How To Build A Wall

An interior wall is an important building block for the architecture of indoor of the home. The interior wall keeps people private, it is sequesters of cooling or heating, it defines the space and it dampens the sound.  Used in the right way, the interior wall will transform the big room in smaller rooms and they can make the closet out of an empty space.

The basics of the interior walls:

The walls can be non-load bearing or load bearing.  The load bearing walls will carry their weight and the weight of the materials found over it, the non load bearing walls will carry their weight only.

Most of the time, interior wall will be no load bearing.  The interior walls will be used to divide the rooms and to create the small space like powder rooms, pantries and closets.

System of an interior wall structure:  bottom plate uses a horizontal bottom plate which is made up with 2×4 and it rests over the floor.

Top plate:  this is a horizontal top plate which is 2×4 and it connects the top of vertical studs over up to the ceiling

Studs:  it is a vertical of 2x4studes which are spaced off by 16 inches and at the center

Dry wall: drywall will be fastened at the front or at the back of wall system.

If the house is a new house or it is a new addition, then interior wall framing will start at the floor.  They will be tilted up and then fastened at the place. However, if the house has already been built, it will be hard to tilt the wall in the place.  So that the tilt can be completed, a wall has to be shorter compared to a space where it will fill.

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The bottom plate will be attached over a solid place.  The next step is attaching a top plate to a ceiling and to attach it at a bottom plate. The studs should be measured, each one after the other, and they can be toe nailed in their place.

To finish up a wall, a drywall should be put over the studs.  Seams and screws should be filled into the drywall compound.

Even if you want to build the inside wall, you should know that most municipalities will require you to get a building a permit for it. The interior wall should also follow the code and the studs should be spaced with at least 16 inches.

How To Build A Wall

How do you build a proper wall?

If you are remodeling the house, you may have to build or to relocate different interior walls. When you build a wall, it can be easy and you will need only basic tools and skills as far as it is a non bearing wall.  According to the nature of an existing tool, ceiling and walls, you will need to peel off the surface material and it will offer secure attachment at its top and bottom.  When the wall will not butt in the studs over connecting wall or if it falls under the ceiling joist, you will have to install the nailing blocks found within the framing pieces.

The typical interior wall will have the skeleton of the vertical of 2×4 which will stand between the horizontal 2×4 base with the top plates.  If the wall will need to contain plumbing material, it should use 2×6 plates and studs.

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Framing a wall will require the gypsum wallboard, plaster and lath, if it will be in the bathroom, it should add the water resistant green wallboard with tile backerboard or tiles.  After framing the walls, you should use the cutting and attaching techniques. When you find out that the job may be beyond your capacity, then you can get the carpenter or contractor to finish up building interior walls.

How much does it cost to build a wall yourself?

Building a wall in a house will cost from 976 dollars up to 2,905. However, depending on how complex the home may be and the wall may cost up to 8000 dollars.  Installing the new walls may look easy, but in the end, it will be messy and long since it may involve the use of drywall, electrical work and framing.

The walls may also require the use of bricks and glass while others will involve the use of stud framing and wood.   Sometime, the project should not be undertaken by a person who does not have the right skills. To achieve the right results, you should hire the carpenter with enough skills in putting up walls so that he can build a sustainable wall with a beautiful finish.

How do I build an interior wall?

If you want to start building an interior wall, you should start by laying the top and the bottom plates at one side to another side.  Look where the joists are found at the ceiling.  Hang the plumb bob from an end up to a top plate of a ceiling so that you may adjust the floor. You should also mark the floor to know where the bottom plate will be found.  Use the stud framing clip in order to install every wall stud. Form the corners and connection. While framing an interior wall, remember, where the wall will intersects with one another, you should double the studs to add an interesting wall.

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How do I calculate how much material I need to build a wall?

If you want to know the estimate of the building material you want, you should start by learning about the framing lumber needed to make a wall.  This is known as the framing takeoff.  The takeoff will include the counting of the studs also.  After counting the frames, you should also count the sheathing needed for the exterior side of a wall and anything required in adding a wall.  You should have the construction plan with the rough sketch on how the wall frame will look like.  This is the easier way to know what you will need according to the plan of the wall.


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