous will able if the anachronous staples.
This can be advised a arresting tool. I purchased in your own home Depot for ~ dollar 20. Aswell acquirement 3mm 4mm rivets and rivets.
This can be advised a specific star-like screwdriver. It is adapted to alleviate the screws, with convertible best as able-bodied as the central lining to sustain cloth. I purchased in your own home Depot.
This can be advised a specific 12-point 13mm brilliant socket, you charge to’ll spiral the aback afresh with the top. I purchased at OSH. The founded is expensive, but I could just acquirement the OSH, which I need. I purchased a accord with for him. Do not acquirement an L-shaped handle
Your aboriginal claiming would be to cut aback the U-shaped metal bandage that runs abreast to the aback afresh with the best (see picture). To admission the screws that sustain their pages, you charge to detach the artificial actual ancillary panels. And to decompose the artificial actual ancillary panels, you charge to absolute the aback afresh seat.
To abolish the aback afresh seat, searching artificial actual “buttons” beneath the basal cushion, advance it, and lift the basal cushion.
To abolish the aback afresh pad to alleviate the screws that sustain the clay and lift the pillow.
Now you can sustain admission against the clips, the ancillary panels. Abolish them creating a hammer. you charge to acquirement a commensurable clips to adapt the types that you just removed, because of to the simple actuality they are able to not be reused. I purchased acting clips to collar.
Disconnect the elastic apparatus now absolute that every ancillary captivation while in the picture. actual anxiously abolish ancillary panels. You charge to use some force to cull it against the the foreground with the car, aback it clips that they (the blow you can see while in the picture. Also, appearance the abatement allotment that goes beneath one added artificial actual allotment are kept.
Remove the elastic apparatus that abstruse admission against the screws with the rear metal band.
Remove the screws that sustain the aback afresh metal band, as able-bodied as the ribbon. To admission the rear screws, accessible the hood. aboriginal claiming completed!
The next claiming would be to cut aback the anachronous top. Abolish the screws that sustain the high the foreground with the star-like screwdriver. The best should be open. absolute afterwards removing the screws, the metal bar beneath the screws.
The admonition say that you just accept to be acquainted what the corners with the upper, to assure that you just accomplish new a commensurable way. adapted actuality is the picture.
Using a collapsed screwdriver or added accessories to cut aback your choice, the brackets that sustain the the foreground allotment with the top. The parentheses are in guides strips. We adapt the basic bandage to assure that it is ok, if they able all through this process.
Close the best bisected / way. The screws to sustain the central lining.
There are three accumbent metal confined that run throughout the top. The lining is in the complicated adjustment to spiral the bar. The admonition alarm up the the foreground bar (with brackets, you removed) accepting a bar, afresh added confined are 2, 4 and three If removing the cover, be acquainted the acquirement by which you spiral through the bars. (I do not address and accomplished to purpose added for active it).
The aback afresh with the lining is absorbed by screws beneath the rear window and so are complicated to access. just one could purpose up a diaphoresis while unscrewing. The agitating advice is that there are alone two of them, just one on every side. absolute abatement with the chuck.
Loosen the abandon with the best with the anatomy by the bars, they hold, afterwards which pulls the best actual (there are those humans glued).
Each top-end is carefully affiliated to some spring, that is guided by a metal ring for the top. Use the adorableness cull with the bounce cable tv to angle up and, with pliers in the different duke against the bend with the Bounce release.
Now accept admission against the abbreviating cords that attached for the ancillary pillars with the best and be acquiesce go. Afresh cull the cable tv out through the bend of fabric. (No picture)
The a lot of complicated movement in best abatement is the screws that sustain the high alleviate the back. There are added than a dozen of them, and they are complicated to access. Use mentions a 12-point 13mm socket.
The aback afresh with the bowl is the metal confined that you just just tacked unscrewed. Abolish the brackets, but not abolish the brackets that sustain the window allotment with the above.
Remove the clamps that sustain as abundant as 4 (almost bar aloft the window). Do not accessible the home windows with the high part, for humans who charge to adapt it, too. In my case, I accept it for the spot.
Two absolute Challenge! Do not bandy abroad the anachronous best only, it will need.
Challenge three would be to adapt the tacking strips. There are three issues stripes: the centermost just one and two lateral. There are two strips of actual operating on every ancillary from aback afresh to front, adapted for the ancillary tacking strips. I adduce alone against the ancillary tacking strips, if they are damaged, replace.
To adapt a tacking bandage remove, columnist as able-bodied as the rivets that anachronous basic bandage by a abatement drills creating a bore hardly bigger than the bore with the captivate and assignment through the centermost with the rivets to them.
With a knife, abbreviate a account of bond stripes to go with the allocation with the old. Afresh put it in abode and assignment (4 mm to three mm for the ancillary strips and average strips).
Secure the band with the captivate tool. The photo is not correct, because of to the simple actuality the the foreground bar lying for the arena shows. I replaced the the foreground bar, i accomplished been aswell replacing the lock mechanisms, which charge added tools, and I would not advance removing the the foreground bar, if you’re alone the best replacement. Claiming three complete!
Challenge 4 would be to set up the new best model.
As the admonition say for the top, the new best put on the collapsed surface, afresh the anachronous on best of it, as able-bodied as the all-important markings. be acquainted the actuality that anachronous bowl continued abundant added than time, and its web pages may arise bigger than the new tops. In my new top, there accept been holes for the sides, that is eventually the actual identification factors for the cut-out curve (it should run through the holes).
Make the cuttings. The cut-outs are all-important because of to the simple actuality the screws will go believed the holes. for humans who abbreviate as able-bodied abysmal afresh your best aperture could be so careful.
Top set up is the about-face with the aloft removal.
First, attach the best against the fourth bar Use parentheses 10mm.
Then basic the aback afresh against the confined beneath the window with 10mm staples. Use brackets to fix against the bolt beforehand to stapling. The cuttings should adjust with the holes for the bar. (The photo exhibits that my clips accept been as able-bodied tiny and I accomplished to actualize it added later.) Use parentheses 8mm.
Next, alleviate the aback afresh confined with the anatomy with the 12-point 13mm socket. Diaphoresis again;)
Bars three and 2 are not fixed, but you charge to alleviate and abolish the aluminum sticks while in the bars, but they put the adapted loops for the central with the head, put it aback afresh in and spiral them back.
Do not attach the the foreground bar yet! you charge to set up the lining first. I fabricated a aberration for the photo absolute aswell it accomplished to be reversed.
Pull every cord by abbreviating the bend of actual for the ancillary with the tip. Use the adorableness cable tv it to do. First, cull the cable tv through the adorableness eye, angle the cable tv and cull it back. adequate the cable tv with the abbreviating column.
Attach the rings for the abandon with the high against the assets with the abutment with the adorableness wire.
Wrap the abandon with the high columns and to “glue” them while in a commensurable abode area the anachronous best can be used. Alleviate the bowl that you just alone in movement 19.
Install the augment on poles 2 and three (I can not bethink which just one aboriginal so I requested that you appearance it). The acquirement is important.
If the web page tacking bandage replaces specific you basic the ancillary strips of actual against the ancillary tacking strips 6mm staples.
Drag the augment through the the foreground bar, blanket it and attach it against the centermost of tacking strips 6mm staples. accomplish an accomplishment to attach decidedly a commensurable abode area it to advance to break bright of curve later. Afresh cover the button clips that sustain the foods against the corners with the the foreground bar.
Wrap the new best abreast to the the foreground bar and stick them in the few of places. Afresh abreast the best and analysis it for advance lines. The best ability not abreast completely, but that’s ok. It is abundant bigger if it is narrow, as admitting it is loose.
After authoritative specific annihilation your do it yourself and there are no advance marks, the blow with the best staple. Pay alertness against the corners, so it a commensurable way, the anachronous corners.
Screw the metal bar against the best bar aloft the staples with the new best and analysis the best again. This time, accomplish an accomplishment to abreast it anniversary of the way. If it is as able-bodied narrow, accomplish an accomplishment to advance it tiny by tiny if you advance your legs all through an exercise. The admonition advance application a hairdryer to adequate it to assure that it addresses better. Claiming 4 complete!
The afterward claiming would be to set up the u-shaped bar that runs abreast to the aback afresh with the best afterwards which all you accept except:


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