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Best Propane Generator Reviews

When you do not have any access to electricity, this best propane generator can provide you a reliable, relatively clean power source. If you’re using the right model, that is real. It can be challenging to find the right propane generator to fit your requirements. We have assembled a collection of today’s leading models in order to make things a bit easier for you.

Our leading 5 Best Propane Generator Currently On The Market

1/Duromax  Generator Propane XP12000EH

The propane generator Duromax XP12000EH is a giant of a machine which shrieks in the first place. Its dual fuel capability allows you to use gasoline or the propane. The XP12000EH weighs in at 224 lbs, but is not portable. However, its 12000 watts of power can generate more than the makeup for this. Your freezer, refrigerator, other devices, or even the air conditioner can control this heavy duty design.

The setting of propane runs neatly and also relatively silently. No device of this kind is whisper quiet, and noise dampening technologies are used in this design. It operates at 72 decibels or so, which is no more noisy than your vacuum cleaner.

Vibrations are cut back by the independent motor mounts, minimizing sound.

  • Constructed to last
  • Technology for noise dampening
  • Generates ample power to run the entire home
  • With just the flick of a button, transitions from gasoline fuel to propane fuel
  • Pleasant to the consumer and has an instantaneous start feature
  • The wheels being plastic are not very heavy.
  • Auto-idle can’t be used while using propane fuel

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It is unlikely to overwhelm this model with 5 outlets with different capacities placed on individual breakers. A solid metal frame, keeping its motor firm, is strong and durable. Noise and  Vibration are maintained to minimum, that is remarkable than the power output given.

You get approximately many hours of power with a high fuel ability. Plug a fuel tank weighing 100 pounds of propane and you will get around 32 hours of gas. This model, whatever you choose, will run at 120V or 240V.

The device even has an auto shut-off while the oil runs low, in addition to individual breakers to every outlet. Duromax has also taken sufficient precaution to avoid the motor from burning out unexpectedly.

You can choose to use the idle function in gasoline mode. The device puts out lesser RPMs to save the fuel in this mode. Overall, you will love this DuroMax XP12000EH generator if you want loads of energy.

2/Champion Propane Generator  8000

In the U.S., Champion has gained a reputation for its quality engineering. On both LPG or gasoline, this Champion generator can work. About  8000 running watts are provided and will surges of up to 10000W are handled. Your appliances and even an HVAC system will be operated by this model.

It seems to have a runtime of about 5 to 8 hours on a heavily loaded full tank of the gasoline. Isn’t quite as fuel efficient as the Duromax designs, but it is more lighter and compact.  It operates at 74 decibels or more, so it is a little bit louder than other ones.

It is the compact construction and build quality that won our list a place for the Champion 8000. When required, the durable wheels  and foldable handles make it easier to store.

To defend this generator from any surges, Champion utilizes its Volt Guard technology. This choice has an electrical starter and arrives with a long lasting, high quality battery.

A little thing which appealed to us was that, with this design, you get oil. You wouldn’t do  with the other choices on this list. hIf you really do not get the gasoline, it is not a dealbreaker, however having this with the purchase saves you a ride to the hardware shop.

  • Plenty of electricity
  • Reasonable runtime
  • Outlet is GFCI protected
  • Out of the packaging, ready to use
  • Transportation and easy to operate
  • Somewhat more noisy than other models
  • The price is bit higher than other alternatives,

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Will you pick the Duromax or the Champion?

This query is one which we have thoroughly examined. More fuel efficient and less costly are these Duromax models. It is indeed tough to argue, however, with the Champion’s 8000 quality.

Overall, we conclude that Champion provides reliable results and that outstanding customer support is offered by the company. The wheels are also of a better quality, there is no doubt. It is very well worth it considering the design of the handle and also the portable nature of the design overall.

3/Duromax Propane Generator Portable XP4850EH

The DuroMax portable propane generator XP4850EH, another dual fuel design, generates upto 4850 watts. Your refrigerator, sump pump, freezer, and few lights are enough to operate. Your HVAC machine may not be working, but you will love the lower fuel consumption which you get here.

You raise the run time significantly with the capacity to burn propane and gasoline. On a total this propane fuel tank, you will get around 48 hrs of power.

At 69 db, the XP4850EH generator works, so it’s just as loud as a lawnmower. The low volume would be welcomed by you and also your neighbours.

  • For average household, a sensible size

  • Affordable to run

  • Outstanding value for your money

  • Low maintenance on propane running

  • Runs for approximately 48 hours

  • Occasionally, you should operate it on gasoline which hold the seals moist.

  • The guarantee protects parts but not the labor.

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Starting with this model is as straightforward as just turning the key. The solid frame keeps the generator in place securely. The only issue about its construction  is the wheels.  Just like with the XP12000EH model, the wheels of XP4850EH’s  are not the best. Within 1 or 2 year , they will flatten. This is not a deal-breaker you could buy substitutes of higher quality easily enough. This model’s efficiency and power output  make up for the lower quality wheels.

What we admire most about this design is that it works so cost effectively. It can operate for hours and also be practically maintenance free when you run it exclusively on the propane form of fuel. You’re not going to have to change the oil as much, too.

4/Champion Propane Portable Generator 3400

In contrast to others, this portable generator Champion 3400 is lightweight. It generates up to 3400W and lasts upto 7.5 hrs. It reached our list since it is an inverter generator for propane and gas, built to be used with sensitive electronics. It won’t run  the large appliances all at once for this purpose. However, without even blowing them up, this will power your oven and similar tiny gadgets!

On an out tailgating or camping trip, is where this choice really shines. This is the most compact product on our list, with just 96 pounds. You will have enough fuel for a longer weekend of camping with just a few 20 pound bottles of propane, with some to reserve.

This generator works very silently with a sound levels of just 59 decibels. When you are tailgating, it will not annoy your neighbors or interfere with the music.

You could plug it and go when you have an RV. It does have an RV 120V 30A outlet, a DC 12V outlet, and two household 120V 20A outlets. There is a dual USB adapter on the 12V socket, enabling you to power the mobile devices when necessary.

  • Portable
  • Includes Cold Start technology to start easily on cold days
  • Inverter Generator
  • Versatile
  • Fuel efficient
  • Lower Output Power
  • Heavier than we would have wanted

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It might be a wise investment to purchase an inverter generator for charging your phones and other gadgets during power outages. This tiny Champion is economical and provides outstanding fuel efficiency.

5/Westinghouse Generator Propane WGEN9500DF

The WGEN9500DF from Westinghouse is known as portable generator. We are not sure it counts at 230 lbs, but it does seem to have the wheels which makes life easier. Your sump pump, freezer, refrigerator, and appliances are powered by this model. In a small house, you also can run an air conditioner.

For 6.6 gallons of fuel, the run time is about 12 hours. Just hook up the tank of 100 pounds of propane, and you will  triple your runtime.

It is easy to run this device. You can use a normal cord hookup to control the household appliances. The monitor informs you the output voltage, frequency,  and hours of lifetime. Including a fuel gauge which is easy to read.

Getting a remote is not necessary, but on colder days it comes in handy and it works from about 109 yards away. The controls are easy, and using the device is easy to understand.

  • Maintenance is easy
  • Great for an camper or RV
  • Fuel Source are either gas or propane
  • Reasonably priced with technical assistance for lifetime
  • Users friendly
  • Remote Operation
  • Before the fuel storage, you should drain it.
  • Weighs 230 lbs

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Overall, more thinking has been put into this design by Westinghouse. The standard of the construction is strong, and each model arrives with a warranty coverage for three years. The engine is inexpensive to run and simple to control.

Will the remote be crucial? No, but it is pretty good to have. You will love being able to begin the motor from inside the  house when you reside in a colder environment.

At 230 lbs, be warned, it isn’t a lightweight type. We don’t really want to take this tailgate with us, but it’s great for a home or camper.

FAQs  of Best Generator Propane

Propane Generators’ Advantages

Among the advantages of the top propane generators are:

  • Convenient- Finding propane is easy. Also, handling is much better than with gasoline.
  • Propane will not Expire- The generator does not need to be winterized as well as the propane could be kept for occasional use.
  • Environmentally Friendly- You still have to keep your generator outdoors, but propane is a form of fuel which is cleaner than petrol.

Are these propane generators efficient?

The propane generator is a best alternative power option and generates less BTUs than others does for gasoline. There is much more to performance, however, than just the power output. Propane burns the cleaner, which has a lesser footprint of carbon than the gasoline. Gasoline creates more carbon residues than propane in the engine, whereas propane decreases the cost of maintenance over years.

Who’s making best propane generator?

The result is that between DuroMax and Champion it is a toss up. Champion offers a better quality interface, streamlined models, and outstanding customer service. In terms of price and fuel efficiency, however, DuroMax wins.

You will have to determine which characteristics are more essential to you. For us, the lower operating cost of DuroMax eventually wins out.

How much of propane do a  generator use for an hour?

The response will depend mostly on the unit’s power. About 3.44 gallons is burned per hour for a 20 KW unit. Usage rises to 6.1 gallons an hour for a 35 KW unit. Connecting fewer devices would save propane.

What In A Propane Generator To Look For

The bulk of generator stem complaints  from customers purchasing the wrong product for their requirements. Before making your final decision, it is important to carefully analyse what you need to power.

To get a better idea of what the generator you want should have, take a look at this list of characteristics and their brief explanations.


Start by measuring how much electricity you want. You would need a more efficient generator when you want more electricity. For instance, it takes less energy to operate a portable smoker or some lights  whereas camping requires lower power than your entire house at shutdown.

A model which puts out about 4000W to 5000W will be needed to power a sump pump, lights,  freezer, and the refrigerator in your house. You will have to suggest a 9000W to 10000W model, at least, when you’d also want to run the HVAC system. Since it will damage the engine, stop overloading the generator.


How quick the unit is to start greatly affects the user experience. There will be an electric starter or a recoil starter for your generator.

The electric starter is much more comfortable because to begin the machine, you only have to turn a switch or hit a button. The disadvantage of this electric starter is that, if you have exhausted your generator’s battery, it will not work.

With a ripcord, the recoil type works. They’re close to what you’ll find on a chainsaw or lawnmower. There are less moving parts in the generators with these cables, making maintenance simpler. To make these generators work, you will not want battery power, and they are typically cheaper than the electric starter versions.

Wheels And Portability

The larger and stronger the engine , the bulkier it is. The 11000 watt design would weigh 300 pounds, for instance. If you’ve used the generator to power your house, the weight is not much of a concern because you won’t have to lug your generator around very much.

Even though we do suggest having a wheeled model. If you’d like to pack away your generator or relocate this to a new place, the wheels come in handy.

Weight becomes a big factor if you really need strength when camping or tailgating. Fortunately, when tailgating or camping, your requirements are not as comprehensive as if you were running a home. There should be enough power generated by a small and portable generator.

Readings And Gauges

Simpler methods for portable generators are commonly extra priced. Usually, expensive brands have LCD displays that give you a proper readout of various settings. Smart models that link to an app can also be noticed. These allow you to change the options on your phone.

Such characteristics are interesting but not necessary. To show you how much propane is taken, all you really need is a tracker. Some models include a tracker which shows the current levels. Others only have a light when the propane starts to run low, which switches on.

Useful is any type of tracker. Only make sure that there is some kind of indication on the model you choose. If it doesn’t, at all stages, you’ll need to have a spare propane tank on hand.

It is also helpful to have an oil level indicator in addition to the fuel level tracker. You could harm the motor if your machine is running out of oil.

Automatic Switch Off

One functionality we think are necessary is an auto shut down. Look for a pattern that shuts down the device when:

  • Overheating engine
  • The oil’s running out
  • The levels of fuel are too poor,


Should you buy, to save enough for the better one, the lowest priced option? We always choose for quality over price as a rule. Cheap versions never live up to the high standards of the manufacturer. After the guarantee expires, they still hardly ever last long.

It’s best to stick to a high quality, trustworthy brand. Don’t be won over by features you’re rarely even going to use.


Here is where you invest a few hundred dollars, so look for a reasonable guarantee. One to three years is the industry norm. Once you’re testing the assurance, also look at what the insurance terms are.

For instance, with the portable generator Duromax XP4850EH, the warranty covers components, but not necessarily labor. It’s easy to replace a part or two if you’re handy with machinery. If not, a model with a more strong warranty would need to be purchased.

The Best Generators of Propane: Conclusion

From their own terms, all the generators we have described are excellent models, none of these will let you down. Picking an overall winner this time wasn’t easy. The Duromax XP12000EH generator, however, holds the title of Top Propane Generator when you factor in quality, fuel efficiency, and return on investment.