Best Tires For Subaru Outback

Are you seeking guidance for the top-rated tires for your Subaru Outback? If you inquire about the best tires, you get various answers from various people. For instance, If you select a Subaru factory tire that arrives with your car depends on marketing, financing, and engineering requirements. The preference of your choice and Subaru’s choice varies.

Some people are interested in a long campaign life, effectiveness off or on the road, fuel economy, or tire purchase budget.

Whatever your demand, it fulfills all your needs. If you have an ancient Subaru Outback? View the length of the tires for preceding years.

I assure you this article will provide you more information about the Subaru tires and also I suggest some of the best tires for Subaru outback.

 Most excellent 2.5i Limited, 18” wheels Touring Tires of the Subaru Outback

Most excellent 2.5i Base, 17” wheels Premium Tires of the Subaru Outback

Most excellent 2.4T Limited XT, Onyx Edition XT, Touring XT Tires of the Subaru Outback

Original Outback Equipment Tires

The existing decade of the Subaru Outback has a large number of OE(original equipment) tires based on the selected level of the trim. Some versions have wheels of 18-inch, whereas the Premium and 2.5i Base has wheels of 18-inch.

  • Outback features of wheels with 18-inch involves 2.4T and 2.5i models, were marketed with GT Yokohama Avid tires in 100H 225/60R18.
  • Outback Premium and 2.5i Base arrive clad in GT Yokohama Avid tires 102H 225/65R17.

Leading Replacement Tire Brands for the Outback Subaru

I suggest 17- inch and 18- inch two replacement tires. The selection depends on the budget. When you read the remaining, you gain more knowledge about the criteria which may even change your judgment. These tires have 4star ratings and it is more eminent based on the user reviews.

All of these tires have four-star ratings or higher based on consumer surveys:

Subaru Outback Tires Of 18-inch

  • Moderately priced: Assurance For Goodyear Consoled Touring – You expect a long life span in these tires and it is a good option for all seasons. It is highly-rated and has a solid road-fat tire.
  • Budget: H/P Sport Bridgestone Dueler – It provides a lot for a few and has positive user ratings.
  • Cost-No-Object: MXM4 Michelin Primacy tires – It fits on-and-off-road and also brings greatness to all criteria.

Subaru Outback Tires Of 17-inch

  • Moderately priced: HT RH12 Hankook Dynapro tires – They provide traction and average performance for life and are highly rated by consumers.
  • Budget: Raptor Riken tires – It is a good budget choice and has highly rated by consumers, fits for all seasons, and also has a good tread life.
  • Cost-No-Object: SUV Michelin Crossclimate – It has everything that offers the best. It has a strong reputation over a long life span and positive user ratings for its performance.

When are you supposed to replace tires?

 You must remember these two things at the time of replacing the tire, they are:

  • How ancient the tire is
  • The amount of tire mileage

Mileage is a coarse way of measuring the walking life, while age is a measure of the chemical breakdown which occurs in tires.

The above-mentioned rules are applicable for Subaru Outback or other vehicles in your garage or driveway. Nowadays, large vehicles reach 12,000 miles per annum, so the moderate tread life for tires is 30,000 to 40,000 miles. Normally, the user requires a tire replacement for their vehicle in 3-4 years.

You need to remember that the traction rating, temperature rating, and tire treads are labeled and evaluated by the retailer. It is performed based on industry standards. There should be no government or  private legislation of the observations to authenticate claims. The strongest predictor ceditability of the tire manufacturer sites like Tire Rack and the user ratings to the tires.

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Measurements for temperature, tread, and traction are key components of UTQG rating (Uniform Tire Quality Grade) that is engraved on the side of the tire. Each tire must have this rating which consists of 3 digit number accompanied by 2 letter sequence. Eg. “500 A A”. The UTQG rating gives clear information.

From the above stated example, we can determine the tire.

500 – It is the tire reliability rating relative to the control tire. The life tread of the control tire is 100. The life of the tread is evaluated in the test about the usage of tire 7,158 miles (11,520 km).  During every 1,280 km, the depth of the tire is calculated and gives extended life of the tread. The greater the life span of the journey, so the expectations are relatively high.

A – This letter indicates the tire traction rate which is computed as AA, A, B, or C. It describes the quality of the tire stops in humid conditions and also analyzes on a wet sidewalk.

  • AA – Best rating
  • A – Next to preceding rating and it goes on.

A – The next letter is the temperature rating of the tire. This letter represents the ability of the tire to endure at high temperatures over a duration of time.

GT Yokohama Avid models are the factory tires on the Subaru Outback in existing generation. The ratings of 18-inch tires is mildly different than 17-inch tires. The 18-inch tires are somewhat lower-rated.  It has 400 BA rating. This shows that they are well for 40,000 miles of tread wear and are comparatively good at a moist stop and best at severe temperatures.

The substitution of tires has another consideration. Tires are normally rated over the past five years preliminary to the chemical breakdown makes them feel unsecure. In North America, the text “DOT” are engraved on the side of the wall with a group of four or three digits. The last four digits is the tire date code. It shows a year and a week. The remaining digits shows a certain composition criteria of the Ministry of Transportation.

The first 2 numbers indicates the tire production date whereas the remaining two indicates the tire production year. For4 instance, a tire marked with  3217 shows that it was created on the 2017 37th week or 11-17 Sept 2017. The life span of tires is 5 years. So, it expires on 11, 2022 September.

The thing that disintegrates the tires quickly is the chemicals that safeguard some compounds and rubber  from the UV rays. If it does not safeguard the tire from disintegration, the tire begins to  worsen,  cracking, or splitting.

Why not change the existing equipment tires?

 There should be nothing incorrect with the OE (original equipment) tires until the replacement period comes. It is no-brainer, easy, and predictable.  Mostly, we select the convenient path. The right choice of tire factory is subaru outback wheels. All we need is lower cost tires, higher fuel economy, longer life span, and  winter driving security. Or a mixture of these things.

It is profitable to check the around the tire shop. It is easy to defeat the wet stopping distance evaluation on the inventory of Yokohama tires on Subaru Outback. Raise B to A without sacrificing the metrics. For instance, it is essential to worth a little more than$20 or  $10. Or it is a priority to get above 40,000 miles out of the tires. That’s why shopping is essential and worth.

Modifying the Tire Size Of Subaru Outback

Based on the model Subaru Outback has 18-inch or 17-inch wheels. It needs tires to accommodate the wheels. When you have a aftermarket wheels which means nothing but an upgraded wheels that is available in various sizes. Outback models have 18s or 17s. The basic rule of thumb is to maintain the overall diameter of the wheel and tire. For instance, a greater sidewall tire that mostly adds comfort and cushion for a narrow wheel diameter to recompense. Likewise, a thinner profile tire needs a larger wheel.

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Few benefits of downsizing wheels


  • Lower Cost – Thin-profile tires are affordable. Moving to a narrow wheel size for a wider sidewall involves cost reduction tires.
  • Effective riding quality – more sidewall and rubber indicates large cushion for poor road circumsatnces.
  • Off-road – Smaller off-road wheels implies to provide more cushion for side wall tires and also to retain the pavement.
  • Climate Variability – Wheels and tires needs to be suit for snows in winter.


The size of the wheel are also has advantages


  • Better braking – Lower-profile tires has larger stopping distances tracks on the road.
  • Better looks – It is trend to have larger wheels and thinner profiles.
  • Better handling – the slimmer the profile of the tire and tighter the feel of the grip and road.


How to Read the Size Of The Tyre

The size of the wheel plays a major role. The Outback arrives with a leading model tyres with 225/60R18 100H.

  • 225 – It is called as tread width. It is the thickness of the wire for 1 side wall whereas others are measured in mm. The width of the tire is 225mm.
  • 60 – It shows the sidewall height and aspect ratio. The percentage of the width of the tire is 60 (135mm).
  • R – refers to radial tires. It is a basic type of vehicle tire. The tires are woven a fabric to provide reinforce to side walls and assist you to keep the shape. It is strongest while the tire performs spinning and it is positioned radially.
  • 18 – This is the thickness of the wheel calculated in inches.
  • 100 – It is called as capacity rating of the tire. It shows how much weight it can bear.
  • H – It is called as velocity rating of the tire. The H-rated tire has a greatest speed limit of 130 mph.

It is important to note that the 17-inch wheels of Outback’s are lined with 225/65R17 tires has a  same ratio between the 18-inch and 17-inch wheels.

Particularly four kinds of tires are accessible in tire shops for all vehicles. The selection is based on the type of driving. These four shall include:

  • Performance tires – It focused on delivering dry traction, better wet, sporty feel, and safe handling. Their speed ratings and higher grip arrives with a decreased ride quality and truncated  ride life.
  • Snow and winter tires – It is constructed using particular rubber compounds that retains pliability and grip if the temperature drops. It is constructed using particular track patterns to enlarge the car’s ability to stop and start on slippery roads.
  • All-terrain tires – It is designed to enhance off-road traction and ensure overall durability. Their renovation is accepted for tread wear and winter traction but it provides less comfort and more noise on the road.
  • All-season and touring tires – It offers dry traction, longer life span, smooth ride, good winter traction, and a good wet. It is allowable for winter season but you cannot except the stopping power and traction like a specialized winter tire.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Subaru Outback Tire

What is Subaru Outback best tire?

The Outback model has a wheel of 18-inch that allows a H/P Sport Bridgestone Dueler a great choice. The GO55 Geolandar Yokohama is a long-lived, average price option. H/P Sport Bridgestone Dueler  as RFT is long-term option and excellent for all season.

How long does the Subaru Outback tire last?

Mostly it is based on the driving. But few primary tires last 50,000 miles precedes the purchasing. The best thing is you should not exchange the tires at certain mileage. You should have to calculate the depth of the tread. If the tires are adequately worn, you can exchange them.

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Are Subaru vehicles in need of distinctive tires?

No, you have to select the tires based on your driving. Do you consume more time on  mud, trails, or dirt roads? For this case you can choose all-terrain tire that is good for all season. Live at the top of the Snow Belt? You can prefer Subaru Outback all-wheel drive vehicle which is greatly benefit for a winter season.

What kind of tires does Subaru use?

Subaru focuses on the Avid GT of Yokohama in different sizes.

What’s the perfect thing about Subaru Outback tire pressure?

There will be a yellow and white label inside your car’s driver’s side door. It indicates the correct tire pressure suggestions for your car. It has a “hot” and “cold” rating for the tire pressure. It is measured in PSI for both hot and cold rating. The TMPS (tire pressure monitoring system) is configured in numbers.

How frequent can I spin my Subaru tires?

It is based on the tire rather than the car. The owner’s Outback Manual has some suggestions depends on the tires of Subaru’s factory. But it has some modifications on replacement. Mainly, the rotation  occurs in the range of 5,000 to 7,000 miles on oil changing. It is essential to make sure about longevity and mazimises the  performance of tires.

What’s the best tire change kit for Outback?

The factory lug wrench and scissor jack is present in the exterior of Subaru equipment. The wrench and jack  is easy to hold or portable and also it has triangles, emergency lighting and emergency placards. It is good to have a light on night time tire.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tire Purchasing

Where I can purchase for the best prices?

Nowadays, online retailers have a lot of options and excellent prices for tires. In cities, the Local shops has profitable prices.

How much it costs for shipping?

Shipping is free of charge provided by most of the online retailers. Particularly for replacement in local store.

What is the duration of shipping?

When it is far to your location, the retailers provides in 2-5 days. When the stock is available, and if you have any association or always purchase in same store they can ship in 1 day.

How much the installation of a tire cost?

Mostly, they involves in the cost of the tire itself. Few appends on installation charges like balancing, replacement tire stems, etc. Based on your location and service, the charges range from $10 to $50 for each tire.

Whether I want to alter the TPMS?

The tire pressure monitoring system is not component of the tire. But it is always attached to the wheel. When the wheel requires to replaced or harmed, you have to replace the TPMS also. In certain cases, the normal tire do not influence the TPMS.

     If the wheel is damaged or requires replacement, then the TPMS may also need to be replaced. Most of the time, though, normal tire changes do not affect the TPMS.

Can an online retailer help me with winter tires?

Most definitely. Online retailers often coordinate with local tire shops during the height of the winter tire buying season.

If I’m changing tire sizes or buying winter tires, should I buy a wheel and tire package from an online retailer?

It’s not required, but it’s not a bad idea to do so. Having the winter tires mated to a dedicated set of wheels will mean easier changes and a guarantee that the tires and wheels match the total diameter required for your Outback.

Do online retailers provide tire rebates the way traditional stores do?

Many of them do, yes.




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