Top 11 Best Chainsaw Mills Review & Buying Guide

In any job or project that saves resources will determine whether you are productive or not. This applies to no matter what industry you are in; that is why manufacturers give attention to tools that can make your productivity and work easier and allow you to save resources. That is where this special device comes in.

This unique tool is a manual for where your chainsaw can cut the logs into the wood in a proper way. The tools have different features and specs that allow users to pick which chainsaw mills (List of best 50cc chainsaw here) suit their job the best. To aid you in finding the best device that meets your requirements, we have come up with a thorough guide.

Make sure to go through the whole guide without deciding which one to buy.

List Of Best Chainsaw Mills

1/Carmyra Chainsaw Mill

This chainsaw mill is very portable and has some best features that most experts and beginners bear in mind when buying the device. It is made out of high-grade metallic elements. Therefore, this allows the chainsaw mill to withstand the tough work of the construction industry. The construction lets you resist harsh working environments. The device is durable and can give you proper service.

This device will produce lumbers from 0.5” and 13” and is 36” wide. The lumber is long and wide enough to carry out small indoor projects. It has an accessory that lets you cut the lumber properly and let you measure the lumber thickness that you want to cut.

Another main point about the device is that in order to modify any equipment to attach the chainsaw properly. This makes the chainsaw mill work with every chainsaw device.

However, the bad part is that the chainsaw comes with bars that are not correctly aligned and calibrated in a wrong manner.

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2/Popsport Chainsaw Device

This chainsaw mill is made out of sturdy metallic material. This makes the chainsaw strong and able to withstand the wear and tear of tough projects. As it has metallic components in it, it can resist corrosion and poor environmental conditions. That means this machine is flexible and doesn’t get damaged in harsh environmental conditions.

It is not large, making it simple to bring about to different places. These chainsaw mills can withstand logs to 14 inches. Meaning you should be able to cut lumbers for your workshop, but not too large.

The chainsaw mills are simple to assemble, but make sure you don’t waste too much time using it. Make sure that it is convenient to use.

A lot of people assembled the chainsaw mill for the very first time. This is because the manual was not clear enough.

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3/Logosol Chainsaw Device

The device is a smaller form of the manufacturer’s broad sawmill line. The chainsaw mill has better plus signs if you compare it to other chainsaw mills. It comes with proper support as well. This means that you don’t have to worry about recreating a stable stand to help the wood when milling the lumber.

This sawmill has metallic elements to undergo hard usage. The two materials in the mill can withstand the wear and tear from using the chainsaw, as well as adverse environmental changes, as well as the sturdy wood. With a mix of metallic materials, it is excellent if you can get this durable chainsaw device.

It accommodates wood from small to medium size. This makes the wood great for creating medium size lumbers.

This device is easy to move around, so you can put the logs where it should be, whether you want to put it in the wild or in your backyard.

The mounting system is excellent, but it works properly with healthy horsepower as well. This chainsaw is recommended for electrical usage and make sure that the log cutting is appropriately done.

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There are no downsides to this saw. You just need potent accessories to accompany the chainsaw, you are great to go.

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4/Granberg Chainsaw Device

The chainsaw device is the best product made from the Granberg company. They are the most famous saw miller companies that produce the highest-grade and durable tools in the market.

The Granberg keeps up to its name. It has created a durable and robust chainsaw mill. This mill is created from steel and aluminum with a proper zinc coating. Therefore, it makes the chainsaw mill very durable. The whole machine also withstands corrosion from a lot of wear and tear. It also makes it weather-proof, making it an added plus to your chainsaw projects

This device can fit small to medium chainsaws. This makes the whole chainsaw mill flexible and can adapt to different types of chainsaw devices. The chainsaw can suit any drills on the bar, making the entire assembly process easy to carry out.

It can produce lumbers up to medium width and length. This device is very portable. There should not be a lot of consideration given to this model. It is lightweight and portable. It does not have any setbacks, provided that it is properly maintained and used.

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5/Norwood Chainsaw Mill

Chainsaw Mill targets creating the lumber cutting procedure easy and straightforward to carry out. This is why we have this special model. It has easy operational buttons that make the operations more comfortable and safer. However, you need to get an additional extension ladder, but it is still a great option.

This mill is made out of durable material to make it withstand harsh rain and shine situations. The built is very durable and robust, making it easy to carry out heavy-duty saw millwork.

The whole package has parts that are easy to assemble when you want to take them apart or put them together when you are carrying out work at the site. It is also very portable.

We advise you to use chainsaws of 50cc when using the device to obtain proper results. The machine can produce lumbers up to medium length.

This is an average size and works on most tree sizes.

Customers have become concerned about the quality, and it has low-grade bolts, and it can paint its accessories fast.

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6/MTN Chainsaw Device

The MTN Chainsaw has durable steel with a mix of aluminum in it. This makes them part of the MTN chainsaw durable without going through any sawmill jobs. It is made out of sturdy materials that make it strong. It is also waterproof. This means that you can use the machine when it is at a rough construction workplace.

The device can cut wood from 0.5″ to 12″ of the wood thickness up to a 24″ width with accuracy. The package has durable bars when measuring the wood, which cuts down time and resources.

It also lets you assemble the chainsaw without any pre-drilled holes in the device. The chainsaws to attach the chainsaw to it should be the right power outlet.

The device is portable. This makes it rather useful when working far into the woodlands. It also comes with a rubber grip handle making it carry out the work.

The only wrong side of the mill is that the measurements are not always accurate.

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7/ZhouTrade Chainsaw Mill

ZhouTrade is made for both experts and beginners and it has a lot of high level of features and is simple to use. It has high-grade metallic components, making the device always strong enough to withstand demanding chainsaw work. The built is made to withstand the most stringent environmental conditions, which makes it suit the harshest working environments.

The device is not heavy. This makes the device highly portable. It also makes the chainsaw mill more durable, so if you want to get rid of wood, and produce lumber.

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You can cut up to medium to large lumber. Most chainsaw machines use this lumber size, making the mill rather useful.

Moreover, just attach the chainsaw without using any pre-drilled holes in the device. This saves allocated resources when you want to assemble the chainsaw mill. The parts of the chainsaw are easily taken apart and put together when you need to carry out your wood project.

The only problem with this model is that it doesn’t produce accurate measurements.

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8/Alazkan Chainsaw Mill

This chainsaw mill is from the Granberg company. This model is smaller than the more prominent models to accommodate people that want a very portable device for a budget price.

It has sturdy metallic features, making it strong and stable. These two materials resist breaking down and any wear or tear of everyday problems..

The chainsaw can be fixed directly to the mill without using any pre-drilled holes in the device. This makes it very reliable and convenient when you reassemble the chainsaw. Because the device is not large or heavy, you can bring the mill anywhere that you want.

The device can cut up to medium sizes lumber, making it great for experts and beginners that want to do a DIY project of their own.

This device is the best chainsaw mill in the industry. It is almost perfect.

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9/Timber Chainsaw Mill

This model is created with excellent portability and exceptional durability that you can use with peace of mind.

It is made out of special metallic components. This makes it strong enough to withstand any tough jobs that come when in work. The whole project will undergo tough weather conditions and it cannot be damaged. Therefore, this model suits all weather conditions.

It also can be assembled without needing pre-drilled holes in the device, so you can take apart your device anytime when necessary. You can also carry it around the woods or your garden for some great DIY projects.

The device produces lumber from small to medium sizes. This is very useful, and as a beginner, you definitely can use it in your workplace.

The whole device has a rubber grip handle, allowing you to cut lumber easily.

The problem with the model is that some clients feel discomfort by the vibrations caused by the mill when in use.

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10/Freelancer Chainsaw Device

This model of chainsaw mill has steel components that have a powder finish. This lessens the work and is easier to go through everyday usage. The powder finish increased the longevity of the sawmill. This makes sure that the environmental features do not destroy the device.


This device can create great lumber without it disconnecting because it is made out of the sturdy feature.

The sawmill is flexible because you can attach the chainsaw to it no matter what is the length that you want to it. This makes it easily adaptable to any project necessary.

This means first measurements on the bar for the size of the lumber that you want to produce.

The device is not bulky, making it somewhat portable. This makes sure that it is brought from one workplace to another without any problems.

The device can suit many different chainsaws. This makes sure that the work produced is cut to perfection.

However, the wrong side of this chainsaw is a challenge to use the chainsaw properly.

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11/OrangeA Device

Experts need a lot of particular types of lumber that require a specific model of chainsaw devices. The OrangeA chainsaw mills come as another chainsaw device that can give you an upper hand when it comes to cutting wide lumbers for your workplace.

It is made out of metallic components, making it resilient and robust to withstand tough jobs. The mill is special and can go through harsh weather conditions as it cannot be destroyed by water easily.


The chainsaw device can produce up to medium to wide lumber easily. This allows the device to be able to adapt to different project workplaces, which makes it great to use by an expert.

The machine weighs less than 18lbs, making it light to carry around the house and to the workplace.

The chainsaw mill parts are manufactured so that you can put them apart and take them apart when you need it, making it convenient.

The device only suits chainsaw bars from medium to full length. Therefore, it is a disadvantage when you want to attach smaller devices.


What To Bear In Mind When Purchasing A Chainsaw Device

  1. A) Bar Size of Chainsaw Mills

The determinant of the bar size is the width of the lumber you can cut. Getting the right chainsaw mill gets you the proper size of lumber that you should use.

  1. B) How Portable The Chainsaw Mill Is

When you need to bring the device around, especially to a workplace, you need to make sure the chainsaw mill is not too heavy. If it is a permanent workplace, you can grab something permanent if you want to switch locations, but you ought to purchase a device that you can carry easily.

  1. C) Cutting Ability

This depends on the chainsaw bar size that the machine can withhold. A bigger chainsaw bar can cut more width.

  1. D) Should You Invest A High Price

Get a cutting machine depending on what you want to use it for? Make sure to make a sound investment on the right device. Do not spend a lot of money on something that you use once a while.

  1. E) How Big Should The Chainsaw Mill Kerf Be

The chainsaw mill kerf also has a determinant factor on how much wood will be produced. The bigger the kerf size the less planks that you need.


Frequently Asked Questions on Chainsaw Mills

Plus points of getting a cutting machine?

It conserves time –  You can go immediately, without waiting for any logs to be transported to the mill and churn them into lumber.

It saves money – You save money when cutting the logs yourself. If you hire people to do it, it isn’t cheap. You can cut down a lot of costs just buying your own sawmill machine.

Has more accuracy – These devices will get rid of any problems when you cut up the right lumbers to the right size that you need.

Can I use larger mills with smaller bars?

Yes, it is possible. Most cutting devices can suit most chainsaw mills.

What Defines A Saw Kerf?

A kerf is what is the thickness of the saw when it cuts through wood. Most devices have a size of ⅜ as for the kerf size.

What are the most significant limitations of most cutting machines?

The chainsaw mills are limited as the cutting machine device is not compatible with a few particular aspects. Reason is you need to control the log width when you cut the log to a specific size.

Final Verdict

Make sure that your chainsaw mill is portable because if you have different workplace sites, you need to move them from one place to another. If you turn the wood to lumber right away, it saves plenty of resources. When meeting a sawmill that fulfills your requirements, make sure to pick something that suits you, and the budget must not be too high as well.





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