Top 11 Best Nail Pullers In 2021

Finding the inaccurate spot or angle to nail can even lead to the better of us while focusing on our long-delayed project.

You can end up with missing, bent fasteners as well as lifeless pullers which is very irritating when operating.

When it happens, you can remove your nails using a conventional hammer, which may be fearful of breaking the wood.

The good news that you can expect is that they are many specifically designed nail pullers that make your work easy and also make sure that it causes minimum or no harm while pulling out the nail.

You will need a different form of pullers based on the tasks that you usually bring out, and that is where this article can help you.

From this article you will be able to find the best nail pullers that satisfies your needs and I assure you that you’ll find a best nail puller that suits your needs exactly by reading this post.

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List Of Best Best Nail Pullers

1) NP11 Crescent Nail Remover

The Half-moon NP11 Nail Picking convenient pliers are shorter than most “11”nail removers, but they work as you need. They are built of steel, making them tough and reliable so that they can be used for a long time and in all kinds of climates.

As the handles are coated by rubber grips that make it easy to utilize the tool so that your hands will not pain or have sores.

You have to apply energy after squeezing the goal nail to extract nails. Because of the obvious tiny size of such pliers, lots of pressure needs to be applied and when dealing with strongly fixed nails, it can be demanding.

  • Secure on the timber
  • Efficient
  • Not tied to a particular nail size
  • Compact Size
  • Bends nails
  • Lacks sufficient leverage

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2) 21-2028 Shark CORP Nail Remover

It is made up of solid steel alloy which gives the remover the strength characteristics and ability to face Rough surroundings. The resistant steel is balanced to assure that when you take out rough nails, it shouldn’t stop chipping or bending.

It has an 11″ length that gives you complete leverage without that much effort to remove small and mid nails.” It makes the operation much simpler by giving more torque in the round heads.

In an existing building, the nails are powerful to hold on inserted headless nails, making them very flexible.

  • Compact Size
  • Sustainable
  • Excellent for tiny nails
  • Does not have leverage
  • Has no hold on rubber

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3) EX9CL Dead On Tools Nail Remover

In the building industry, Died tools were famous and this only shows that their instruments are excellent. It has distinctive features that were hardly find in the other nail pullers.

The EX9CL Dead On Tools is made up of long-lasting material that can resist a ton of work. It is ideal for specialists who need frequent use of nail cutters because of its strong and resilient framework.

It has a length of 10-5/8″ , which works great for pulling up to 3″ long nails. For strongly fixed nails, its claws can dig and reach and are lightweight used in certain tough to reach areas.

It has additional features that add around the saw wrench mostly on the side and a nail-pick that makes your toolkit a useful addition as it has additional uses.

  • For big nails, no leverage

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4) AP700 Air Locker Nail Puller

The AP700 Air Locker is built to make sure that your wood is easily pushed out by nails without damage. It uses the mechanism called air pressure that forces the nails out across the other foot. It has an air inlet of 1/4″ and functions at a level of 80 to 120 PSI. It can also eliminate the standard dimension of nails at the level of 10-20 gauges. In addition, the amount of power it holds makes your tool more valuable.

It has a complete cast alumina body which gives light to the puller. The metal body makes the longevity of the AP700 high, and can handle much work thrown in its way.

The AP700 has an accessible built nose with slim and enlarged small areas where nails are forced out. It has a rubberized handle that gives a secure grasp and protection to your hands.

  • Durable
  • Compact Size
  • Strong nail remover punch
  • Fits for soft and hard trees
  • Design of ergonomic nose
  • Consumes time
  • Inside the plunger, nails can get glued

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5) TICLW12 Stiletto Nail Remover

It is  surprisingly one of strongest thin components that is made up of  sturdy, lightweight and ideal for use in tough and big tasks. Titanium  has shock-absorbent characteristics that decrease the strength of sensations while touching.

This has a  “11.5” length that gives a good grip for a simple time .  The bar has circular edges that provide simple and comfort when using.

The claws were quite sturdy and slender to make sure your nails did not cause harm.

  • Minimised damage to wood
  • Has decent leverage
  • Comes with exposure
  • to the nail
  • Robust and light materials
  • Material absorbent from shock
  • Expensive

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6)  DWHT55524 DeWalt Nail Remover

DeWalt DWHT55524  is a famous enterprise for developing excellent equipment.  It has a “10′′ length, that makes a lever tiny and applicable for pulling small to mid sized nails with less force.

It has a nail display that allows the nail to be visible to minimal impact. If the nail has been exposed, the claws can quickly grasp and extract it.  The claws were curved and thin to dig, which decreased  the harm and made the job simpler. It has a narrow face that makes sure less loss when taking or scratching nails.

It also has an I-shaped beam that fits fine for small and medium nails.This is not appropriate to put too much pressure  as it ends up  with breaking of lightweight material. Since the edges are not smooth, the shaft is a tiny bit hard.

  • Beveled claws
  • Has a nail exposure
  • May break if too much force is applied

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7) DEP12 Estwing Nail Puller

A tool designed for those searching for a mild but reliable nail remover is the Estwing DEP12 Nail puller. It is manufactured of steel, which gives it flexibility and durability in setting, and secures that it provides you with long-term service.

It is in elongated shape to provide more support for your work. So you can provide the least energy to discharge nails, this makes the operation effortless. To maximize torque, the heads are squared, presenting your work simpler.

The Estwing has claws on either side for further adjustability. The claws were tucked on one end to create a digger that digs forests to reach out the nails, and it has slim flat claws on another end to stay on any opened nail. Even when operating with deeply buried fasteners, this makes your job easy.

In order to enter, it is hard to reach areas where claws are blank, which gives you an advantage when you work even with tiny nails.

  • Durable
  • Slim to suit hard to get to places
  • Its length provides enough leverage
  • May damage wood
  • Not suitable for long-nail removal

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8) HAPT50SP 3PLUS Nail Puller

The HAPT50SP  3PLUS eliminates nails by moving them to the different sides of the pallet/ wooden board/ case, unlike traditional nail pullers. It achieves this by using pressurized air, which makes it a massive control tool for your tasks and is very solid.

It is composed of die-cast aluminum, which is light and simple to use. In extreme environments, the metal is also robust and can face work.

The nose is elongated and slim, so it’s tough to reach areas. As it’s very adaptable, it makes it flexible. The nails can easily extract vary from 10 to 20 gauges based on the strength and size of the nose.

It appears with a rubberized grip that makes it simple to use and comfortable.

  • Powerful
  • Compact
  • Saves time
  • Ergonomic nose to adaptability
  • Rubberized grip for comfortable use
  • Leaks air

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9) Bushnell & Vaughan 4320 Dalluge Da Bar Nail Puller

For accuracy and longevity, it is one of the high-quality pullers. It is built of cast and polished steel, making it durable and fit to heavy-duty designs. The Dalluge is designed to be few enough to bring around and to be easy to use.

It’s 14″ long, giving the user sufficient power to connect with deep nails. The sides are curved to give your hands more relaxed when you pull your nails.

The Dalluge has thin claws that allow you to slip under the nails without any harm to your wood. This makes it appropriate when you’re planning to recycle wood.

The bar contains a chrome finish that offers chipping/corrosion resistance making it ideal for long-term expertise.

  • Light and compact
  • Slender paws to avoid damage
  • Provides sufficient support
  • Contains a chrome finish for more stamina.
  • May not be able to hold headless nails

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10) Stanley FMHT55008 Nail Puller

The Stanley FatMax Claw Bar is tiny in size, but when trying to pry and remove nails from your wood, it provides quite an output. It is composed of strong spring steel, making it a sturdy claw bar that is robust.

It is heat conditioned and balanced to make it more suitable for heavy-duty work. This makes it difficult for a long time to provide you with great service.

To provide accurate penetration while prying, the edges of its claws are polished. The striking surface of this bar is smooth, allowing the claws to be pushed deeper to meet deeply embedded nails.

There is an adjustable grip on the bar that is easy to carry and protects you from the metal bar. Its grip also acts against rough environments as an insulator.

  • Easy to use
  • Durable high-carbon spring steel material
  • Compact
  • Can remove headless nails
  • Ergonomic design heads to get into small places
  • Small leverage
  • May have uneven claws
  • Only suitable for small nails

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11) Nail Puller Crescent 56

The Crescent Nail puller is 18″ deep, So it is considered one of the deepest pullers in the series. With this sort of time, when you take out your nails is impressive when you apply minimum strength to get your nail out.

It is made of tempered and polished jaws allowing it stable and perfect for challenging projects. It contains a rounded grip that is convenient and easy to hold.

Despite its larger size, it’s hard to fit in tight edges and makes it ideal for open surfaces only. The jaw is flexible for making a wide variety of nail sizes. It is also ideal for retrieving headless nails since its jaws will hold firmly on them.

  • Minimal damage to wood
  • Don’t bend your nails
  • Has a lot of leverage
  • Easily removes headless nails
  • It’s heavy
  • Inconsistent heavy

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Nail removers are particularly necessary if you’re a specialist or a daily DIYer.

They offer us a secure way to take out the wrong fasteners without ruining your wood.

Every nail remover has its individual characteristics and drawbacks, but you should choose the one that fits their specification perfectly.

It’s always safer to use a flexible nail puller to adapt to various projects.

We hope that our article could be helpful for you to find the best nail puller which is suitable for your needs…



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