How much is a Tracey Emin painting?

How much is a Tracey Emin painting? Still achieving record prices today, Tracey Emin was one of the stars of the Young British Artists movement in the 1990s. Her artwork can sell for millions when it goes under the hammer, with even smaller-scale Emin prints having realised up to US$46,000 at auction.

How much did Tracey Emin’s unmade bed sell for? ‘My Bed’ was sold at a Christie’s auction in London on Tuesday for around $3.77 million, a huge spike since it sold to world-class art collector Charles Saatchi in 2000 for about $200,000. The work consists of dirty sheets, underpants stained by menses, used condoms, empty liquor bottles, and pregnancy tests.

What materials does Tracey Emin use? Emin’s oeuvre spans drawings, tapestries, embroidery, film, bronze sculptures, neon signs and wooden constructions. Despite this variety, she consistently maintains a quality to her work which makes it clearly hers.

How do I contact Tracey Emin? Tracey Emin on Twitter: “@nickytrup please email [email protected]” / Twitter.

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Does Tracey Emin have a website?

Emin produces work in a variety of media including drawing, painting, sculpture, film, photography, neon text and sewn appliqué.

Tracey Emin.

Tracey Emin CBE RA
Style Readymade Installation art
Movement Young British Artists

Do artists need a studio?

As a professional artist, you want to be as creative and productive as possible. Many are able to accomplish this perfectly with an at-home studio. But, if you don’t have the right space at home, you may need to find your own art studio to get the job done.

Did Tracey Emin marry a stone?

In March 2016, the artist Tracey Emin announced that she had married a rock. She made the relationship public at the opening of an exhibition of her work in Hong Kong, telling press that she had exchanged vows with a sizable stone in the garden of her home in the South of France. The wedding itself took place in 2015.

How is Tracey Emin doing?

Emin had been due to open an exhibition there in 2020, along with a permanent sculpture, both entitled I Lay Here For You. The pandemic, and then a diagnosis of bladder cancer derailed the project entirely. But now, she is back with her completed project.

Does Tracey Emin have a stoma?

Sharing an image of the stoma on Wednesday (20 April), Emin wrote: “This is my stoma. Most people have never seen one. It’s something I’m supposed to hide forever. It’s part of my intestine attached to the outside of my body.

Does Tracey Emin have a child?

Tracey Emin never had children because her desire to be a successful artist overrode any maternal feelings.

Is Tracy Emin a smoker?

She gave up smoking ten years ago — she was a 60-a-day girl back in the late 1990s — and the only cigarette she has smoked since was in a dream.

Why is Tracey Emin important?

Tracey Emin, in full Tracey Karima Emin, (born July 3, 1963, Croyden, Greater London, England), British artist noted for using a wide range of media—including drawing, video, and installation art, as well as sculpture and painting—and her own life as the subject of her art.

What age is Tracey Emin?

59 years (July 3, 1963)
Tracey Emin / Age

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