Top 5+ Best Scroll Saw Blades Reviews

We are here to help you find the best Scroll saw blades reviews to choose your scrolling tool. Read this reviews and comparison.

The scroll saw tool is one of the most convenient instruments for creating complicated material cuts. The centre of the scroll screw, though, is its blade, since this is the cutting part.

In reality, you cannot make a proper cut without a top-quality scroll saw blade. These blades are available in varying lengths, types and have a large variety of cuts. So it can be frustrating to find the right saw blade, particularly when you start new.

Scroll saw blades are available in all forms and models so that testing and experience is important for your scroll saw. We’re coming in that.

Different Types Of Scroll Saw Blades

Mainly Scroll Saw Blades have two type.

1. Pinned Blades

The blades of the pinned scroll are bigger, longer, more fitting for direct and more simple cuts. They are less agile because they are denser than the pinless varieties. This higher diameter that stops them from fitting into narrow boiling troughs. You typically find the use of a pinned blade for older scroll saws because it is a pin that raises the blade thickness.

Pinned pins can conveniently be mounted in the saw because the pins are put into comfortable holes. However, the blade must be threaded into the project and connected to the screw for internal cuts. It takes time and can be tormented.

2. Pinless Scroll Saw Blades

The blades of pinless scroll saw are smaller, narrower and sharper. They build complicated curves and more fine scrolling. Jewellers prefer the blade so they can transform a pinhead.

The pinless blades are a recent concept that needs to be installed for a long time, so their ends match a clamp. Some saws have fast clamping systems to speed up the operation. But they are not as simple as pinned blades to mount.

How to pick the good blades for cutting?

When determining which blade scroll saw fits for you, there are several things to remember.

1. Types Of Blade

Standard: This is the most common type of blade with a regular scroll saw blade. It has teeth arranged from one another at similar intervals. This blade style is flexible and can be used for cutting from wood to metal a wide variety of materials.

Skip-tooth: The scroll saw blade is highly commencer-friendly with 2 teeth downward and 1 tooth upwards. Skip-tooth. The biggest benefit of this design is that the material is silky-smooth and does not break.

Reverse skip-tooth: The reverse skip-tooth is similar to the conventional skip-tooth, but has teeth in reverse positions at the bottom of the tip. This opposite location would avoid tearing of fabrics when removing fragile materials such as plastic or plywood.

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Double-tooth: The double has two teeth pointed downwards and a space for the third teeth, as the name implies. The double-tooth is one of the most useful scroll screw blades you can get for thorough work and precise cutting.

Precision ground: This type of blade is also known as PGT, which was created by Olson. It is available in many styles, from the reverse to the regular. It’s its longevity, consistency and ease of use that distinguishes this pale from the rest.

Spiral: The spiral blade is an effective blade to rapidly and easily cut any material. This pattern cuts content in any direction at 360 degrees. The spiral style is the most lightweight scroll saw blade on the market.

Crown-tooth: the tooth of the crown functions in pairs. 2 teeth point up, then 2 points down. 2 points down teeth. This design has the key advantage that material can be cut into any direction and placed in any location.

2. Compatibility

You have to verify if the blade is compatible with your scroll saw even before you purchase it. Some scroll saws use a pinned blade, while others work for the pinless form. You would see if the blade is consistent with the scroll saw.

3. Teeth per Inch

Another critical component is the teeth per inch or TPI. The smoother the cut would be the more blades it holds. The number of teeth per inch is generally shown by manufacturers like 1,3, 5, 7 and 9. The smallest is 2/0. A scroll-saw blade with higher TPI counts takes longer to trim material, as the teeth are tighter together and less material is extracted. It’s safer to use a model that has a low TPI count if you want a blade that extracts material quickly.


best scroll saw blades

What is the best scroll saw for the money?

For the money, the best scroll saw is a Delta Power Tools 40-694. It has an adjustable speed and a variable two-finger trigger. This scroll saw is also affordable.

Is more teeth on a scroll saw blade better?

More teeth on a saw blade are better because it can cut with more efficiency.

The Best Scroll Saw Blades of 2020

These are our best choice of Scroll Saw Blades on the market at the moment.


Highly Recommends:

1. Flying Dutchman- Best Scroll Saw Blade

Flying Dutchman scroll saws are made of high-grade hard-hardened steel in Germany. These pinless blades have spiral-like teeth, which allows 360 degrees of shearing efficiency to circles along the blade’s shaft.

What separates them is that these blades have teeth on both sides instead of making a band. The teeth then coil up the shaft to provide a cleaner finish and a wider cutting surface. These spiral blades can be easily pushed in any direction and are ideal for close angles and curves.

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2. Olson Saw PG49802 – Accurate and Fast Blade

The Olson Saw PG49802 is designed to provide performance and precision when cutting materials with double reverse teeth.

One of the key advantages of this blade is the toughness and simplicity of cutting sturdy material such as hardwood. This blade, with some sort of scroll, saw on the market offers you a high degree of manoeuvrability.

At all they are pinless, meaning that they are conveniently fitted comfortably on any new scroll saw. With this order, you receive no less than 18 blades. The cuts vary from 3/16 to 1/2 inches in various capabilities. They are also very flexible. This blade is best scroll saw blades for hardwood.

Pros & Cons

  • May easily and reliably cut through hardwood
  • It uses a pinless style. Suitable for current scrolls
  • Effective management when cutting some form of material
  • Sustainable and robust.
  • The blades are heavy and not fine to cut

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3. Olson Saw FR43001 – Hobby Scroll Saw Blade

This blade acts as a perfect candidate for newcomers to scroll scrolling people. But that doesn’t mean that it is less than the fact that the use of a scroll screw can be simpler and better understood.

It comes with a 6-pack, so a new blade should still be available. These blades are made from 15 TPI and have skip teeth for the cutting through wood, plastic and thinner metals. Another explanation of why they are perfect blades to learn with is this flexibility.

They are 3 inches shorter than other animals so that you can limit the stock size. It’s also cheap, again another explanation why for beginners they’re perfect.

The only minor consideration is that the blades are pinned and thus sharper than the pinless version, which limits their usefulness in the cutting of smaller and more complicated ideas.

  • These blades are easy to use for beginners
  • It comes with a 6- pack
  • These blades equipped with skip-style teeth
  • Blades are thicker than pinless variety

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4. Olson Saw SP46500- 360 Degree Cutting Scroll Saw Blades

Its spiral blade-style characterises the Olson SP46500 from the rest of the competition. It offers 360-degree cutting capability, from hardwood to plastic, in a wide variety of materials.

This blade is extremely manoeuvrable so that it can be sliced in any direction, and it can be used with very complicated designs. It’s also made from a high-carbon composite made of steel, which makes it very durable and durable.

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With this order, you get a pack of 12 blades which should be appropriate for both DIY and technical use. The price is competitive, too. This model is one of the best sight-blades you can purchase for spiral scrolls.

The only thing is that this blade has no guidance at all. In certain fabrics, it may even leave a rough cut such that finishing work is required.

  • With its 360-grade cutting ability, it can cut in either direction.
  • It is made of carbon steel. Made of high steel. Quite long-living and robust
  • Concurring price. Strong value
  • Any products can be roughly cut
  • Do not have any instructions

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5. Bosch SS5-20 – High and Durable quality

The Bosch SS5-20 is a truly robust and durable blade. It can be used to cut heavy materials such as hardwood, so it doesn’t crack easily.

Four blades of the same size are withdrawn from the box. They have been sharpened to provide a consistent cut. And, since they use a pin end device, they are easy to mount.

The most flexibility, particularly when cutting aluminium plates, is one of the best things we like about this blade. Overall, this unit is one of the strongest sheets for metal and hardwood due to its heavy-duty and robust structure.

  • Excellent build.Sustainable and robust.
  • Excellent price. Great value
  • Multi-faceted. It even can cut metal.
  • The blade was correctly sharpened to give a steady cut.
  • Hard to use for complicated cutting
  • Just four blades are available

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As we saw, the scroll saw blade is available with several lengths, sizes and capacity to cut. For a specific case situation, each blade is built.

If you have a scroll saw or you intend to have one, then investing in some better scroll saw blades is always safest.



Which saw blade makes the smoothest cut?

Generally, blade type does not make a huge difference in the cut quality. It is the sharpness of the blade that counts.

What is the difference between pinned and pinless scroll saw blades?

There is not much of difference between pinned and pinless scroll saw blades. But the pinned blade is cheaper and made with a single piece of blade while the pinless scroll saw blade is costly and is made with multiple blades.


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