Top 6 Best Parts Washer Solvent Good Review

What are parts washer solvents or parts cleaner solvents?

The best parts washer solvent is one of the critical and essential products used in cleaning the dirt, grease, grime oil and others from the rims, engines and tires. These parts washer solvents clean the dirt and make the parts shine without leaving any white residues. These parts washer solvents pleasant fragrance as they are made with herbal materials.

How to use parts washers or parts cleaners?

Parts washers are a type of equipment used to remove any debris like grime oil, grease, carbon oil, metal chips, grime, dirt, cutting fluids, ink, paint, mold release agents and corrosion from any working parts. These are used in manufacturing and remanufacturing processes. These parts washers are designed to clean, degrease and dry bulk small or large parts that are used in preparation for assembly, inspection, surface treatment, packaging and distribution.

These parts washers are simple as a simple on a drum, which you usually see in automobile shops. There are several ways to use a parts washer. Higher mechanical energies and higher temperatures are the best and effective ways to remove any of this debris. Generally, ten to fifteen-degree temperatures will increase the rate of chemical reaction that will speed up cleaning. If you use temperatures above 170℉, the grease and other oils start melting. This will give you faster cleaning and good results.

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Where to buy part washer parts?

You can buy part washer parts online. If you did not get your part washer parts online, you could go to the local hardware stores to buy them. If you want to buy already used parts, you can consider buying on eBay, a great online platform where you can buy original parts or second-hand parts, or even you can sell them there.

Best Parts Washer Solvent

Top 6 Best parts washer solvent

1.Simple Green Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser – Best auto parts cleaner

This is the most inexpensive parts washer solvent that many people trust. This is one of the most widely used cleaners on the market. There are a lot of big reasons to buy this product. This is mostly used to clean auto parts. It is a VOC compliant product. It can be used safely on any material. You can also use this product on engine or engine parts as a degreaser or a cleaner. This product is non-toxic so that it can be used safely. It is non-abrasive and non-corrosive; hence it can be used on any material. This also produces a pleasant smell.

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2.B’laster 128-PWS Industrial Strength Parts Washer Solvent – Product Engine parts cleaner

This product is one of the most excellent products to remove grease, oils and metal oils. This product is a hundred times better than other mineral-based solvents that are available in the market. This solvent can remove grime and oils from any metal surface. This product can be used on plastic materials also. Another best feature of this solvent is that it cleans any material without leaving any residue. This makes it perfect for any surface. This product smells like deodorized mineral spirits or scents. Keep in mind that this product is a petroleum-based one, and it does not come at a heap price.

  • It cuts oil and grease like a carb cleaner
  • Petroleum-based solvent
  • It doesn’t leave parts residue
  • Safe on metals
  • Expensive

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3.CRC 05067 Parts Washer Solvent – Mineral-based parts washer solvent

If you are looking for a mineral-based parts washer solvent, this might be the one you are looking for. It will clean everything. It is also non-corrosive, so it can be used on aluminum, which makes it look good. One remarkable thing is that this product is legal in California as it comes with a low VOC. This product is not aggressive as other products, but it can remove oil and grease on any surface. Since it is not an aggressive product, you need to follow some steps before cleaning with this one. First, you need to clean the parts with a brush and then soak it in the water. That’s all it will create a wonder.

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4.Oil Eater Original 1 Gallon Cleaner/Degreaser – Water-based parts washer solvent

This is one of the fastest cleaning products that are available on the market. This product uses eaters oil formula, which is an industrial-grade formula. As the name suggests, this product is always hungry to clean. This product will quickly decrease the oils and other grime oils. This product is a water-based one, so it is biodegradable and safe for the environment. But this product is a concentrated one, so you need to dilute this before using it. So you can use this product for two types of work. If you want to remove a small number of oils, you can use it as a diluted one. If you want to remove heavy-duty oils, then you can use this product as a concentrated one.

  • Eco-friendly cleaning solvent
  • It comes concentrated
  • Works fast to remove residue
  • All-in-one cleaning solution

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5.Simple Green 19128 Crystal Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser – Automotive parts cleaner

When you want to buy a cleaner that comes eco friendly, consider the products from simple green companies as this company knows how to make the best eco-friendly cleaners or products. This is also a water-based cleaner that is useful to remove stains and to challenge grease. This is also a fragrance-free solution, so if your products do not need smell, then go for this without any hesitation. It can be used to clean the bike chains also. So it can be used as an automotive parts cleaner. It is also non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-hazardous and VOC compliant. If you want to describe it in simple terms, it is the safest product.

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6.Graymills M5005-141 5 Gallons Cleaning Solvent – Best parts cleaner solvent

If you want a product that gives you around performance, then this one’s for you. This product comes with special degreasing formulated fluid that outperforms many other water-based products. This product comes with an industrial-grade strength that is easy to clean automotive parts. This product is a low odor one, so you can use it comfortably without any odors.

  • Ideal for heavy-duty cleaning
  • High flash point solvent
  • It meets VOC regulations
  • Non-hazardous
  • It cannot be used as pre-painting processes

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Parts washer fluid buying guide

Different cleaning applications require different kinds of solvents and different kinds of the cleaning process. So how should I know which will be suitable for me? Let me answer this question.

High to medium usage

If you want to use the parts washer solution for all cleaning jobs, then go for the petroleum-based solutions suitable for most of the materials. If you want to use these cleaners only for repair shops and automotive parts, go for industrial-grade solvents.

Medium to low

If you want to use these solutions for everyday cleaning, go for the water-based solvents as they are readily usable. If you want to use these products for mechanical parts, then go for allrounders.




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