Cheap DIY Garden Furniture: A Selection of Creative and Inspiring DIY Projects

The best way to find cheap garden furniture is to make it yourself. Today, we present you some creative and inspiring DIY projects that you shouldn’t miss. Scroll down, discover all our ideas and give your garden, terrace or balcony unique garden furniture!

Cheap DIY garden furniture: selection of some creative and inspiring DIY projects

With spring already here, we want to spend more time outside in our garden, on our terrace or on our balcony.

But to make the most of it, it is necessary to arrange your outdoor space with taste and focus on functionality. We have already dedicated several publications to the subject of how to make your own garden furniture. Indeed, this topic can be approached really endlessly.

The ideas and options are so numerous. In the following lines, we have tried to offer you some new suggestions.

No matter if you are an experienced DIYer or not, there are really easy DIY projects to make. Nowadays, you can find all kinds of video tutorials online. One of the most common DIY garden furniture ideas are those made with pallets. You can also use old furniture, car tires, logs and many other things.

If you have a garden, you probably have a garage. And if you have a garage, you probably have old furniture gathering dust and you don’t know what to do with it. In short, get creative and you will see that making your own garden furniture is not that difficult.

Cheap DIY Garden Furniture: A Selection of Creative and Inspiring DIY Projects

Do you have old car tires in your garage? Don’t throw them away, reuse them to make a cheap and super original garden furniture.

You have old tires in your garage and you intend to put them in the trash? Just wait! You can use them to make great garden chairs, poufs or a small coffee table.

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There is a significant consumption of tires in the world. The damage it causes and its impact on the planet are significant. Recycling them is then judicious and respectful of the environment. You can’t build a whole house out of tires, but there are many DIY projects to create modern and practical furniture and decorative elements from salvaged items. The shape of tires makes them easy to handle and ideal for making cheap and trendy garden furniture.

How to make cheap and ecological garden furniture with tires

What an original set of garden furniture, right? It is very easy to make these two armchairs and this small garden table from car tires.

The number of tires depends on your wishes. It is quite possible to leave the backs off and make the coffee table with two tires instead of three.

Finally, you can vary the number of tires used as you want. It is also possible to paint them if you want. The choice is yours!

These poufs made of two car tires are really easy to make. For an original decorative touch, consider painting them in different colors. Place outdoor cushions in the middle for more comfort.

Another cheap garden furniture model made of different tires. You don’t have to paint them as you see and instead of outdoor cushions, it is possible to use the solid rope.

The arms are optional, but it is sure that the comfort will be much greater if you have them. To make them, you can use whatever you think is suitable.

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Make a rope pouf from an old tire 

Do you like the beanbag in the photo below? Well, you’ll be surprised that it was made from an old car tire! Indeed, we have already dedicated a publication to the subject of how to make a rope pouffe from an old tire. All you need to make this rope bean bag is rope, glue and patience.

It will take you about an hour to complete this project. The material needed for its creation is: an old tire, a screwdriver, glue, a pencil, one or two wooden boards (plywood) and rope. You can make your pouf with one or two plywoods.

For a strong footstool, it is recommended to install two plywoods. Plywood is optional and can be replaced by another material, such as nylon rope. To know the rest of the steps of its realization, we invite you to consult our publication.

And if you want to turn your pouf into a coffee table, just install legs. What a cool little table, right? Your guests will be really pleasantly surprised when you tell them it was made from an old tire.

Cheap DIY Garden Furniture: A Selection of Creative and Inspiring DIY Projects

Pallets: our best friends for cheap garden furniture 

Ah, wooden pallets … So practical and easy to find everywhere, they are undoubtedly the stars of our modern interiors and exteriors.

You can use them to make a coffee table, a sofa, an armchair, a swing, a bed, a planter and many others. Their shape makes them easy to integrate really everywhere. To make a garden sofa like the one in the picture below, you don’t even have to take them apart.


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