Best Projector Under 500$ Review & Buying Guide

Now, I’ll deal with among you the list of FullHD best projector under 500$ . But, before I do one. I need to request you something.

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In all three cases, a normal-sized layout is not working to operate for you anymore.

The leading entertainment, expert meetings, and business offerings are only likely if you hold the most reliable projectors at your home.

Best Projector Under 500

List of Best Projector Under 500 Review

1.ViewSonic 3600 Lumens WXGA High Brightness Projectors

My Viewpoints:

Suppose you need a complete answer for the house also a business. I would recommend this ViewSonic PA503W. Furthermore, it gives excellent advanced pieces for an affordable cost. So, this is the first moment under 500 buyers projector on our account.


Viewsonic is a WXGA DLP projector. It appears with 36000 Lumens, which guarantees excellent color precision with a disparity proportion of up to 22000:1. That is why we get an attractive image position. It promotes 1.1x optical zoom with a vertical lens (+/-40 degree). Unlike the previous report PA503X, its features proportion is 16:10.

Bottom Line:

  • I obtained this projector the best for training and small business. But, Earlier, BenQ MH530FHD was right in 2019, but slightly, it is perfect for home users. On the other hand, ViewSonic gives more diversity and features ratio than BenQ. That’s is why I bought it in the second place on our table.

Office Presentations

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2.Epson VS250 SVGA projectors

My Viewpoints:

My record of top projectors is not likely until I added any projector for daily business shows. Still, My study on getting the best one, particularly for presents, makes with Epson VS250.


The Epson VS250 is one of the various popular compact projectors from Epson. It gives a full assortment of connectivity and adaptability benefits, including tablets, Smartphones, laptops/computers, Gaming consoles, and several others. If it happens to the projector’s illumination, it gives 3,200 lumens with a contrast ratio of up to 15000:1.

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Bottom line:

  • After connecting it with other models, I decided it best in brightness times, contrast including specific, vivid color scale. Therefore, I can confirm this projector to everyone – whether you’re watching for home theater on either business occasions, it won’t deceive you. But, I think it the best for building displays.

Best 1080p projector under 500

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3.ViewSonic 1080p Px700HD Projectors

My viewpoints:

When it happens to HD projector 1080p below $500, my understanding only thinks of ViewSonic PX700HD. I study it a better opportunity for both house and games. So this is our third projector on my report.


The ViewSonic Px700HD is a Complete HD (1920×1080 resolution) and 3d agreeable projector. Nevertheless, it is not a short-throw projector, just a regular one. But, it appears with decreased input latency to improve the gaming activity. Plus, it has SuperColor technology, which guarantees a wide color scale for perfect images.

Bottom Line:

  • ViewSonic performed this projector having gamers in memory. That’s is why ViewSonic has put its extraordinary efforts to improve the gaming action. Whether it is cinematic or reduced input latency, we get even images without any end in results. So, This is your gaming projector for under $500.

Best for Gaming

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4.Optoma HD143X resolution 1080P 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

My Views:

Optoma HD143X is a different choice if you want a home theater projector. Above both, projectors are also useful for home users, but they are also affordable. That’s why I bought this projector in fourth place on our list. Moving a fancy projector, it offers unique characteristics and seasoned technologies if connected to others.

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The Optoma HD143x is a complete HD DLP home theater projector. It appears with 3000 Lumens of illumination for lights-on viewing. It allows a throw ratio from 1.47ft to 1.62ft with 1.1x visible zoom. It also helps MHL with protection project measurement from 28 to 301 inches. Unlike BenQ and ViewSonic, it has 10w in-built speakers, whereas BenQ and ViewSonic begin with 2W.

Bottom Line:

  • This projector below 500 bucks allows excellent characteristics, whether it is its purpose, contrast ratio, or illumination. Suppose you are a big-screen fan before you don’t find any more good projector than this. Nevertheless, it is a bit costly if connected to others, but deserving the money.

Home Theater Projector Under $500

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5.BenQ MH535FHD 1080P Home Theater Projector

My Viewpoints:

The Benq MH535FHD is my fifth-time favorite projector under 500 buck in courses of brightness, inequality, adaptability, and even lamp life. If you understand the guide below, you might know how? I am using this projector in the fifth position on our listing.


Benq MH535FDH is an excellent choice for home users. It is a DLP example of the projector and allows us to watch movies, games, or any full HD content. It offers a high variance ratio of 15000:1, which guarantees high-quality pictures without any concentration or downscaling.


  • I’ve done this projector for many years outdoors without any issues. However, I concluded that in-built speakers are not beyond my expectations. If you require to buy a projector for home performance, this Benq MH535FDH will be the most suitable option. In other reports, it is your home theater projector.
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FAQs: Most Popular Questions Explained

What is the best home theater projector?

There is no uncertainty; our first projector on the table – ViewSonic PA503W can quickly exceed others if home plus small business projectors are concerned.

How to make a projector at home?

It depends on your requirements. If you need to buy a suitable projector for outdoor use, you have to contribute around $500 to $1000. On the other hand, if you want indoor designs, go for a projector for under $500.

Can I expect a 4K projector under $500?

No, you can’t. I didn’t find any $500 projector that offers 4k resolution. Application, you have to use some more extra or review my article.


Chaps, It is a chance to wrap up this article. In this article, I tried to incorporate projectors to change every type of person from home users to gamers.

All projectors which I am dealing with you guys are examined and reviewed by me. I practiced them for several months, then sharing my practice with you.

Or You can refer to non smart TV.



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