Best Electronic Pet Door Reviews 2021

Dog doors are beautiful machines that give you and your pet dog complete freedom. You don’t need to go and open the door every time. Best Electronic Pet Door that come with a lot of convenience and security options.

The traditional dog doors come with many problems like you need to go and open every time, and there are also some security problems with the traditional doors. If your pet door is significant, then some other creatures or animals enter into them. These are just some problems. But there are a lot of problems in traditional doors which makes them unworthy or unappealing.

Best Electronic Pet Door

To check this problem, smart pet doors come into existence. These smart pet doors also provide security and give you peace of mind when you are sleeping or away from home. Today, in this article, we are here to discuss some of the best smart pet doors.

What is a smart pet door?

A smart pet door is a door that uses technology that helps your pets like cats or dogs to enter or leave the house. Most of the smart pet doors come with a technology called Radiofrequency Identification. This will help the doors automatically open by using the signals coming from the microchips attached to the pet or a compatible RFID collar. Most smart doors have different features like automatic opening and closing of the door, timers and security functions. These security functions will let you allow only the specified pets you choose.

A battery usually powers these smart pet doors, or a plug can directly connect them. Some of the doors come with automatic opening or closing while some other doors come with pushing technology.

Benefits of having smart pet door

There are many benefits in having smart pet doors. The most significant benefits are security reasons and peace of mind. These smart doors help the pets to enter in and go out without your assistance. The security reasons help you not to let in any other animals or pets because your pet collar comes with a microchip that signals the door and helps to open it. These smart doors also come with automatic locking technology.

The automatic lock technology is a great benefit. This will help the pet to open the door whenever your pet comes nearer to the door. Some of the other model pet doors come with weatherproof designs.

Top 3 best electronic dog door

There are a lot of smart pet doors that are available in the market. But the main problem here is what type of smart pet door to buy. Here we are listing some of the best smart pet doors that will suit you much better and make your life easier.

1/Petsafe Best Electronics pet Doors

The pet-safe electronic smart door comes with a smart key attached to the collar of the pet. Whenever the pet comes near to the door, the door will automatically open. You can adjust the sensitivity too. It can be adjusted up to two feet range. The flap must be pushed once the collar that is attached to the pet is activated. This will take your pet a little time to get used to this.

Both the pet doors and the smart keys come with batteries. This should be considered as a con because you don’t know when the battery dies. It would be best if you switched to a new battery every six months. If you are worried about the battery replacement, relax because this pet safe electronic door comes with a red light indicator whenever the battery’s power becomes low or whenever you need to change the old battery.

The smart door automatically locks whenever your pet enters the room, and the sensor loses its connection to the door. You can also choose to keep the door unlocked or locked after the pet enters the room.

Smart key features

The smart key comes with an excellent program that will let you connect up to five pets. This program will be helpful if the owner has two or more pets.


There are three types of lock control modes. They are locked, unlocked and automatic.

  • Locked mode: The locked mode does not allow any pets
  • Automatic mode: This mode will allow the pets that have the smart key
  • Unlocked mode: This mode will allow any pet including one that doesn’t have any smart keys


This smart door comes with two sizes. One is small (5 ½” x 7 ⅞”) and the other is large (11″ x 16″).

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2/Plexidor Electronic dog door 

The plexiform electronic door comes with a sliding mechanism. When compared to the sliding mechanism with the flap mechanism, the sliding mechanism will be best because it opens automatically without pushing. Like the previous one, this smart door also comes with a smart key that unlocks the door. You can also adjust the range settings up to three feet. Whenever your pet reaches the prescribed range or feet, the door will automatically open, and when the connection is lost, the door will be automatically closed.

This smart door’s main advantage is that it is not a battery-operated one, unlike the smart door that we have previously discussed. The smart door can be operated with a hardwire or directly connected to the power source.

This also comes with a heavy lock that is made up of steel. This lock will be helpful when you are leaving for a more extended period. When you purchase this smart door, it comes with two RFID sensors or collar keys. These keys are weatherproof and can be operated without the batteries.


The timers in this smart door can be adjusted like how long the door must stay open and at what time the door needs to be closed. This will also make a question arise that what if the door closes on my pet. No need to worry about this because it comes with an anti-locking system that doesn’t make your pet get stuck.


This smart door comes with a large size because the opening of the door is in a sliding mechanism. The opening of the door is 12 ⅝” wide x 19 ⅝ tall.

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3/Sureflap Microchip smart pet doors

This is an app-controlled smart door. It works with both microchips and collar sensors. When your pet does not have a smart key, this also works with a collar. This smart door also works just like other smart doors that we have discussed above. The only cons of the smart door are that it is small in size.

It is a battery-operated smart door. It works with either 4AAA batteries or 4 x C batteries. It also comes with great security features. This feature helps you to allow only pets that come with smart keys or microchips.


This comes with five unlocking features.

  • Mode one lets the pets be allowed to enter and exit when it pleases.
  • Mode two comes with only to enter but no exit.
  • Mode three comes with exit only.
  • Mode four is fully locked. No, enter no exit.
  • Mode five is a curfew timer. It allows only in specific timings.


Here the size is not a matter because it is designed for large cats and dogs. So you can buy this smart pet door without any worries.

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These are the best smart pet doors that are available in the market. So before buying this smart door for your pet, you need to analyze yourself with the following questions:

  • How large is my pet?
  • What is my budget?
  • Where to install?
  • How many pets do I have?


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