How To Build A Floating Dock With Styrofoam

Floating docks are available in several different sizes and shapes. They are easy to build and can be changed to suit the changing needs of their owners. As there are so many options, careful examination is required when selecting a dock.

The definition of a floating dock is based on the buoyancy. Billets are used to provide buoyancy. Usually, the Billets is made of styrofoam and cannot be waterlogged or destroyed quickly. The dock is usually fixed in place by wooden logs or poles. This design provides versatility in the choice of position and the movement of the dock as desired.

Generally, a floating dock is a lot more secure than a standing dock. They have significant buoyancy due to how they are built and make for a more balanced distribution of weight. One of their most significant attributes is their ability to adapt to the acceptable water depth. This reduces the likelihood that high water levels and floods will damage them. It also helps individuals to get better access to their ships.

How To Build A Floating Dock With Styrofoam

Many materials are available for building docks, but none feature the buoyancy and ease of use as Styrofoam billets. To keep 55 pounds afloat, one square foot of Styrofoam is enough. Styrofoam consists of thousands of air chambers that operate together to create an unmatched floatation mechanism. The docks floated on 55-gallon drums can create leaks and steady, shaking with wind and waves excessively. Styrofoam never leaks and is entirely free of the hollow drum noises.

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Create a frame for your dock according to your design using pressure treated timber. Switch over the dock so that the bottom side faces up. Measure the internal gap from side to side of the dock and use your hand saw to cut your Styrofoam billets to that amount. The under-side should be ten inches thick to keep the Styrofoam billet. Break the Styrofoam to match the bottom of the dock’s frame snugly inside. Four billets would be pulled from an 8-foot square dock.

Lengthwise, put a 1×4-inchx8-foot piece of pressure-treated wood over the first billet. Protect the Styrofoam billet via the 1×4 Styrofoam and structure by drilling holes. Snugly Lock together. For the remaining Styrofoam billets, please repeat this step until all four are in place and carry your dock frame back to its upright position. By nailing down 2×6-inch boards perpendicular to the Styrofoam billets’ direction, mount the dock’s base. Connect the chains and anchors to the dock’s underside and place the anchors on the dock’s top.


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