How To Adjust Hunter Sprinkler Heads

Hunter Industries produces 3 pop-up sprinkler heads suggested for apartment buildings and industrial irrigation systems use,  I-20, PGJ, and PGP. The setting is identical for all of the sprinklers.

Sprinklers can be adjusted on or off with water. Adjustable heads are pre-set to approx. 180°. Hunter offers a variety of nozzle options. They are distinctive in pattern, adjustments, and action, and so it is necessary to identify the type of sprinkler before you adjust it.

Are you seeking guidance for adjusting hunter sprinkler heads? I assure you this article will provide you more information about how to install a garage door keypad.

Here, I suggest a simple procedure to adjust hunter sprinkler heads.

Components required

  • Hunter sprinkler
  • Nozzles

Procedure to adjust hunter sprinkler

By following these procedures, you can adjust the hunter sprinklers.

Radius Adjustments

  • Choose the appropriate nozzle. Each Hunter rotor arrives with a variety of nozzles.
  • The diameter of the rotor is determined by the size of the opening of the nozzle. The larger the opening, the water will flow out of the rotor under significant pressure. The productivity of each nozzle with the rotors is high. The main aim of each sprinkler arc to achieve the next sprinkler in the system. It’s called “head to head” coverage.
  • Configure the nozzle, tap the opening of the nozzle until the rotor body is level. Safeguard the nozzle by incorporating the metal tip of the rotor key into the arrow of the rubber cover and progressing it clockwise. Do not damage the adjusting screw to the point where it interfaces with the water flow.
  • Select the optimal travel limit. If you modify the rotor by hand, you will find that it can only turn in one direction until it reaches its end, so that it can only turn in another direction until it reaches its limit in that direction. Peering down at the rotor next to the arrow signifies the direction of the spray-the right-hand limit is fixed and the left-hand limit is easy to operate.
  • Spin the screw clockwise to reduce the radius by closing the internal water flow valve. Raise the rotor body to the bottom of the gear to clean the two ridges in the housing-about an inch before it is completely free of the housing.
  • Spin the screw counterclockwise to increase the radius by opening the internal water flow valve.
  • Remove the screw and turn on the watering system and recognize the modifications.

Arc Adjustment

  • Grasp the body of the sprinkler. Switch the rotor body in the counterclockwise direction until it reaches its left limit and evaluates the direction of the spray arrow to the required left edge.
  • The fixed stop on the right is not adjustable. On the left side, the arc adjustments control the direction of the water spray.
  • Turn the nozzle turret clockwise until it stops at the left stop preset. The nozzle turret is the area that sprinkles the water out of the sprinkler head.
  • Rotate the body around the middle of its stroke, insert the plastic tip of the rotor key into the hole in the cover, which has two arrows that point to the plus sign and the minus sign.
  • The negative sign indicates the left travel limit closer to the right limit closing the cover arc whereas the plus sign indicates the left travel limit away from the right limit increasing the cover arc.
  • The highest probable radius is 360 degrees, and at this point, the nozzle will stop turning.
  • Remove the nozzle, turn on the watering system, and observe the adjustments.


  • Modify the arc on the sprinkler heads so that they do not spray water on the sidewalks and driveways. Constant watering of concrete or rock areas may leave the area wet, turn it green and form mildew and mold.
  • The mildew and mold on the pavement are slick and can cause slipping accidents.


When your sprinkler does not attain a far distance, you need a nozzle adjustment.

I hope this article can provide you more information about how to adjust hunter sprinkler heads.

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