How To Build A Pulling Garden Tractor

A garden tractor will turn into a pulling tractor after making some necessary adjustments and improvements. The adjustments and improvements include a modified engine, transmission and upgraded wheels and tyres. Most garden tractors come with one or two cylinders engines situated in the front of the panel. Their axles are made up of steel. Pulling tractors are nothing but a type of working tractors modified to pull against other tractors in a 300-foot track.

Planning the build

  • First, note the budget that is required for the building the pulling tractor. You also need to know about how many pulls you need and how long you want to travel. If you want to make more modifications to your tractor, then the budget will be increased.
  • Take a note of all the requirements that are needed to improve the tractor. According to engine building magazines, most of the pulling tractors come with diesel engines. But some engines will run on gasoline and alcohol. The classes of the tractors range from stock tractors that are not modified extensively to highly modified tractors.
  • Correct financial budget and the commitment from the people working on your tractor modifications will complete the tractor in the correct time. You can also take the financial support from the business partners or financial institutions. If you are hiring a tractor expert, make sure that he will commit to the date and time.

Building the tractor

  • Find the tractor that will be best suited for your modification. You can also use your working tractor because the pulling tractor is a modified tractor from scratch. So it is not necessary to buy a new tractor. So focus on the tractor that comes with a powertrain, transmission, engine and axle.
  • Rebuild the engine with turbochargers, aluminium engine blocks, a fuel delivery system and valve heads. The parts you need may vary according to the class of the tractor you are using. Do not forget about the smaller components like hoses, lubricants, and gaskets that will handle the engine’s heat and add extra horsepower to the tractor.
  • First, modify the clutch and the transmission gears. A double or triple disc clutch can replace the factory-issued clutch that comes when you buy a tractor. This will prevent the clutch from breaking when the driver changes the gears. Replace the factory issued gears with high-performance gears that are filled with aluminium or titanium.
  • Then upgrade the tractor wheels and tyres. The specification of the tyres and wheels will vary from model to model. It is based on the type of model you are using. Generally, the tractors will pull best when the back tyres bear more weight and the front tyres barely touch the ground. Choose the tyres that pull the weight quickly.
  • Make sure that the tractor is in excellent condition. Make sure that your tractor will roar on the race track. This will represent your business. Modify the tractor in such a way that the looks of the tractor are stunning and eye-catching. This will help you to get a good impression on your tractor either you win or lose.

Things you need

  • Garden tractor
  • High-performance engine parts
  • High-performance clutch and gears
  • Tractor paint and accessories


Some garden tractor classes allow weight to improve the grip of the tyres on the ground. If your class allows then consider using weights.

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