How To Build A Garden Arch By PVC Pipe?

Are you considering a plan to get your garden more attractive? Discover how to create a garden arch with a PVC pipe. It’s pretty easy if you follow the measures we provided here.

How To Build A Garden Arch With PVC Pipe?

One of the most reliable ways to use your backyard is to add a garden arch. Shortly, getting a garden arch can be costly – particularly the high-quality curves.

Whichever can you if you can’t manage to obtain a curve but still require to grace your garden with one?

Another way is to create an arch. And the most enjoyable part is that you don’t need fancy materials to build it. You can design a beautiful arch out of a firm PVC—all you need to find quality products and construct a garden curve with PVC pipe.

How? Use PVC Pipe?

You might be questioning why we liked PVC as our preferred material for making the arch. Why can’t we use various materials like timber or metal?

You can practice other materials if you want to, but we preferred PVC because PVC is firm, slightly stretchy, and short all at the same time.

We don’t like the sizes of wood, nor do we like the properties of the metal. So PVC pipes are the best option that we can get.

How To Build A Garden Arch With PVC Pipe?

Now that we’ve demonstrated why we recommend PVC pipes as our selection of material for curve creation, we can go on to the steps on how to build a PVC pipe archway.

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You can count them out here:

1)Mark Your Spot

The first item you’ll need to do is read the position of your curve and mark it. Once you find the perfect position, now like a pot with a trowel so that you’ll discover where to place this curve.

We suggest making the holes most limited 2 inches deep and separating the two holes at most limited 6 feet apart. You may also improve the area between the two eyes if you want the curve bigger.

2)Group The First Pipe In The Valley

The following thing you’ll want to do is place the first set of pipes in the area. Typically, a 6-inch pipe will be utilized for the first time. Push it in the hole for 2 inches. If you want it to be embedded, you can try to push it 3 inches deep to leave 3 inches above the ground.

3)Connect Other Pipes

PVC pipes usually come with pipe connectors or pipe fittings. Use coupling pipe fittings to connect several pipes until you get the perfect pitch that you want.

4)Top Of The Entrance

Once you know the perfect length you want, put an angle or a tee vessel applying on the ends of each vertical boiler. Of these, you can put a pipe horizontally straight to the two standing boilers. You can both turn it and connect them to turn parts to follow a marriage curve. You can also use a tee connection to create a letter H type arch.

5)Design Other Curves

With the first curve done, you seat add more arches behind the first to give you some pathway into the backyard. Just duplicate steps 1 to 4 with the specific new curve.

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Now that you know how to make an archway with a PVC pipe, the last step is to design the curve. You can paint it, add some flowers, or do whatever you want with it. The design is really up to your creativity and preference.


Most characters think that building an archway for their garden is a hard job to do. However, it can be simple if you were know-how.

The steps on making a field arch with a PVC pipe that we provided above showcase the simplest way to make garden arches. As long as you follow them, you can make an archway even if you don’t have any handiwork experience. From there, you need to think about how you’re going to design the arch to give it more character.

Are you feeling a little artistic? Don’t forget to bring out our design so you can work on a beautiful garden curve.

We hope you liked our short guide!





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