Easy Ways To Remove Paint From Hands

Whenever you are painting a picture, canvas, or a wall, you get paint on your skin. It is impossible to prevent paint from getting on your skin. Mostly, water-based paints and primers are easy to clean with water and soap. Whereas oil-based primers are difficult to remove. These solvents are very toxic which can damage your skin.

Even if you are careful, you end up with splashes of paint on your hand, finger, face. The skin is delicate and you cannot use any strainer to remove paints.

In this article, you will find out how to get oil-based paint off the skin.

Here, I suggest some of the various methods which are safe and effective to remove oil-based paint from the skin.

 Requirements needed

  • Vegetable oil
  • Cloth
  • Baby oil
  • Liquid soap
  • Cotton balls
  • Alcohol
  • Essential oils

Normally, you apply vegetable oil directly on your skin where the primer is. Rub the area. The primer starts to loosen. Then, rinse the primer from your skin. Finally, wash your skin with soap to remove the vegetable oil.

Methods for removing oil-based paint from skin

Method 1 – For removing acrylic paint

  • If your paint is acrylic, you use baby oil to dissolve. Baby oil is a natural ingredient and it is a natural agent. The baby oil will soften the paint area.
  • Gently rub and scrab the paint with your fingers. With the baby oil, it is easy to remove.
  • Dip a cotton ball in alcohol and remove the paint. Do this until the paint eliminates from your skin.
  • At last, wash your skin with soap to eliminate the odors of alcohol and baby oil.
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Method 2 – Use alcohol and oil for any type of paint

  • First, use soapy water to remove oil-based paint. Rub your skin with soap and water to remove paint. If it is latex paints, it comes off by washing them using this process.
  • Apply a small layer of baby oil or mineral oil to the painted skin. Mineral oil is effective and works better on latex paints. Rub and infiltrate for 2-3 minutes.
  • Use a cotton ball dipped in oil to stain it. Gently rub your skin in circular motions to remove paint marks.
  • Once you remove all the paint, wash your skin with soap to eliminate the odors of baby oil.

Method 3 – Use Vegetable oil for stubborn traces

  • Wash your painted skin with warm water. Apply a thick layer of soapy foam on your skin and rinse it. By this process, you can remove some amount of paint.
  • Apply a layer of vegetable oil to the painted skin. You can also use various types of oil in the home. They are
    • Coconut oil
    • Olive oil
    • Sunflower oil
  • Run until the paint comes off. Use a cloth to scrub your skin with vegetable oil.
  • Rinse if the paint goes. If any paint remains, add oil and repeat the process.
  • You can also use salt which is a powerful exfoliating cleanser mixture. Combine an equal amount of oil and salt to remove the paint.
  • Rub your painted skin and rinse it with hot water.

Method 4 – Use citric fruits

  • Lemon and oranges are full of natural acid. It provides the ability to dissolve pain on the skin.
  • Squeeze the fruit juice on the painted area of the skin.
  • Rub it gently and rinse with water and dry it with a cloth.
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  • Always wear gloves while painting
  • Before you start to paint, you can apply petroleum jelly on your hands to prevent all traces from the skin


If you are more conscious about taking care of the skin. I hope this article can provide you more methods to get oil-based paint off the skin.

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