How To Become A Welder

In case you like to work using the hands, in order to repair or to build some items, the welding will be the right career in your place. This is because it will involve complex flames and tools. The welding need enough practice with training so that they can be successful within this field.  When the education with the experience has been gained, the welders will be able to build up their skills and they will advance the career and they can finish even large projects.

What the welder does?

After a welder training, the person will be able to use the heat to join different types of the metals together to repair and to build different good and products.  Because there are many products that the welder will be able to build,   welder training programs will involve different types of the welding.  The welder may work on aircraft, bridges, automobiles, building or repairing of the house and commercial structures.

The responsibility of the welder does include:

  • To make sure that every project will be safe and durable for the consumers to use it.
  • Following of the safety regulation that handle the flame usage in responsible and safe manner
  • To maintain the right temperature of a flame  or metals while doing the welding jobs
  • To clean and to store the wielding equipment
  • Viewing of the blueprint in order to know the dimensions and the length of the product which as to be welded.

How To Become A Welder

How many years does it take to become a welder?

If you want to train to become a welder, you should start by deciding about which type of the welding career you would like to follow and check to know the education requirement that you will need for such specialist.  To join the schooling for welding, you may need to have the GED or a diploma.  If you can learn about welding course at the school, you should join to know what different welding types are.  You should also learn about math since it will complement the welding like geometry. This is because the wielding may involve measuring of different dimension.

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 Becoming a welder is not easy job.  It is not clear how long a person will need to finish up the studies.

The student has to get a high school diploma or GED which may take 3 months up to 4 years. He has to go to a post secondary welding training which may take 7 up to 2 years.  He should also intern with a professional welder for some months.  To get welding certification program, it will also depend on the testing organization because it will involve testing and inspection.

Does the welder make good money?

 The salary you get from welding job, it will all depend if you have a welding license or if you are a professional welder.  The average salary will start at 17.90.  At the entry level, a welder make around 7.25 dollar each hour.  At this level, he will be having only the GED with a welding certificate.  He may also be having some experience based on the associate degree program or the apprenticeship program.

Mid-career welder will make over 17.90 for each hour.  These welders should have been in this profession for some time. Even if they may not be called advance yet, they still have enough experience so they cannot be called   beginners anymore.

Experienced welder will make up to 35.45 dollars for an hour.  The experienced welder will have the experience and knowledge. He can also work with different types of welding equipments and work on different welding works.  The type of welder you are specializing in, can also dictate how much you will be paid.

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What kind of education is needed to be a welder?

 The requirements to become a welder will vary from one employer to another.  There are employers who will require the welders to get a high school diploma and to pass welding tests. However, there are other employers who will require an undergraduate degree or a certificate.  The degree can be gotten from community college and vocational school.  The welders will learn the techniques using the welding apprenticeships.

To become a successful welder, the person should have manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Other possible career in welding may include welding educator, supervisor, sales representative, welding fabricator and welding inspector.

How do I become a welder with no experience?  

 For becoming a certified welder, you should start by attending the union of local welder.  Actual union that may represent local professional can be different.  However, each one has been structured in the same way.  There should be the instructor who will teach enrolled apprentices.  The support staff should be in the right place to deal with logistical issues with human resource support.

You can find both paid and unpaid apprenticeship program in the welding industry.  The two will offer the right skills which are required, however with paid apprenticeship; you will take a paycheck at home at the same time you will be learning.

However, there are 3 things to keep in mind while looking for the requirements for welding certificate. First you have to know more about what it is required in your community, county and state.  You will also have to know about the certification and insurance requirements.

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Education option may include getting Welding engineering from a university after attending for 4 years.  It means that the formation education can take only few programs to finish or it may take years.  How much you will pay to get the education you want, it will be based on where you are going to school.  Attending school or college can cost from 5000 dollars up to 15000 dollars.

Getting a degree of 4 years, it will cost over 100,000 dollars.   If you do not have enough money to pay for the school, then you can learn from apprenticeship which will cost nothing.   The highest can pay only 1000 dollars and it can take over 5 years.

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