How Is Chain Size Measured?

 How to measure chainsaw chain

Chainsaw chain is available in different features, types and sizes.  This is because the chainsaw on their own are different in terms of applications and sizes.   If you want to replace the chain, you will need to get all the information required about the chain and the chainsaw to use with it.  When you use the right information, it will be easy to match the chainsaw to the chain.

When reading the chainsaw guide, you have to remember that you need three things, which are the gauge, the number of the drive links and the pitch.   Pitch measurement is about how the links are close together on a chain.  It will not talk about the length of the chain or the number of the links. Gauge measurement is about thickness of a drive links when you look on them, from the length of a chain or consult the chain gauge chart.

Before you buy the chain, start by measuring the pitch of a chain, you can find it at the tool or from the user manual.   You can device the distance found within 3 links by the two.  The gauge may also be found at the tool or from user manual.  You can also measure the thickness of the chain and the right chain measuring items are calipers.  

Chain Size Measured

How do I know what size my chainsaw chain is?

In addition of the size on the chainsaw chain replacement chart, you should also learn about the aggressiveness of the chain.

Full skip:  this is the most aggressive chain and it will be able to cut the wood faster.  It works as a skip tooth and it does have the space within the cutting teeth.  It has two links.  It should be used on the larger chainsaw.  Even if it is fastest, it will require a person with experience and skills to use.

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Skip tooth:  this is a medium chain which is also known as the regular chain. It can be used by professional and it has a space that cuts within the cutting link.  This means that the chain will not have too much resistant and it will be having better cutting rate.  It will reduce the smooth finish, which a low-kickback chain can provide.

Anti kickback: this is a readily available chain and it will prevent the kickback.  The kickback works as a treadmill at a high speed and when you step over it, it may throw you away.  This will happen with the chainsaw if the tip is in contact with the wood.  A rotating chain will be thrown back at the user.  To reduce the possibility of kickback, you have to reduce the material to cut and use slow speed.

To measure the chainsaw, you will need to get the count of the drive links, to measure its pitch and to measure its gauge.  However, it is not always a must to measure the blade, since the current blade may have every measurement you want, to buy the new blade.  These numbers about the chainsaw chain sizes are found at the bar end, where it gets bolted within the chainsaw body. When the blade is taken off, then these small printed sizes can be used to buy the new chain. When you take such numbers to the hardware store, you will get the right chainsaw bar.  If you can’t find this number, you should never guess the size of chainsaw bar length. You should take time to measure it.

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What does 72 mean on the chainsaw chain?

If you want to replace the chainsaw chain or blade, you have to be aware of what the bars measurement is.  It is good to learn about how to know the chainsaw bar and how to use chainsaw chain cross reference chart.    The following tips are good for any person who had lost the manual of the saw or if the measurement had worn off.  You cannot use any blade in any chainsaw.  The longer bars should be used on a more powerful engine power.  This is why you will find that most of the time, the electric engine will not use the blade which is over 18 chainsaw chain.  This is because the motor will not get the power required in driving a long chain and bar.

There are some chainsaw that can use up to 72 inches in the bar length.  This is because their engines are large and they are able to handle this.    While reading the Oregon selector guide, you have to be careful since the chainsaw cannot stretch. If you buy a wide or short blade, it will not fit. To make sure that you will not go wrong with the measurement, you should start by learning about the true length and effective length. Effective cutting length is the length of a blade, starting at the base where the chainsaw is attached up to the its tip.

The true length is actual length of the chainsaw bar.  This is from the tip up to the end, when it is not yet installed.  If you want to get this true length, you have to remove a blade from a chainsaw when you unscrew the bolts which are holding them in their place.

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What size is my Stihl chain?  

Stihl is a company that makes the chainsaw and all the replacement part you will need.  As it happens with all the chains, getting the right size will be based on how well you know the basic information.  With the Stihl chainsaw chain size chart, you can easily find the right saw for your chainsaw without any problem. Oregon chainsaw bar identification will include the information such as the length of a chainsaw bar, drive links, pitch of the chain and the gauge of the chain.   Stihl chain stamp will also include other information such as the chain packaging and the code of the chain.  Other information you will need are the characteristic of the chain and the portion that will enter in the wood and the ties that put together drive links. For example if the saw has a C as a code. It means that the chain cutters were made in the way that the vibration will be lower and will be comfortable for the operator.


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