Top 8 Best Rain Gauge Reviews

For the farmers, the weather enthusiasts and professional gardeners a rain gauge is crucial for most essential equipment. This rain gauge is useful to measure the amount of rainfall in that particular area. With this tool’s help, the farmers can plan what types of crops to produce or save water or to keep an eye on the climatic conditions. Here we are providing a list of best rain gauges that will help you to deal with these tasks.

Before getting into the task, we need to consider a few specifications and how they will help us.


It would be best to find a best rain gauge that gives the most precise value of the rainfall. If your livelihood depends on the rainfall amount in your area, you should consider the rain gauge that will give you the accurate and precise results.


Generally, you have some knowledge about the rainfall and other climatic factors in your area. So according to factors and the climatic conditions, you need to choose the rain gauge that fits your capacity. If you are living in a wet area, then you need the rain gauge that has a greater capacity.


If you are working in a place that has strong winds, sleet and hails you need to invest money on the best rain gauge that has more durability than the others.


Many modern rain gauges are coming with the latest technology. You can measure the amount of rainfall in a particular area without even going to that place. You can monitor the changes from the home or your office.

Top 8 Best Rain Gauge

1/AcuRite 00899 Wireless Best Rain Gauge

This is the best all-rounder in the market. This gauge is flexible and durable and gives you the accurate and more precise measurement of the rainfall.

The design of the rain gauge is a simple bucket like which can be placed anywhere. This tool comes with a self-emptying capacity, that means it can measure an unlimited amount of rainfall in that area. This tool provides the measurement in inches and mm according to your comfort. This tool comes with a display that helps you to read the measurement without errors. It also alerts when the rainfall is started and also alerts if it reaches specific capacities.

The display can also be used as a clock or a calendar. It comes with a one year warranty.

  • Simple bucket type design
  • Easy to use anywhere
  • Self-emptying capacity
  • Use of technology
  • The wireless range is about 75mts only

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2/AcuRite 00850A2 Best Rain gauges

If you need a rain gauge at a low price, then it will be the best choice for you. It can measure the amount of rainfall in your area. This is an ideal and compact rain gauge.

The basic design of this rain gauge is suitable to place this in the garden. It comes with a capacity of 4/100 mm. It is more than enough for primary climatic conditions. It comes with a magnifying reader that helps to read and take the measurements accurately.

It is made up of hard plastic materials so it can be used in any type of environmental conditions.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • No installation required
  • Magnifying reader
  • Low price
  • Basic accuracy measurement
  • No durability guaranteed

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3/Outback Blue Large 250mm Best Rain Gauge

If you are maintaining a plantation farm or agricultural land, then you need to keep an eye on the amount of the rainfall and other climatic conditions. If you are having these, then you need to track the rainfall for a more extended period. This will help you to complete all the tasks.

The gauge is made with a polycarbonate plastic material that will handle all types of environmental conditions. By the way, it is also UV resistant. It can measure up to 250mm of rainfall which is a larger capacity that is available in the market.

It can be placed in different kinds of locations. It can even read the measurements with 0.5 mm variations.

  • Large capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with UV protection
  • Can measure 0.5mm
  • The inner tube can be fiddly to read in harsh climatic conditions

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4/TFA 47.100 Best Rain Gauge 

If you need to track the local rainfall conditions which will affect your gardening, then you need a compact and straightforward tool that will help this task. If you are looking for this, then this device is a perfect choice for you.

It comes with a holder that can be used in any type of area. The device requires no installation or assembly. It comes with a maximum capacity of 40mm. It has clear indications to see the amount of rainfall. It is a German-made device. So you don’t have to worry about the quality and the performance of the tool.

  • Easy and simple design
  • Compact and small
  • Easy to use
  • Tracking ring for manual measurement
  • The capacity is minimal

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5/Netatmo NRG01-WW  Best Rain Gauge

Netatmo is the leader in measuring the amount of rainfall, wind speed, humidity etc. It comes with an overall capacity of 150mm. It can measure the readings from 1mm. It can measure the accurate and most precise amount of rainfall in your area.

It is straightforward and can be monitored through a mobile phone with the help of an app. It comes with smart home support and custom notification preferences to help you to track anywhere at any time.

  • Highly accurate
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Multiple connectivities
  • Monitor through an app
  • 100mm range
  • Not suitable for heavy rainfall areas

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6/OutdoorHome 150mm Best Rain Gauge

If you are working in a highly exposed environment like high rainfall areas, then you must have this gauge with you to measure the larger capacities. This rain gauge is a hybrid between Outback Blue and TFA which we have discussed earlier.

This gauge is made with highly durable plastic material. It comes with UV resistant. It can measure about 150 mm of rainfall. This company also offers 30 days money-back guarantee if this rain gauge does not fit in your climatic conditions.

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Unbreakable
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to read
  • Slightly inaccurate

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7/AMTAST Digital Wireless Rain Gauge

This is a digital rain gauge. This comes with a bucket type design. It captures the amount of rainfall in the area and sends it to a separate monitor which works wirelessly. If you want a rain gauge which has a more wireless range, then it will be perfect for you. The range of this rain gauge is 100m.

  • Detailed display
  • Measures indoor and outdoor temperature
  • 100m wireless range
  • Time and date
  • Time zone settings
  • Slightly inaccurate
  • Not suitable for harsh conditions

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8/ECOWITT WH5360B High Precision Rain Gauge

This is the most accurate rain gauge that is available in the market. It includes many of the features that come with most of the rain gauges, as discussed earlier. It comes with a bucket type design. It comes with a digital screen that helps you to see the results quickly. It can measure 0.1 mm of rainfall.

  • Great precision
  • Can measure 0.1mm
  • Comes with a digital screen
  • Displays rain rate, rain event
  • Rainfall total in a day, weekly and monthly
  • Slightly higher price

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